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Pretend French Vacay, Pt. 7: Welcome home! What’d you bring me?

Welp, we are back home from our pretend vacay to the City of Lights. We have to go back to work tomorrow and resume our normal lives, which isn’t nearly as fun. I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have on this pretend trip. This series was a ton of fun for me […]

Pretend French Vacay, Pt. 6: A Book To Bring You Home

As you travel to and from your vacation destination, you generally grab something to read, be it a trashy tabloid (*LOVE!), something from your bookclubs summer reading list or a NYTimes Bestseller List selection. For this trip, we are grabbing a bestseller – Kelly Cutrone’s “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things […]

Pretend French Vacay, Pt. 5: The History of Beauty: Chanel No. 5

photo credit: Beau Wade Before any vacation ends, you always have to see the defining monument that is famous to that location. In the case of the city of Paris, it’s always the Eiffel Tower. In the case of French Parisian beauty, it is Chanel No.5. And I was lucky enough to be gifted a […]

Pretend French Vacay, Pt. 4: The History of Beauty – Le Rouge Baiser – "Red Kiss"

On any vacation there is usually a stop at a museum or something that has some kind of historical significance, where you can find out about something you may not have previously heard of before. For our version of that on our Pretend French Vacay, we’re going to learn about an almost mythical lipstick – […]

Pretend French Vacay, Pt. 3: A brush with greatness

Every time I go on vacay to some place busy and popular, I always hope to spot a celebrity (*be aware, my definition of celebrity is *very* loose). Very rarely has this ever happened. But, sometimes it *does* (*How you doin’, Harold?). Usually its a case of hearing other people’s brushes with fame. On this […]

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