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Are you a beauty snob?

Do you only use high end products? Or are you a drugstore diva entirely? I am definitely a mix of both. But, during a conversation with the sassy Sarah, from Style IT Online, she confessed that she had definitely become a makeup snob – choosing the high end product over a drug store dupe every time.

So, I did what any girl would do in this situation – I gave her a challenge. I challenged her to give up her high-end products for 2 weeks to get back to basics, to rediscover what made her love beauty products so much that she would be where she is today.

I told her I thought she would make it 4 days (*presuming she left the house during those days, of course). She’s convinced she can make it the whole 2 weeks. Go see how she does!

What about you? Have you given up drugstore goodies for more upscale products?

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  1. Rae says:

    I find that I like a lot of high-end. I’m not snobbing drugstore ones though. Recently I thought of making it a challenge to exhause my efforts finding a drugstore product that works before I buy a high-end one.

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