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Be Better in 2013!

Be better

I don’t really do resolutions because I know myself well enough to know that I will stick with them long enough for them to come out of my mouth and that’s about it. So, this year, I want to just try to “Be Better”. I don’t know everything that that will include, but I know I can apply that to just about every area of my life – from my job, to being a parent, a child, to this site, to just everyone around me (online and IRL).

I know that this year I dwelled far too long on things that happened to me, causing me to be distracted and unfocused. I can’t say that that won’t happen to me again this year, but I want to make the effort to “be better” about not letting that happen. I know there are skills that I want to learn, so I will make the effort to “be better” at those, too. Will I always “be better”? Nope, and I know this. But, making the effort is more than half the battle to me, so I am challenging myself to try.

I am giving myself permission to have a fresh start with things. Like, I am going to try new exercise routines to help get back in the saddle with the whole “be better” with my health (cliche, yes, I know). I am archiving my inbox which has become so overwhelming burdensome that I dread looking at it, and then I feel all guilty and lie to myself that I will get back to every single one of those unread emails. It’s not going to happen and I need to face that and move forward and try to be better about handling them. Will I get too many emails? Yes. Will I try to be better about replying, organizing, and prioritizing? Yes. Will I get more consistent about things? We shall see, but I will try and make darn sure to be better about it. These are just a few of the things I want to take on, but it’s only day 1 – plenty of days to try more things, and I don’t want to overwhelm myself out of trying on the first day.

So this is my goal/challenge/resolution/plan for 2013. Is this something I could have started any other day? Yep. But sometimes we all just need a touchstone date to push us to start. That’s what I did today. I hope I can challenge you to “be better” in your life, too.

All the best in 2013!

(P.S. If I missed a really important email from you in 2012, please try again, and I will do my best to be better about getting back to you!)

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  1. Icaria says:

    Aiming to get better is no 1 on my list. I guess I should have my inbox in no 2. I try, I realy do try to deal with it but it’s sooo hard. Have a great 2013!

    1. Paula says:

      I tell you – my inbox caused me more self-inflicted tension that I needed. I’m hoping it makes a huge difference in 2013!
      Have a great 2013 yourself! 🙂

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