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Casualties of illness

So I went to the doctor last night, after being all Patchy McPatcherson with a bandage over my irritated eye the previous 24hours. Something had gotten in my eye on Sunday and had proceeded to cause an infection – the dreaded Pink Eye. This diagnosis strikes fear in many a beauty girls’ heart. Not because the illness is terrible (*it’s mostly annoying for me), but because we have to *gasp* THROW AWAY MAKEUP!

Now, some folks say to just throw every bit of your eye makeup away as soon as you are diagnosed. Me being me, I’m not going to just blanket throw everything out, because, well, I’m not. I want to make sure I get rid of what may contain the bacteria and can’t be salvaged and then save what I can by sanitizing them. First rule: Throw away all recently used mascara’s. This is non-negotiable.

The picture above is what was dumped as soon as I got home:

  • Covergirl NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara (so good for light, natural lashes)
  • Covergirl Lashblast 24Hour Mascara (I adore the Lashblash wand & this formula does not melt away in this OK heat)
  • Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara (I was just getting to know this new one)
  • MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara (also new, but I was really liking the little brush & how easy it washed off)
  • Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara (has been my go-to for big fluffy going out lashes)
  • Any product that has come in direct contact with your eye and then replaced in a closed tube has potentially contaminated the rest of the product, such as liquid liners, primers and even some concealers. These should all be discarded, too, unfortch, just to err on the side of safety.

    As for the rest of my products I did the following:

  • Recently used pencil eyeliners – dipped in alcohol, wiped clean and then sharpened them down quite a bit to make sure to remove any liner that may have come in contact with my eye
  • Recently used eyeshadows – wiped down with alcohol and let dry, repeating this multiple times until I felt like they were sanitized (*it was prolly many more times that actually necessary)
  • Recently used brushes – dipped in alcohol and then washed them thoroughly, and then dipped them in alcohol again, just to be on the safe side, they laying them down flat to dry
  • I would think that you could do the wiping and drying method to your gel liners, but use your discretion at how you would handle it yourself. Thankfully I had been too lazy to use any for the past week, so all of mine should be safe. Yay for laziness!

    These are all recommendations based on what I did, and researched, so I strongly advise you to do what you think is best for yourself if you get the pink eye diagnosis, too. Not that I wish it on any of you, that’s for sure.

    Patchy McPatcherson

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    1. Boo on the Pink Eye. If I had to wear a patch, you wouldn’t see me til I was healed. I’m pretty vain that way. I hope you heal fast!

      1. Paula says:

        Thank you! I only wore the patch one day and just went makeupless the rest of the week – somehow my boss wasn’t buying the whole, “but I don’t wanna come to work barefaced” as an excuse to stay at home and veg!

    2. Pammy Blogs Beauty says:

      Sorry to hear about the pinkeye!!! Ugh! Hope your eye clears up soon!!! That stinks about tossing the makeup. But, better be safe! I had pinkeye a couple years ago. So, I totally know that dreaded feeling of “what makeup did I use and what must I toss?”

      1. Paula says:

        It was so miserable, as you know – but I’m just glad I only had to trash the mascaras and not a big pile of stuff!

    3. […] from Older Girl Beauty, talks about what every beauty girl dreads – throwing out makeup – thanks to a case of pinkeye. 0 Comments – Leave a comment! Beauty Spotlight Team […]

    4. Paula says:

      Thank you! And you are so right – better safe than sorry!

    5. Paula says:

      Yeah, I was pretty lucky to only have to trash the mascaras, as I had been pretty light on makeup the week prior – just eyeliner, which I dipped and sharpened down.

    6. Shelli Zink says:

      pink eye is terrifying.  I wear contacts + a beauty addiction = end of the world

      1. Paula says:

        Oh my gosh! I can *only* imagine! 🙁

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