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Who has Adult ADHD?

I really need to talk about females who have Adult ADHD, but I really don’t know what to say, yet. I think I just want to open up the conversation about it.

Like, do you know anyone that has it? Do YOU have it? Were you diagnosed as an adult? Do you think you really have it? Or is it a relief to be diagnosed with it? And, do you feel guilty about having it/being diagnosed with it?

I have so many questions, and fear that far too many folks don’t have any anecdotal answers for me about it. Because, apparently, diagnosing females with ADHD is a very complicated thing that has been misdiagnosed pretty much since it was identified in white, male children. Go figure. What – we only get 78% of diagnoses as men now, too? *eyeroll*


Anyway, no, I’m not diagnosed with it. But, after reading about it and self-diagnosing myself (*Thanks too much free time between jobs!), I raised the possibility with my long-term doctor, who agreed that it might be something to look at further, when I’m on insurance again and can get back in there to chat about it.

I am certain I will have more to say about this, and hopefully you might, too.

*UPDATE* I just found out that it is “ADHD Awareness Month”. I want to say “Woohoo! I’m on time for something!”, but, it’s the 7th already, so, I guess I’m late on this, too. Go me!

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Men Can Get Breast Cancer, Too!

Speaking of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I would pass along a story of what I did recently.

Where I worked, we recently had a Health Fair and one of the tables that was set up was for information that was provided by the Susan G. Komen Foundation. One of the pamphlets they sent was called “Men Can Get Breast Cancer, Too, which I thought would be good to focus on since this is a predominantly male manufacturing plant. I thought it would be a very fluffed over thing, because surely the guys know that since both males and females have breast tissue that we are both at risk (*granted, their chance is significantly lower – just 1.3 cases per 100,000 folks). Boy, was I wrong!

I found out that SO MANY of them had never even heard that it was a possibility. In fact, one guy even told me that his doctor had told him that guys *couldn’t* get breast cancer. Holy Misinformation! After the first couple of guys told me they were unaware, I decided I was stopping every guy (even pulling some back over!) and making sure he had at least heard of the chance it could happen. I explained to them that while their chances are low, if they have a family history, males or females, they should get checked. And that they should be aware, and not dismiss, potential early detection signs, like changes in the nipple, lumps under the skin in the chest or underarm area, or just changes in shape or size of the breast.

Showing off my mad breast check skills.

Showing off my mad breast check skills.

On a positive note, there was one guy that HAD been screened for breast cancer because many of the women in his family had had cancer, so he was aware of the need to check himself. I’m not saying “screening”, because routine screening isn’t recommended due to the low occurrence. That it is why it is so important to share the need for guys to self-check, if there is a family history, and to just be aware otherwise. It’s important because men are diagnosed at a later stage, when it has more often already spread to nearby tissues or lymph nodes. It’s important because it can be treated easier with early detection.

Fact: In 2016, it is expected that there will be 2600 new incidences of men being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and 440 male deaths. It’s not a high number, but, it’s still 440 fathers, sons, brothers, uncles and cousins and we want them around. Please help make sure they are aware.

So much of this info came from the American Cancer Society “Cancer Fact and Figures 2016” pdf.

And for those of you that know men with breast cancer, surviors, or their supporters, there is a forum on the Susan G. Komen site to share stories and experiences with others that they may be interested in checking out, too.

I hope this helps some of you that may not have realized this was a possibility, and give you some info on how to broach the subject with the fellas in your lives, too.

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October is for Pretty Pink Things – 2016

This was originally posted here, but I want to repost it as October is here again already, with updated information.

Today is October 1st, which, for the last 31 years has been recognized as “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. It’s also the day that my friend say, “Cool – I can get lots of pink things at Target now.”. Yep, that’s what it has come to, in my opinion – a month known for the proliferation of pink things, but not really the cause behind it any more.

And you know what? I’m kind of okay with that.

Of course, I don’t diminish the impact that breast cancer can have on a woman and her family – my son’s grandmother is a breast cancer survivor, in fact. Nor do I ignore the need for awareness for a disease that has the highest incidence rate (2013* (*updated) most recently data available) – moving ahead of prostate cancer, affecting nearly 200k women directly, each year, which you can get more information about at the Avon Foundation site, “All for the Breast”, among other places. I just have a problem with the monetization of the awareness.

Have you guys ever heard of “pinkwashing”? It’s a controversial variation of cause marketing that focuses on breast cancer & how *some* of the companies using the pink ribbon & BCA may not be doing it for pure motives. I emphasis *some* because I want to impress that not ALL companies releasing special products for BCAM have ulterior motives – but you know what they say about “bad apples” and all (*did you know that metaphor is actually true?). Anyway…

In no way am I telling you not to purchase a specially branded product – I’m just asking that you educate yourself of the brand’s intentions with this marketing. The “Breast Cancer Action” organization has come up with a site, “Think Before You Pink” to help consumers challenge themselves to ask questions before purchasing a pink branded item. I don’t see anything wrong with purchasing a product because it is pink and you like it, but please do not say you bought it only as a way to support the cause. Own your purchase and if you are sincere about wanting to help, please donate directly to a reputable breast cancer charity – the most notable being the “Susan G.Komen for the Cure” organization, or give of your time in your local community ANY TIME OF YEAR, not just in October, because we all know cancer doesn’t only strike one month a year. And wear your pretty new pink product when you go. 🙂

(*This post was inspired by this post by Shannon from “A Girl’s Gotta Spa”. For 2014, Shannon decided to spotlight the best charities for breast cancer research.)

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Distribution and Grey Market Beauty Products

You guys know that I live with my mom, and am pretty much her caretaker/chauffeur/personal shopper/tour guide since she stopped driving last year. That means we get to go hang out at her favorite discount stores on the weekend – especially the TJ Maxx just outside our of neighborhood. Convenient for me, not so much for my wallet!

Anyway, I tend to post my beauty finds over on my IG, with the last trip including this delicious smelling gel moisturizer from The Body Shop.

Now, this was definitely not my first TBS grab from there. But, it was the one that made me wonder if *maybe* these were some “grey market” beauty products, as in they may be pretty sketchy. So, I went straight to the source to see if TBS were aware that their products were being sold at TJ Maxx, if they are an official distributor, and that I am scoring some pretty sweet deals. Well, you will be relieved to know that The Body Shop got back to me, and according to them:

While TJ Maxx is one of our retailers, our products that are sold there are either discontinued, soon to be discontinued or not in the newest packaging. So they’re not considered to be on the “grey market,” they just aren’t our newest products.

And that, my friends, is great news. Because, now, when I am not at their store in the mall picking up all. the. body butters. to give to my coworkers as gifts, I can pick up random goodies at TJM when I’m browsing with Momma. (*Seriously, if you aren’t already, you need to get involved with the body butter gifts sets around the Holidays. They are such a ridiculously good deal. And, I have been assured that this year’s offerings are “amazing”. Per usual!)

But, not every line you might see there are using TJM as a legit distributor of their product. One brand you may have seen on here before, DermOrganic, seems to be a staple at many TJM’s. But, on their website, they explain that you could be purchasing “diverted” products:

Diversion is when professional salon-only products are found for sale in unauthorized retail outlets. For example, genuine DermOrganic® products are sold exclusively by your hairdresser and licensed hair and skin salons. But every once in a while you might see a professional product for sale in a retail store or discounter. These are what we call “diverted” products.”

TJ Maxx’s do not have salon’s in them. At least not around me, which, my wallet would cry harder if there were.

So, fellow Maxxinista’s, like any other find you pick up there, you are taking your chances when you get home, and they DO have a return policy. But, at least in the case of The Body Shop, you know it’s a legit outlet for their outgoing products. Just don’t forget to support the main stores when you want the latest and greatest! Is it Holiday season, yet? 🙂

(P.S. I did reach out to TJ Maxx’s rep for a comment on this, but hadn’t heard back by the time I posted. If they get back to me with a reply, I will update this to let you know!)

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Beauty Zodiac

Do you follow your horoscope, and adjust your life accordingly? Are you like me and tap your toes just waiting for Susan Miller to post your monthly scope on AstrologyZone? If so, then you totally understand when I tell you that you need to be adjusting your beauty routine according to the stars, too.

Uber hot Scorpio via The Sixth Leaf Clover

Not me, but another uber hot Scorpio via The Sixth Leaf Clover

And, Bryce Gruber, over at The Berry, talked to an astrologer who broke the whole beauty zodiac down by the signs. Now, I’m a Scorpio and this is what it said I need to pay attention to:

“Sultry Scorpios have the ability to hypnotize people with their gaze so they should make sure their eyes are always on point. Lining them with a chunky kohl pencil liner in an unexpected jewel tone will keep onlookers mesmerized and inspired.”

LET ME TELL YOU! This info is on point! If there is one thing to know about me, is that I do not wear black eyeliner ever. I think it looks too heavy on me. So, I have replaced it with jewel tone liners – purples, greens, dark blues, with some bronzes thrown in for good measure, over the years.

Thanks for letting me know I am owning my sign, Bryce.

*Get more of Bryce’s wit and wisdom over on Twitter at @BryceGruber.

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