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Happy Thanksgiving in the US!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans! And to all my other readers, Happy Thursday!

20111124-124257.jpg Just a quick reminder that there will not be an “It’s Just Lipstick” Spreecast tonight as Meredith is busy fabulously jetsetting across country with her family & Pug, while I recover from a self-induced deviled egg hangover coma.


Stuff yourself silly, no matter where you are and plan on joining us next week!

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Shape.com mention – “Bloggers Reveal:”

Lovelies, I’m excited to tell you that I was included in Shape.com’s article “Bloggers Reveal: Beauty Product That Changed My Life” where I rave about my love for Talika Lash Conditioner:


Be sure and flip thru the other pages, as there are some great HG products from some other lovely beauty bloggers, like my girl Ning at Beautylish.com!

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Marie Robinson tells how to keep that pony colored

Ever since I started this whole exerciste nonsense this summer, and the institution of a heinous dress code policy at work, I now wear my hair up in a ponytail every day. Literally. The only times you will see it down is during our “It’s Just Lipstick” Spreecasts or if I have an event to go to.

So, these tips from celebrity colorist & Clairol Color Director, Marie Robinson, on how to achieve a perfectly colored ponytail are great for me, and hopefully you, too:

  • If you have highlights… make sure they are always fresh around the hairline. If highlights are a part of your fall/winter look, make your ponytail glamorous with a slightly bolder style (think Audrey Hepburn’s haute high bun hair ’do a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s).
  • If you’re a blonde… like a bright buttery blonde, then this hairstyle will look great in a ponytail against black or charcoal coats and clothing. Add a pop of color with a bright pink or royal blue satin ribbon to show off that blonde!
  • If you have dark hair… your hair can easily look shiny and rich. So, if the ponytail is your style of the season, try warming up your current shade. I love how Natural Instincts in Cinnaberry can make it shimmer even more.
  • If you’re a deep red or auburn… your hair color tends to fade quickly and grays can show fast when pulling your hair back. A simple trick is to use Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-Up in Dark Auburn to make sure your hair line stays flawless. (*Ed note: This is *exactly* what I do.)
  • If your hair is natural in color or a dull brown… feel free to be a little adventurous with your ponytail. Try a trendy look this holiday season with ombre color! Dip your ends into pale blonde color (this is best left to a professional) and the lighter tips will show off your pony without commitment to color or changing your overall look around your face.

Do you guys wear a pony in winter? Or are you a throw it up in the summer or when I’m working out kind of gal?

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Product Recall Info – Clairol Natural Instincts

You guys know that I am a big Clairol Natural Instincts supporter, due to my several posts here on OGB. Well, when I heard about a recall they were doing, I wanted to make sure that you guys had the information, too:

The Natural Instincts shades affected by the recall are:

— Shade 16 Light Auburn (Spiced Tea)

— Shade 35 Brown Black (Ebony Mocha)

— Creme Shade 03G Light Golden Blonde (Honey Creme)

— Creme Shade 7.5 Dark Blonde (Maple Creme)

— Creme Shade 21G Medium Golden Brown (Caramel Creme)

— Creme Shade 23R Medium Auburn (Raspberry Creme)

— Creme Shade 30R Dark Auburn (Cherry Creme)

— Creme Shade 31 Darkest Brown (Coffee Creme)

— Vibrant Shade 9 Natural Light Blonde (Blonde Vibrance)

— Vibrant Shade 10 Extra Light Blonde (Sun-Kissed Blonde)

“Customers who have purchased the recalled shades can call Clairol for a replacement number at 866-493-0512.”

**UPDATE**Just heard from the Natural Instincts reps and they wanted to make sure that we all understand that it is mismatched refreshers in the boxes that is being recalled – that the color itself is fine. If you want to read more specific details of the recall, including instructions on how to determine if you have a recalled box, please check out the Clairol alert page: http://www.clairol.com/alert/

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