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Oklahoma Tornado Victims Charity Event

You guys know that I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life. That means that we grow up knowing tornado precautions and what to do when the sirens go off. It also means that when a devastating one comes thru here (*like they have too many times these last two weeks!), we know that we will rebuild and continue to be “Oklahoma Strong”. But we need help and that is where charity and disaster relief services come in.

I know that many of you have wanted to find a way to help, but you are so far away you can’t do anything on the ground here. In fact, I was approached by beauty social site “Pampadour”, (*on which I play a bunch), to find out how they could help. So, we came up with a way that would help people around here, and still have a bit of beauty fun, too. On Tuesday, June 4th, from 8pm to 10pm EST they will donate $3 for every user that signs in or registers to Pampadour.com and connects with me! All of the donations will go directly to the Oklahoma Chapter of the Red Cross, to ensure that the money is used for all of the victims around the OKC metro – of which there are so very many.

So, if you are free on Tuesday night, I encourage you to come connect with me on Pampadour and help the victims of the OK tornados. We’ll also be tweeting about it over on twitter with the hashtag #Pamp4OK, too.

I know many of you have been curious, so, here is a pic of where I was, and work, when the tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma on May 20th, 2013:
May 20th Moore Tornado and Where I Work Oklahoma Tornado Victims Charity Event .

Also, this is what we saw before we went into the shelter before the tornado hit:

Thank you for all of your support these last couple of weeks!

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“The Beauty of Life” Interviews Me!

You guys, I am excited to tell you that Jamie, over at “The Beauty of Life” interviewed me for her “First Look Fridays” series.

the beauty of life logo The Beauty of Life Interviews Me!

So, head over there and check it all about me, like what I do in my spare time, what I do in my real life and how I started & came up with the name of this site!

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Finding My Perfect Foundation

Remember when I told you that one of my resolutions this year was that I wanted to find my perfect foundation? Well, the search is on.

Finding My Perfect Foundation Finding My Perfect Foundation

Now, I was naive and really thought it was going to be as simple as just finding my correct shade. Really, that is just one piece of the puzzle for me. In reality, this is more of a lifestyle change for this tinted moisturizer gal. This is making realize that it takes me more time to get ready since I have to wait for all of my layers of moisturizer & primer to “set” before I get the next layer on before I can get to the foundation, instead of just slathering on my TM. It also isn’t as forgiving about slacking skin maintenance. Since it is tends to be thicker/more opaque than my TM’s, it doesn’t do well with unexfoliated skin, no matter how many layers of potions I have put on prior.

And the variety. Oh gawd, it is freaking overwhelming. Drugstore? Department store? Matte? Illuminating? Mineral? 3in1/Multitasking? Or, finding a color match, but the product is discontinued now? Like, really, so much to choose from – this pic is just a sampling of what I am trying.

So, I’m just getting started. I’m trying to wear one at a time for a couple of weeks, but sometimes it’s just a matter of what is within arms reach, ya know?

Tell me – what foundations to I need to make sure are on my “try me” list?

*Disclaimer: Some of these products were provided by the company’s PR for editorial consideration and others I spent my own money on.

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Prime Beauty’s 12 Beauty Tips for Over 40 women

prime beauty logo Prime Beautys 12 Beauty Tips for Over 40 women My amaze 40+ friend Cindy, over at Prime Beauty talked with several other of our fab blogger friends to put together a list of 12 beauty tips for over 40yo women.

You should head over there right now and go check it out!

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The 40+ Fashion Blog Roll

This week as been all about Fashion Week in New York. Lots of pretty young things getting all dolled up to walk down the runways in the latest, and greatest, styles. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are amazingly stylish folks that are older than the runway models and I have found a list that is chock full of 40+ wonderfulness! Thanks to “The Citizen Rosebud” who has put together an amazing list of Fashion bloggers who are over the age of 40:

+40 blogroll badge citizen rosebud The 40+ Fashion Blog Roll

Seriously, I want to be as awesome as so many of the folks on this list when I grow up!

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