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An #OGB moment: December 19, 2014 at 07:46AM

Absolutely need more of this @DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment. My hair loves it! #dermorganicholiday #bbloggers #empty
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Vidal Sassoon in the 80’s

I remember growing up with the famous 3 brown bottles of the Vidal Sasoon line of haircare. I was too young to really know what I was supposed to do with them, or what they were really good for, but, thanks to the power of the almighty tv ad, I *knew* I was supposed to use the three-step system to get the silky, yet severe, hair of the lovelies in the ads.

I don’t remember this commercial from the ’80’s but I totally recognize model Carol Alt. I also love the big hair and shoulder pads, too. I’m not sure what was scarier, tho – the music or Carol’s mohawk?

(*Did you guys know that there is a documentary about Vidal Sassoon coming out? I’m hoping it will make it to OKC so I can check it out.) **UPDATE** I was told by the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, via twitter, “This summer!!”. So excited to see this!

Did you guys ever use the 3-step system? I can picture it right now, including remembering the smell like I smelled it yesterday.

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The Mystery of the Island: Richard’s Eyeliner

So, last night was the Sixth, and final, season premiere of “Lost”. And, as usual, the question of whether Richard Alpert, played devastatingly well by Nestor Carbonell, wears eyeliner or not. To the point that it was suggested that Richard is Egyptian, referring to the hieroglyphs on the show, and that he smudged his eyes with kohl. (*Intriguing thought, right?) Turns out, Richard’s eyeliner is quite the puzzler, as more than 39,900 results (*as of this morning) for the seach Richard Alpert eyeliner. Well, thanks to the fab beauty blogger, Amber, from Beauty Blogging Junkie, we have the DEFINITIVE answer. She had a chance to chat with the Makeup Department Supervisor, Emily Katz, for the show and ask her that very question:

Beauty Blogging Junkie: Spill: what eyeliner IS Eyeliner Richard, a.k.a. Richard Alpert who is played by Nestor Carbonell wearing? Emily Katz: Nestor Carbonell who plays Richard Alpert has no makeup on his eyes! He is of Cuban descent and is naturally blessed with the thickest set of lashes I have ever seen in my career. Women should envy him. It’s truly unbelievable; we have to try to diminish them ! And yet, he is the NICEST man as well.

And with that, I leave you with a coupla things. 1) A picture of Nestor as Batmanuel in “The Tick and 2) The delicious rumor that JJ Abrams has picked Nestor to play Kahn in the Star Trek reboot sequel. Of course, at this point it is strictly a Rumor, with a Capital R, but I’m pretty sure I could buy Nestor as Khan, just as easily as I *know* he could convince me to buy a car with “fine Corinthian leather”.P.S. I lied – I had to share this vid from Comic-Con 2009 showing behind the scenes look at Nestor getting ready for the “Lost” panel:

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