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Makeup Wars: The $30 Face

image Makeup Wars: The $30 Face

For this edition of Makeup Wars we set a limit of creating a face look for $30 or less. It was like the $20 Makeup Challenge we did a long time ago, but the extra $10 gave us a little more leeway. (*But, I still stuck to one of my tried and true cheap brands.) However, this time, I didn’t do a video – or even take a face pic. Spending the last 5 week pretty much housebound does not lend itself to photographic evidence – my pallor would make even Michael Baden would be worried about me!

Anyway, after all this time, I am finally going back to work, so, I decided to use this time to treat myself to some new goodies. So I headed over to Target to pick up some new elf goodies.

30 Makeup Challenge Receipt OGB Makeup Wars: The $30 Face

As you can see, I came in pretty sweetly under the $30 mark, but, I didn’t include a tinted moisturizer or a foundation, because, since it is still almost 100deg here in Oklahoma, NOTHING full face survives. It melts like ice cream on hot concrete. However, if I was going to get one, I would have skipped the blotting powders and gotten a TM for $3.04 & still been on budget. (*Note: elf has slowly been raising their prices, but this $.04 raise is odd. Maybe as inexpensive as the products are, that really makes a difference to the bottom line. *shrug*)

And, since it IS that hot, I went ahead and bought items that I think will try to beat the heat, at least on an individual basis. Plus, there were some new items, and highly rated items, that I really wanted to try, so this totally gave me an excuse.

30 Makeup Challenge Products OGB 1024x686 Makeup Wars: The $30 Face

Shine Eraser: These are indispensable when I start “glistening” on my upper lip, which is pretty much as soon as I walk out of my bathroom.

Studio Makeup Mist & Set: This is a much cheaper version of the MUFE and Skindinavia setting sprays, which buys you some time before your face starts to melt in the heat.

HD Blush in “Encore”: This cream cheek stain is a much cheaper version of the discontinued MUFE HD Blush, if you are missing that one. Plus, even as it wears off, color still remains thru the melting.

Lip Stain in “Fuchsia Fusion”: This isn’t moisturizing, but the color does last in the heat.

Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in “Sangria Starters”: This doesn’t last super long, but it goes over the lip stain for a glossy look, that the stain doesn’t give.

Eyelid Primer in “Sheer”: If you are going to make any eyeshadow last, an eyelid liner is a must. And for $1 this one does a hell of a job, for at least 6 hours on me.

Eyebrow Kit in “Medium”: Seriously, this kit has been talked about all over. It’s ridiculously good and even works better than some of the more expensive kits. And, it doesn’t melt on me. YMMV.

3-in-1 Mascara: This one has a ball on the end, like the high $$ mascara, so I thought that would be fun to try/poke my eye out for a lot less. I really have no clue how this one works in the heat. Guess I will find out!

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in “Coffee”: A waterproof eyeliner is a must, because when I’m sweating and it drips in my eyes, I can NOT stand to have my eyeliner move into my eye too.

Concealer in “Beige”: Even tho I don’t use a full face of TM or foundation, I still have spots that need to be covered so I will blot this on and blend in with a tiny brush. As long as it dries down before I head out, it tends to last a pretty long time on me.

Flawless Eyeshadow in “Tantalizing Taupe”: Because I can’t let Pink Sith have all the taupes.

I do like a lot of the things I picked up, but, I do wish Target would carry more of the items on the website, because there are some new things on there I really want to snag and many more color selections, but, hopefully they’ll make it out into the real world soon.

What about you? Could you do a full face with $30? And would you stick with one brand, or would you try to mix and match? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to see the looks that the other lovelies managed to pull together:

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Friday Freckles 4/4

Freckles and a Bracelet

 Friday Freckles 4/4

dp seal trans 16x16 Friday Freckles 4/4Copyright secured by Digiprove

Friday Freckles 3/28/2014

Freckles and a Blue Eye

 Friday Freckles 3/28/2014

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Friday Freckles 3/21/14

Freckles and a Cigarette

 Friday Freckles 3/21/14

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Makeup Wars: Favorite Hair Tools

 Makeup Wars: Favorite Hair Tools

This Makeup Wars we are talking about our favorite hair tools. Only, I think I should title mine “Hair Tools I Can’t Use Any More”. You guys might remember when I was lamenting the lack of plus size pixie cut pics. Well, I took the plunge and went under the knife, or scissors as it were, and now I have a hair tool graveyard in my bathroom.

Makeup Wars Favorite Hair Tool Older Girl Beauty Makeup Wars: Favorite Hair Tools

Goodbye my beloved InStyler. I know I was afraid to use you the first 7 months I owned you, but, I realized the error of my ways and will miss your whirring ways.

Oh, you glorious Sedu Clipless Curling Iron. I will miss that heat resistant glove and my wonderful waves.

And you, you HOT Hot Rollers! Your necessity and ability to produce bodacious curls are a must in any Southern girls house and I know that I am letting you down.

(I must also pour out a 40 for the magical Sedu Revolution 1.5″ Styling Iron, which was tragically lost in the Great Luggage Theft of 2012.) *kisses two fingers and looks skyward*

So, where does that leave me? *Luckily* I have a couple of small flat irons in my arsenal.

Makeup Wars Flat Irons Older Girl Beauty Makeup Wars: Favorite Hair Tools

First, I have my old teflon coated Remington flat iron (*link to new version). This never snags my hair & always allowed me to not use product in my hair, without speeding up any heat damage. My hair still glides thru this, years later.

Second, I have this *cute* ghd IV violet 1″ Professional Styler. At first, I thought that was all this iron was, a neat color gimmick. Boy, was I proven wrong – this wicked little thing will heat up in less than a minute and handle any of my flyaways *thatfast*. It’s really so much better than I expected, except that I can’t change the temp. But, I’m not doing big, long, drawn out things with it, just running it thru, so I’m fine with that.

Anyway, that’s my hair tools saga for now. Makes me realize that for a chick that wore her hair up pretty much 285 days of the last 365, I sure do have a lot of ways to fix my hair that I never used much at all. Oh well…

Now, what is your favorite hair tool? And after you tell me that, then go check out what the other lovelies use:

*Disclaimer: Some of hese products were provided by the company’s PR for editorial consideration and some I spent my own hard earned cash on.

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