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Another year, another opportunity to not make a resolution. This year I won’t be making one as I don’t have a specific thing I want to change right now. I made so many (positive!) changes in 2017, that those are enough for a while. I also don’t have any “goals”, as those are some things to be obtained. I started so many new things last year and they will not be ending this year.
So, I think I will say that this year I will “continue”. I will continue my health journey, appreciating the success I have already had. I will continue my education that I started at my new university. I will continue learning my role at my new job. I will continue to be a loving caretaker to those that need me. I will continue to “trust myself” this year. I will continue on the paths that I have chosen and see where they lead. I believe I know where I will be, but we all know about the “best laid plans of mice and men”.
I feel so good about where I am heading that I don’t mind the sacrifices too much. Admittedly, there are rough patches, and setbacks, but like most things, they are temporary. It will just make the reward that much sweeter, right?
I wish you all much success as you continue your own path this year.

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