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So, I realized that an entry I made into a contest was actually a really good look back at some of my favs from this past year and what I would like to try this year, and I figured, hey – I’ve got a beauty website, why don’t we post that damn thing up there, too? (Because I am a genius like that, ya know?).
Without much more fanfare, here are 5 things I came to love this past year and what I wanna love this year:

My Favorite Five:
1) Kate Somerville Exfolikate – I got to try a sampler kit from QVC this year and have just been blown away by how my skin feels after I used it. The tingle is just enough to let me know that something great is going on and makes me feel so clean and fresh afterwards.
2) My travel MAC brushes – I was lucky enough to get a travel set of 5 brushes in a Nordstroms anniversary set. They aren’t as big as the regular brushes (so I can only imagine how good those work), but I have really come to appreciate how much a good set of brushes can make my makeup look and apply.
3) My Clarisonic brush – I finally gave in to the hype as a birthday present to my self (Thank you ezpay QVC gods) and am wishing I had got this for myself sooner. In just no time at all, I can have fresh clean skin that is so much cleaner than I could have ever gotten it with just my little washcloth. (This came with some Kate Somerville Daily Cleanser, which I also fell for in my sampler pack I mentioned earlier.)
4) My Covergirl Lash Blast mascara – Holy smokes – I adore this brush. Its huge and just makes my eyes pop so easily.
5) My Venus Embrace razor – With all those blades and the squishy handle its a breeze to shave and stay smooth for days. (Which is really great in the winter when I really don’t wanna be all tied to the razor every day for shorts, etc.)
And My Wannabe Favorite Five:
1) Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Anti-Aging Treatment – I feel like I am on the hunt for the holy grail moisturizer, and I think this might be a great contender, considering how much I already love her other products.
2) T3 Featherweight Dryer – Once again, all the raves for this and I would love to try it out. It seems to take forever to dry my hair and then, oops, 2 min too long and its all frizz and my arms are too tired to wanna iron it out. Would love to see just how quick and easy this is.
3) Jurlique Biodynamic Beauty Serum – Amazing company in how the grow, harvest and make their own product. It is not easily available locally, but would love to try this serum as it is supposed to do amazing things for aging skin, naturally.
4) Daniel Sandler Watercolor Blush – This just looks too amazing not to try. A waterproof blush that looks so natural in such a range of colors. The link is to QVC, which comes with a brush, but is really limited in colors – hopefully they will add more colors, or else I will just order it from overseas in a diff color.
5) Prescriptives Custom Blend Tinted Moisturizer – I am not a heavy foundation girl, because I have freckles and don’t like to cover them up. However, tinted moisturizers can be difficult to match. That is why I would love to try this, because it would eliminate the guesswork and be a match just for me and not everyone else that walks in off the street.
I guess I better get started – the year is slipping away already…
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  1. josi says:

    Crap. So you have one. Did you see my post today? Guess I better follow the advice my hubby gives me “well, you can WANT in one hand and crap in the other”…(whatever that means….maybe NO, Josi you are not allowed to spend 200 bucks on a face brush). lol!!!!

  2. oldergirlbeauty says:

    Ha! I hadn’t seen your post yet today – GMTA, tho!

    Yeah, I totally splurged on this. I justified it as a birthday present to myself, and thankfully QVC was having super Xmas ez-pays for like $36/mo – I waste that a month, so I figured I would put it towards what I hoped was for good (and I could return it up until 1-31-09 if it didn’t).It really seems to be, so I think I will keep it.
    I highly rec getting it from QVC is you can ever convince Mr. Man that you *need* one, if nor for the ez-pays you can get, but for the full size Kate Somerville Daily Wash – love!
    But, I do think you could give the Wave a try and see if it gives any improvement. Little bits help, too. LOL.

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