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Foreign Beauty Friday: L’Occitane “Pivoine Flora” Eyeshadow Duo

*I am lucky enough to know people overseas that send me things. I also have friends and family that travel, so I harrass them make sure they bring me back goodies.

Did you guys know that L’Occitane has color cosmetics? Yeah, me, either.

Apparently it has been a thing for a LONG time, but I’m in denial because we don’t have a stand alone store here and I’ve only ever seen the skin care. This pretty duo came to me via France and I love the way that the green has gold in it, while the peach is more matte. That makes for a good base to smudge the green on.

I don’t know if the colors are available in the US, as I don’t see it showing on their American website. Do you guys know? Have you seen it locally in your area of the US? And for my foreign lovelies – have you played with any of their color products over there?

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  1. Ricky Bleu says:

    I’ve never seen it. It’s a pity that this isn’t available through their website. I’m only seeing lipstick. 

    1. Paula says:

      Yeah, same here. I *did* see it on the .fr version of their site, but nothing for us US gals.

  2. Brooke says:

    wow I had no idea!  It looks so pretty!  I will have to pop in to L’Occitane next time I’m at the mall and see if they know anything

    1. Paula says:

      Let me know what you find out!! I don’t have a store around here to even ask, but I had heard their colors are seasonal.

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