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DermOrganic haircare

You would think that after all this time, and as someone that colors my hair on the regular, that I would already be on the sulfate-free train. But, I’m not. I still like to try the latest and greatest hair care lines, in my never ending quest to find something that controls my frizz and makes my color last longer. So, when I had a chance to try an organic, sulfate-free line called DermOrganic, I was game to try it – especially when I found out it was Argan oil based. I love hair oils, so, I was in!

I have been using the line for the last few weeks – the shampoo, conditioner, masque (once a week) and the leave-in treatment oil have been my routine. Now, I don’t use heat tools very often, but I have used the Spray Therapy, the one time I straightened my hair for a party. Anyway, since I don’t use heat on my hair, that means that I air dry my hair a lot. And, since the weather has been so cold, it usually frizzes out like a mid-Roseanne Rosannadanna do. Since I have been using this line, I can honestly say that my hair has been drying more silky and flat, (*but not in a lack of body way) and that leave-in treatment smells *ridiculously* good. There may be something to this sulfate-free stuff after all, because I am not certain that I’m ready to go back to any other line any time soon.

The only downside I have with this line, which can be worked around for sure, is that I am not a big fan of the pump dispensers on the shampoo/conditioner/masque bottles. The product is so thick and rich, that it doesn’t always pump out. Luckily, the bottles are flexible, so I just unscrew the top and squeeze some out. Easy peasy.

Anyway, I want to give you a chance to try this line for yourself, so I am giving away a bottle of shampoo, conditioner, masque and a leave-in spray to one of you lucky readers (*in the US, unfortch). I just want you to tell me in the comments if you are sulfate-free, or if you choose your haircare for a different reason, and to go like the OGB FB page. Make sure to enter in the Rafflecopter box below after you take care of those things. Good luck!

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*Disclaimer: These products were provided by the company’s PR for editorial consideration.

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  1. I am always looking for more natural options for Shampoos and conditioners, since I have kids- one with Keratin treated hair, one with dry and sensitive scalp. My hair is thinning, so I have tried Aveda and other products from the health food stores. Currently my keratin treated hair kid was told to use sulfate-free and sodium chloride free products. Any idea if DermOrganic is also sodium chloride free as well?

  2. lchobody says:

    To be honest, I haven’t paid much attention to the sulfate-free idea…but I think I need to start putting more effort into my haircare process. I’ve heard great things about this line!

  3. I just usually choose hair care products for frizz. I don’t pay very much attention to sulfate-free.

  4. Tscott says:

    Hello there!
    I am very much into natural and organic products, ranging from food to hair and skin care. For 8 months I have been in search for hair care products that will tame my curly mane without creating too much oil buildup. I have had the opportunity to experiment with the DermOrganic conditioner, and Liked it much more than the other natural hair care products that i have tried both before and after DermOrganic. Now that the bottle of conditioner is empty, I cannot seem to find DermOrganic products in any of the retail stores in the remote town of la plata. My boyfriend is on the no-shampoo method; he uses baking soda and Himalayan pink salt to shampoo, and apple cider vinegar to condition. He swears by this method. I am on the verge of converting to his ways but I would like to exhaust all my options before doing so. DermOrganic is basically my last hope, and I would love to have the whole line in my shower caddy.

  5. Maria Cardoza says:

    Yes, I Only use Sulfate-Free Hair Products Because I have color treated hair and also I like how my hair doesn’t feel dried out with products like these.

  6. Katie says:

    I have been using Herbal Essences because it’s cheap and smells great. I only recently learned about sulfates, and now, I’m trying to stop using them.

  7. Melissa Cadle says:

    I only use sulfate free hair products. My fine, limp hair has been through it all due to my thyroid 🙁 I also only use cruelty free products and DO is one!!!

  8. Margaret Travis says:

    I use pretty much whatever strikes my fancy when I’m at the store and in need of new shampoo or conditioner.

  9. I pretty much go with how a product makes my hair feel, if I don’t like it after a week I will return it.

  10. Lika Deala says:

    I choose my haircare products by how well they perform.

  11. Alison Rodriguez says:

    I went sulfat free with L’Oreal’s line that they came out with — and really love it. When I was using a bunch of products on my hair, I found that my allergies went wayyyyy up; did some research and learned that many shampoos can strip the protective oils away from our scalp, leaving us more vulnerable to illness (colds, etc) or in my case, allergies! Since the switch, my allergies have gone way back down, and I am so much happier!

  12. Pammy Blogs Beauty says:

    I am not sulfate-free just yet. However, I am trying to explore more sulfate free options. I really like this line!!!

  13. Kate says:

    I am sulfate free. My colored hair is so much happier this way!

  14. I’m not completely sulfate free yet, but I have been trying to choose more sulfate free options. I need to just take the plunge!

  15. kgraham says:

    I am now a sulfate free convert. I love DermOrganic shampoo and conditioner!

  16. Kristin S. says:

    I just started using the l’oreal ever line and I’ve been loving how much healthier my hair and especially my sensitive scalp have gotten!

  17. […] from Older Girl Beauty tries out an organic line of haircare called DermOrganic and is giving away a set for a US reader to try, […]

  18. amybelle2001 says:

    I am sulfate free.

  19. vrtish55 says:

    Just beginning to go sulfate free.

  20. Jbh Jbh says:

    I’ve been sulfate free for two years

  21. S Carter says:

    I have been sulfate free for a long time. My curls are much happier!

  22. Sheila Chaffins says:

    Sulfate-free for almost 2 years now!

  23. I’m not sulfate free (yet) but I’ve been actively avoiding silicone in my hair care for a while now. It always feels great at first, then after about a week my hair feels awful – almost dirty feeling, and with a distinct lack of shine.

  24. I try my hardest to be sulfate free!

  25. Susan says:

    I’ve tried sulfate free [when L’Oreal launched their sulfate-free line] but wasn’t wowed by the results. Heard good things about DermOrganic so would love to try them ~ thanks for the review and the giveaway!

  26. D says:

    I have red curly hair – so yes, I go sulfate-free.

  27. Julie says:

    I’m not sulfate-free yet. I choose haircare products based on how they perform.

  28. Priscilla says:

    I’ve been sulfate-free for a few years now.

  29. Jael Hicks says:

    I prefer to use sulfate free products, but I’m a sucker for new gimmicky products. I’ll try just about anything once.

  30. Amy Michaels says:

    Unfortunately, haircare is the one aspect of beauty I can’t of slack on. I pretty much use anything that’s cheap and smells nice. Maybe this could make me a converter!

  31. I just started using sulfate-free hair products and I love it, huge difference in my hair but most sulfate-free products are more expensive.

  32. Phoenixtl says:

    I avoid sulfates & chemicals in my hair products.

  33. bobbie c says:

    I avoid sulfate shampoos since I heard it is a harsh chemical.

  34. kammikoza says:

    I use moisture shampoo to avoid having dry hair

  35. creativestreets says:

    No real reason

  36. I don’t necessarily avoid all sulfates, mostly just sodium laurel sulfate because my understanding is that’s the one, in particular, the is drying and bad for hair. I have heard wonderful things about Dermorganic and would LOVE to try it!

  37. Juana Rose says:

    I have long curly hair so I use haircare products that work best for my hair.

  38. I use products for blonde or dry hair – need moisture

  39. Allison Hill says:

    I don’t really discriminate as long as I have my conditioner! I have dry hair!

  40. […] OLDER GIRL BEAUTY: another chance to win DermOrganic haircare. Such a wonderful line! This giveaway is US only and open until Jan. 30th so get in on it now!! […]

  41. Mary W says:

    I color my hair so must be careful with which shampoo I use.

  42. I use Suave shampoo I won in a sweeps or try different free samples.

  43. Jenna says:

    I’m new to the sulfate free idea, but find it intriguing!

  44. Elizabeth says:

    I tried one sulfate free product and didn’t like the smell. I choose my products based on the fragrance and moisturizing properties.

  45. Cathy Tyson says:

    I choose hair products for frizzy hair. I would love to try DermOrganic products.

  46. Amber Brooks says:

    The only sulfate free shampoo that works well for me is the Organix Moroccan oil line. I love it! Derm Organic is getting such rave reviews! I’d so love to try it:)

  47. latanya t says:

    I use sulfate free

  48. julimi says:

    I use sulfate free!

  49. ???? says:

    For beautiful, natural hair right nutrition is crucial. The basic elements for healthy hair growth should be provided from inside out. I also take nutritional supplement Hair Gain Formula by Military Grade in order to support my hair and fight seasonal hair loss. This product contains unique herbal compounds, which make it effective and safe to take. In 6 months my hair has become visibly thicker, and I don’t suffer from hair loss as much as I used to.

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