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I have a lemming: Becca Professional Brush Soap

You guys – I’ve got a new product I am lemming and I entirely blame Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog, as I do for many of my lusts. After reading her post about the “Becca Professional Brush Soap” I knew I wanted this – badly.

See, I *may* not be the most diligent person when it comes to cleaning my brushes. Now, I’m not going to confirm nor deny that I do not do this chore daily, but you can probably hazard a really good guess. So when I saw this insanely easy, yet efficient, way to clean my brushes I knew I wanted it. Unfortunately, it is “OUT OF STOCK” online. Of course it is.

So, seeing as there is not an outlet for Becca cosmetics in Oklahoma right now (*until Trichology gets their beauty bar up and going), I guess I am going to have to wait and try to snag some at The Makeup Show in NYC next month.

Have you guys tried this brush cleaner? If not, what do you use? I’m not even going to ask you how often you clean your brushes, because I’m certain you all do it daily, right? 😉

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