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*Partnered Post* New Year, New You with Imedeen®

imedeen eye With the new year, it seems to be a time for everyone to reflect on changes that they want to do to improve their life – both physically and mentally. For example, I am trying to “Be Better” about myself.

So far that has resulted getting started with two consultations for foundation matching (*more on that later). I also made it out to a meetup to get social with other local bloggers. You might be surprised how many of us there actually are – I know I am. This also means continuing things that I had started at the tail end of last year – upping my skin care game by still using the Imedeen® Anti-Aging supplements that I told you about last month.

You would think that with everything I have learned, and continue to learn, about health and beauty related matters that I would be on the vitamin taking train. But, I admit it, I’m scatter shot when it comes to doing things regularly – this will come as NO surprise to any one that knows or follows me. So, I have made a conscious effort to put these silver sleeve of anti-aging vitamins on my nightstand so I have no excuse not to take them before I go to bed at night. This has actually helped as I have only missed two nights in the past couple of months (*that I took the next morning), which is exponentially better than I normally do.

Now, this may not sound like much to you, because you could be all “well, you should be taking your vitamins every day any way, duh”, but to me this shows that I am actually taking my health and skin care seriously – from the inside out. And knowing I am actively committed to that gives me a peace of mind. Over dramatic? Maybe a bit. But I really think that we need to be able to measure our achievements, our improvements, by the steps that we take, and not just the end result. Encouragement along the way keeps us moving forward, I think.

Do I get all of this from taking a skin care product that is a pill? Yep. I do. It’s my touchstone for now. What did you decide to do this year? And what do you do to measure your progress towards anything new you take on?

*Disclaimer: I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by the makers of Imedeen®. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Imedeen® as a product or its effectiveness. I received compensation for this post, along with a 90-day supply of the product to try for myself.

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