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MAKE UP FOR EVER at The Makeup Show – NYC

Let me tell you a story – because that’s what I do. 😉

When I was checking in for the Beauty Blogger Preview at The Makeup Show, there was a man who popped up to the table, kissed the guy and gal at the table and made a dash for the door. Well, me being me, I said, “Hey, wait a minute – I’m right here. How could you not kiss me?” So, the gentleman came back up the steps, gave me a kiss on the cheek, a big hug and told me how great it was to see me. Now, I had no idea who this man was, I was just cracking up that 1) I said that and 2) that he came back.
Well, as I was soon to find out at the preview, it was none other than MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Director of Pro Business Development & Artist Realtions, Kevin-James Bennett. (*Oh, and did I mention multi-Emmy Award winning make-up artist.) Yeah, I didn’t know any of that until after the fact.

At the actual makeup show on Sunday, I got to see how the MUFE artists were showing off how the products can be used for much more than lining your eyes. They were working on “painting” the model to the side of the booth:

(*Isn’t that model giving me “Fierce”?)
So, while I am on the side of the booth, who should come around but Kevin, and he has a jacket on and a worried look on his face. Now, me being me again, asked him what was wrong. He said, “I feel like a kid that just became a Sr. in High School and is suddenly popular.”, as he looked at the line to get into the MUFE booth, that was wrapping down the wall of the room. I stepped up and started to reassure him that it was all great, they were here to see him (*which he quickly corrected me to say they weren’t here to see him at all), so I rephrased it to “see MUFE, of which he is a huge part of getting to where it is now”. At this point I am holding his lapels and reassuring him it was going to be okay, it’s a going to be a great day and basically, giving him a “Go get’em, Tiger” boost. Yes, I am pretty much out of my body freaking out that *I* am giving Kevin Effin’ Bennett a pep talk. Just goes to show that everyone can get a case of the nerves, no matter how many shiny things are on the mantle.

*My fave MUFE (of which I have only one thing, so it wins by default, but is freakin’ awesome anyway) was actually a Christmas gift last year: MUFE Aqua Eyes Collection. It was my first really bright eyeliners and I have to say I just love them – they stay in place and just make my eyes pop, I will be sad when my nubs die.
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  1. Josi says:

    Too cool honey…you are such a great little cheerleader!!

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