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Makeup Wars: Favorite Hair Tools

This Makeup Wars we are talking about our favorite hair tools. Only, I think I should title mine “Hair Tools I Can’t Use Any More”. You guys might remember when I was lamenting the lack of plus size pixie cut pics. Well, I took the plunge and went under the knife, or scissors as it were, and now I have a hair tool graveyard in my bathroom.

Makeup Wars Favorite Hair Tool Older Girl Beauty

Goodbye my beloved InStyler. I know I was afraid to use you the first 7 months I owned you, but, I realized the error of my ways and will miss your whirring ways.

Oh, you glorious Sedu Clipless Curling Iron. I will miss that heat resistant glove and my wonderful waves.

And you, you HOT Hot Rollers! Your necessity and ability to produce bodacious curls are a must in any Southern girls house and I know that I am letting you down.

(I must also pour out a 40 for the magical Sedu Revolution 1.5″ Styling Iron, which was tragically lost in the Great Luggage Theft of 2012.) *kisses two fingers and looks skyward*

So, where does that leave me? *Luckily* I have a couple of small flat irons in my arsenal.

Makeup Wars Flat Irons Older Girl Beauty

First, I have my old teflon coated Remington flat iron (*link to new version). This never snags my hair & always allowed me to not use product in my hair, without speeding up any heat damage. My hair still glides thru this, years later.

Second, I have this *cute* ghd IV violet 1″ Professional Styler. At first, I thought that was all this iron was, a neat color gimmick. Boy, was I proven wrong – this wicked little thing will heat up in less than a minute and handle any of my flyaways *thatfast*. It’s really so much better than I expected, except that I can’t change the temp. But, I’m not doing big, long, drawn out things with it, just running it thru, so I’m fine with that.

Anyway, that’s my hair tools saga for now. Makes me realize that for a chick that wore her hair up pretty much 285 days of the last 365, I sure do have a lot of ways to fix my hair that I never used much at all. Oh well…

Now, what is your favorite hair tool? And after you tell me that, then go check out what the other lovelies use:

*Disclaimer: Some of these products were provided by the company’s PR for editorial consideration and some I spent my own hard earned cash on.

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  1. AllLacqueredUp says:

    You don’t know how many times I’ve picked up those hot rollers and put them back on the shelf. I always worried that they wouldn’t get hot enough for my hair. Now I’ll have to give them a second look.

  2. Eugenia says:

    I love love the clip less iron too! I have been using those curlers since high school, I love the big bouncy curls!

  3. Phyrra says:

    That ghd violet is sooo pretty!

  4. I’m just learning to like that 1.5″ beauty.

  5. cindyprimebeauty says:

    I had the Sedu clipless iron but was too clumsy to use it so I gave it to my daughter.

  6. jbrobeck says:

    I’m glad I am not the only one who was afraid of their InStyler!

  7. marciaf says:

    I want to see how cute you look with your short hair. I want a GHD in violet! I’d love looking at that on my counter.

    Some day your precious oldies may come out of hiding to play with you again – you never know how fickle we can be with hair.

  8. Gouldylox says:

    I love hot rollers!! I wish I could find the right products and rollers to make my hair gloriously wavy!!

  9. The InStyler is really a great tool, I gave it to my mom though after I found the best flat iron ever and then also the brush I featured on my post.

  10. Pammy Blogs Beauty says:

    I love my ghd, too!

  11. Christina Farrell says:

    the 1.5 is essential!

  12. CarleenPruessCoulter says:

    I want an instyler. I definitely am going to pick one up.

  13. Marie says:

    I love those hot rollers, my big sister introduced them to me when I was a kid and I’ve loved them ever since! 🙂

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