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Makeup Wars: Favorite Masks

In this edition of Makeup Wars, we are talking about our favorite masks/masques – of which I love. I especially love sheet masks and was all set to tell you guys about a bunch of Asian sheet masks that my BFF brought back for me that address all kinds of concerns I didn’t even know I had! But. It turns out that my wonky, weepy eye decided that it wanted to makes friends with Pink Eye again, just like last last year. I totally think it is allergy related, but whatever, it’s annoying and it has turned me into Patchy McPatcherson the Pirate, rocking an eyepatch all over the place lately.

Talika Eye Patch Therapy
And because of that, my right eye is feeling strained and my left eye feels irritated from the patch. This means around my eyes need some TLC, so the I’ve been grabbing my go-to eye reliever, the Talika Eye Therapy Patches.

I have told you about these a few years ago. And since then, I have tried other eye patches, like the bliss energizing eye mask, but I keep coming back to these. I keep in stock in the fridge for just in case sitches like this, thankfully. They don’t burn or sting, nor drip in my eyes. I can just chill in bed, or the bathtub and let them sit on my face for as long as I want. I may or may not fall asleep with them on. (*These are also great for airplane trips, too.)

So, I’m going to go back to soothing my eyes, but in the meantime, you should tell me what your favorite masks are and then go check out the other lovelies’ favorites, too!

*Disclaimer: These products were provided by the company’s PR for editorial consideration.

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  1. Gouldylox says:

    I love those. I always forget I have them and they work so WELL!

  2. aw no! feel better soon!! eye patches are sexy, though. you could totally say you’re wounded while defending puppies or something.

  3. Pink Sith says:

    Awww. Sorry Pirate Paula! You do rock the eye patch tho! These sound neat, and I like the little case they come in. I must investigate!

  4. Phyrra says:

    Burning is never good! Feel better soon 🙂

  5. Another eye mask lover. I’d like to see you with a patch LOL. I haven’t tried Talika but I’m loving the idea of wearing these on planes from now on. Who cares what seatmates think! We’ll be beautiful.

  6. retrodiva says:

    Talika is so, so wonderful. I haven’t found anything of theirs that I don’t like. I’m loving this idea of eye masks on the plane. Why did I never think of this before?? Packing some for my train ride to NYC.

  7. Pammy Blogs Beauty says:

    Another eye mask! These sound great!!!

  8. Brittany says:

    Wait, those eye masks have their own carrying case? How cool is that?!

  9. CarleenPruessCoulter says:

    These look great. I need to try some specialized eye products.

  10. Eugenia says:

    I have not tried any eye masks yet. I think I might have to now to see what its all about!

  11. I like most Talika things and these sound like something I need to keep on hand. My allergies are acting up and these would be so soothing.thanks!

  12. jbrobeck says:

    This sound like such a relief for allergy eyes!

  13. I want these just for the spiffy case!

  14. How cool! Love the little case!

  15. Kristina says:

    Hi beautiful,

    My name is Kristina and I absolutely love your blog. I’ve recently started a skincare line called Pibu and would love your professional review on the products. We currently offer an exclusive No-Mess Exfoliating Mud Mask and four types of At Home Facials, similar to the ones you’ve mentioned in this post. These unique cloth face masks are the perfect solution for women on the go, busy moms, and any skin type seeking a simple, effective, spa-quality facial.

    I’d love to send over some samples to get your feedback 🙂

    Please let me know if you are interested and I can send them over once I receive your mailing address. Hope you’re having a beautiful day!

    All the best,
    [email protected]

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