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In this edition of Makeup Wars we are talking about how we pack when we travel. This one is pretty bittersweet for me because, I don’t travel much any more – mostly just to New York a couple of times a year, except last September when I went to my BFF’s wedding and then straight to NYC for Fashion Week. So, of course, I take my best stuff because I want to look amazing for the wedding, and I always go a bit out for my NYC trips anyway. Welp, this was the one in a million trip where the worst happens – my suitcase is stolen, with my entire makeup and toiletries bags in it. Normally, I carry my makeup bag with me, but I didn’t have room in my carry-on this time and “what’s the worst that could happen?”. Sigh.

Anyway, I haven’t needed to travel since then, so I haven’t even gotten around to replacing the toiletries bag, let alone get my 3floz on. So, I’m going to take this opportunity to make myself think about what I can get to be ready for the next time I take a trip. Now, I have always tended to keep a few staples in the bag, and just filling it with what I am using on the regular at that time, but one thing I do tend to avoid is taking any more liquids than I need – not for any security issues, but because I *hate* cleaning up spills (*even the little bit I do take, I stick in plastic baggies). Also, I tend to overpack (*duh!), so this will be a good reminder to keep it simple, stupid.

Beautysets Travel Bag Must Haves

Bath & Body Works Travel Lotion: I regularly change out what scents I pick up, but my latest fave was this Coconut Lime Breeze. These small bottles are just right for daily, all-over application for a long weekend trip.

Lush Solid Shampoo: When I travel, I am usually only gone long enough to wash my hair once, maaaaybe twice, so I never figure it’s worth it to take two bottles of product, when I can just have this handy 2 in 1 bar in my bag, and the Godiva scent is so good.

Q-Tips Travel Pack: No real explanation needed. And they also really come in handy when I forget that one eyeshadow brush I really meant to bring with me.

Secret Clinical Strength Travel Size Deodorant: I’m not a regular user of the clinical strength deo when I am home, but, when I travel I generally am on the go from early morning to late at night. This keeps me from having an issue like when I wear my regular natural deodorant that tends to shut off at the end of the work day, and needs reapplication before I go out for the evening.

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Solid Perfume: There is nothing worse than having a perfume bottle break in transit. The scent lingers all over everything, even long after the fact. So, I take the easy way out and travel with perfume solids and this Blood Orange one is *ridiculous* in an amazing way. Plus, it’s a tiny case so I can throw it in my bag and reapply as wanted throughout the day/night.

Mally Beauty “In The Buff” Palette: Okay, who is surprised I am including this? I better not see any hands going up. ;) Seriously, this has my eyeshadow primer and any combination of earth tone colors that can do anything from day to night for me. The real question is why *wouldn’t* I include this?

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor: I know that I have mentioned that I like my all-in-one Schick Intuition Razor, but it’s a smidge too bulky for my travel bag. So, I keep one of the smaller Breeze razors in there, and don’t have to worry about packing shaving cream for the trip, either.

Aveda Rosemary Mint Bath Bar: No body washes for me when I travel – it’s all about the solid bar of minty heaven that is the Rosemary Mint bar. This stuff is so good that I have had to cut a bar in half to share because I didn’t want them using MY bar. Breathing it in during a hot (*never warm, unless I am running out of hot water, because I am a rebel) is like a mini trip to the spa, it’s just that soothing.

So, those are the things I am going to have to resupply a travel toiletries bag with to get ready for my next trip. What do you keep ready to go in your travel bag? Or do you pack anew for each trip?

And don’t forget to see what these other fab ladies take with them when they travel, too:

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  • http://twitter.com/PerilouslyPale Christa

    That Mally palette looks great! I wish we could get Mally in Canada. I’ve really loved everything I’ve tried.

    • http://www.oldergirlbeauty.com Paula

      I really wish you could, too! Or maybe it’s a good thing you can’t because you would have too much? Ha!

  • http://www.facebook.com/BlushingNoir Brooke Pakulski

    #1 I love love love your travel bag, and omg about your suitcase getting stolen… definitely one of my worst nightmares =( People are so rude.

    • http://www.oldergirlbeauty.com Paula

      I *wish* that was already my travel bag – I just found it for this post and am def going to order it!

  • http://www.beautifulmakeupsearch.com/ Beautiful Makeup Search

    Your suitcase was stolen? Devastating! I would have freaked. Clothes I wouldn’t mind replacing, but makeup and beauty items are so personal – and there are so many. Ugh. Definitely take it with you from now on (in that cute bag!) and I am sort of rethinking mine after that story.

    • http://www.oldergirlbeauty.com Paula

      It was ridiculous – it was all my better clothes, too, since I dress nicer when I go to NYC than I do day to day here. I made a list on the plane home of everything I could remember. And I *always* carry my makeup in my carry-on, toiletries in my suitcase, but I was bringing home a retro Caboodles that day. *sigh*.

  • Pammy Blogs Beauty

    What a cute makeup bag!!! One of these days I need to try that LUSH solid shampoo! What a great item for travel (no spills!)

    • http://www.oldergirlbeauty.com Paula

      Isn’t it? I need to order it! And it took me a bit to get used to solid shampoos, but I like them for travel now.

  • http://twitter.com/Beauty411 Beauty411

    How did I not hear about your travel bag being stolen before now? And OMG, FW?! The time I seriously overpack my makeup! Love the Pacifica Solid Perfumes–they’re perfect for travel!

    • http://www.oldergirlbeauty.com Paula

      Because I was embarrassed and didn’t really mention it when it happened. It was a stupid, turn my back and let it out of my sight thing. I was crushed! Lost some seriously good stuff. :(
      And, that Blood Orange scent is just too good – I have candles of it at the house!

  • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

    How does the Lush Bar soap work for you? And I’m like you, I normally only wash my hair once every 5 to 7 days, so I don’t usually pack shampoo and conditioner.

    • http://www.oldergirlbeauty.com Paula

      It’s not bad – its a conditioning bar, so it helps. Granted, it’s no DermOrganic, but for the occasional wash, it’s okay for me.

  • Gouldylox

    Lush solid shampoo you say……do you need a conditioner too? If that was like a Co-wash in solid form that was hydrating, I would love it so much, I’d consider getting it pregnant behind a middle school. Is that TMI?

    • http://www.oldergirlbeauty.com Paula

      For this particular bar, you don’t – it’s a two in one conditioning solid. And, not TMI for me, but I *may* have a different standard than normal folk.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcia.friedman Marcia Friedman

    I’m sorry about your bag being stolen. I’ve had mine lost twice by airlines but found luckily. Your packing is pretty concise.

    • http://www.oldergirlbeauty.com Paula

      Yeah, it sucked. And these are a few staples I keep in the go bag since I seem to always be trying out something new with my other stuff.

  • Jamie Sanders

    The Gillette Venus Breeze razor is one of my must haves when I travel, too!

    • http://www.oldergirlbeauty.com Paula

      It’s just so darn easy!

  • http://twitter.com/PrimeBeauty50 Prime Beauty Blog

    OMG that has to be one of the worst travel stories ever! Another great travel bag!

    • http://www.oldergirlbeauty.com Paula

      Yeah, it sucked. But, ya know… Gives me a chance to start over fresh, right? ;)

  • http://www.clumpsofmascara.com Brittany

    Woo hoo! Team Qtips. But no bueno to your luggage being stolen. I’ve been there. :(

    • http://www.oldergirlbeauty.com Paula

      Seriously – QTips are like Duct Tape – what *can’t* they do? ;) And, I’d much rather be on Team QTips with you than Team Stolen Luggage. :(

  • http://polishinsomniac.blogspot.com jbrobeck

    I love that Pacifica scent! So smart to go solid on perfume and shampoo!

    • http://www.oldergirlbeauty.com Paula

      Seriously – that Blood Orange is DIVINE! I have candles of it around the house, too!

  • http://twitter.com/15minbeauty 15 Minute Beauty

    I like that Mally palette! Soooo sad about your bag being stolen. :(

  • CarleenPruessCoulter

    Oooh! I want that palette!!!!!

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