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Beauty Spotlight 3/17/2013

beautyspotlightteam2 290x237 Beauty Spotlight 3/17/2013 15 Minute Beauty shares her 8 essential products for a DIY pedicure

Pink Sith has managed to forge a connection between the new Lise Watier Power Pink Blush and the Groundhog Illuminati. Of course!

If you favor pinky peachy nude lips, like Helen from Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog , then prepare to be dazzled by the new Chantecaille Lip Chic in Daphne and Luminous Gloss in Pink Melon. Their beauty simply cannot be overstated!

Anti-Aging foundation? Yes, please! Pammy Blogs Beauty tries out Paula’s Choice new Resist Anti-Aging Foundation and Serum.

Do the new Dior Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows hit the mark? Visionary Beauty shares her views on Ribbon.

Beauty Info Zone has a lot more swatches to share for the Lush Emotional Brilliance collection. If you need some motivation or just a bubbly charming post, then this is the one to read.

London MakeUp Girl gives nail wraps a try, and finds that NCLA nail wraps are pretty much goof-proof. Have a look at her efforts with the very gothic glamorous NCLA nail wraps in I Am Your Muse.

Time for a browse through the archives: Modesty Brown’s review of the lovely Pai Camellia & Rose Cleanser is just as pertinent now as it was when she first wrote the post, more than a year ago.

Perilously Pale is excited to announce that she is part of Fashion Magazine’s Beauty Panel! Check out her post telling you all about her first challenge as a member describing how she incorporates Pantone’s colour of the year Emerald into her beauty routine.

Prime Beauty is a smooth operator with the new Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colours and right on trend too!

Paula, from Older Girl Beauty, tells us about her bad self-tanner experience and wants to hear yours, too.

Even with one stolen, Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed still has a couple of glosses to swatch from the new Benefit Ultra Plush lip glosses – check them out and see if you would have been tempted to be light fingered too!

SPAMATHON – Check out polish insomniac’s swatches of the new China Glaze Hologlam Collection!

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*Partnered Post* Revitalize from the inside out with Imedeen®

Imedeen Time Perfection 195x300 *Partnered Post* Revitalize from the inside out with Imedeen® We’re well into our new year and some of us may have already started to slip in our resolutions (*I’m looking at you inbox). But others we are are sticking to pretty firmly – like taking care of ourselves. For me, this means continuing to take my Imedeen Time Perfection® anti-aging supplements.

Now, I didn’t continue these pills out of habit, even tho it did become part of my nightly ritual, for sure. I kept taking them because I was actually seeing, and feeling, a difference in my aging skin – and not just on my face, but over my whole body. See, Imedeen® works down in the dermal layers of the skin, where there is collagen, to strengthen and improve the skin’s invisible building blocks through targeted nutrients that help skin retain moisture and suppleness, not just on the surface like a lot of other skin care products. That’s not just targeted to my facial skin, that’s all over.

So, I’m going to continue to take them, as I can definitely use more Vitamin C and LycoPhence GS® in my lifestyle (*which Imedeen® contains) to help build up collagen and to protect my skin from oxidative damage. What about you? Do you think you could use some more in your routine? While you ponder that, go check out the Lifestyle Skin Assessment and see which Imedeen® product is right for you. Then, come back here and enter to win a 90-day supply of Imedeen Time Perfection® by telling me why you want to try it in the comments and by liking the Older Girl Beauty Facebook page, too (*US residents only.) – Don’t forget to mark your entries in the Rafflecopter widget for them to count! If you don’t want to wait to see if you have won, you can always head over to the Imedeen® shop and go ahead and pick some up now.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer: I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by the makers of Imedeen®. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Imedeen® as a product or its effectiveness. I received compensation for this post.

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Beauty Spotlight: Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog on a Desert Island

lolas desert island beauty 300x234 Beauty Spotlight: Lolas Secret Beauty Blog on a Desert Island

This week Helen, from Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog, was dropped off on the Beauty Spotlight Team Desert Island, and was only permitted to bring 12 beauty products. Given her proclivity for skincare products these restrictions presented quite a challenge, and narrowing down her choices to a mere dozes was no small feat. Can you guess what she brought with her? Click here to find out!

*Partnered Post* Self-Tanners and Jergens Natural Glow

jergens natural glow line *Partnered Post* Self Tanners and Jergens Natural Glow Guys, I have partnered with Jergens to try out their new gradual self-tanner moisturizers, the Natural Glow line. I’m not really good with the quick self-tanners, but with my sun aversion prone body, I need to get some color on my skin so my Casper white legs aren’t *too* much of a distraction when I’m trying to rock some skirts or shorts this Spring.

Now, I’ve had some bad experiences with self-tanners before, which made me leery of them for a long time. Here, watch this video – I explain all about my worst mishap with a bottle and brush I got from TV:


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Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year

green makeup Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year
lastgreen Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Yearnextgreen Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year

In this edition of “Makeup Wars”, we take on the Pantone Color of the Year – “Emerald Green”. Now, I don’t think they want you to have everything in only that shade, more like use that as a starting point to incorporating it into your lifestyle. So, I try to think how I bring green into my life and it’s obvious right off the bat – eyeliner! (*I’m pretty sure we all remember that I may have a bit of an eyeliner problem. RIP bags.) Actually, this is a good way for anyone that wants to bring in greens to their routines, without going full on green eyeshadows, because not everyone is comfy doing that. Eyeliners gives you a bit of color that works with both neutrals and different jewel tones. Here are a few that I have in my bag:

Green Eyeliners Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the YearGreen Eyeliner Swatches Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year

  • Rimmel London Soft Kohl in “Jungle Green” – This drugstore goodie just *glides* on and the color is clearly bright; it was a heck of a deal for $1.99.
  • Ruby Kisses 24HR Eye Define in “Rich Teal Blue” – Okay, I’m stretching on this one, but this is a green teal, which does skew blue, but I think it pulls more green out on me, so I included it. So there. icon wink Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year
  • Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner in “Caribbean Sea” – This was actually the first Mally eyeliner I tried and it sold me instantly. The fact that it is a bright green that I double up with browns and purples with ease is why I keep it in fast rotation.
  • tarte emphasEYES gel liner in “Green” – This is a green with gold in it, so it just shimmers!
  • Lancome Ink Artliner in “Pop Petrol” – This was a LE from the UK that I snagged in a swap – it was the *entire* reason I wanted to swap – the color had me from first glimpse. They have a really pretty “Emerald Seductive” color that looks really pretty here in the US.
  • Another way you can bring green into your beauty life is by putting green polish on your tips and toes. Luckily there is so many options when it comes to green polishes you can go as bright or as dark as you like, glitter or pastel, it’s all up to you. And if you wanna be business on your nails, but party on your toes, using complementary colors but different finishes is an easy way to mix it up. Here are a few greens that I’ve got:

    Green Polishes Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year

  • Zoya Polish in “Codie” – This totally doesn’t look like the image on the page, my “subtle olive undertones” are distinct dark green khaki to me.
  • Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect in “Sea” – This pastel green is just right for the upcoming Easter holidays, and on into the rest of Spring.
  • Sinful Colors in “San Francisco” – I can’t find this one on their site, but it looks a lot like “Nail Junkie”, but they have a bunch of different greens to try.
  • China Glaze Polish in “Agro” – This was part of the LE “Capitol Colours” collection that tied to the “Hunger Games” movie.
  • Maybelline Color Show in “Tenacious Teal” – This creamy green is deeper than a pastel, but not a full on Emerald green.
  • How are you going to bring green into your routine this year? Let me know and after that, go check out how the other lovelies are using green in their life:

    phyrra Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year blushingnoir Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year pbb Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year beautyinfozone Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year mybeautybunny Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year polishinsomniac 1 Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year bmslogo3 Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year clumpsofmascara Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year 15minbeauty 3 Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year gouldyloxlogo Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year beautyfashiontech Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year pp logo Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year oldergirlbeauty 1 Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Yearprimebeauty Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Yearpinksith Makeup Wars: Green is the Color of the Year

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