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Leaving on a jet plane….again

Well, if you follow me on twitter, then you know all about the drama I had trying to get to NYC yesterday. I am just going to pretend that it wasn’t scary and was just a trial run to get ready for today. I’m going to NYC for the Total Beauty Summit and to cover shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

This opportunity is so amazing to me, and has shown me just how generous people really can be. I continue to be amazed at the kindness I am shown on a daily basis. Bah, enough of the mushy stuff – I’ll be all mushy and thankful when I get home and am not cursing them all for me being so exhausted. ūüėČ

So, just like when I went to The Makeup Show earlier this year, I’m going to be blowing up my twitter feed with everything I am doing. So, now is either going to be a really great time to follow me or a really good time to take a break. I’ll leave it up to you. ūüėČ

Tousling is such a funny word

Hey, do you guys remember when Herbal Essences was¬†all porny? “A totally organic¬†experience.” Really? Anyway, I am so glad they are over that. Nowadays, I don’t think you can buy the body wash any more, but they have definitely branched out in the hair care arena. They have product collections that range from helping color treated hair, hydrating hair, straight hair and curly hair, to name a few. Now, their newest collection aims to help the lovelies get pretty tousled hair in their “tousle me softly” collection.

This collection has 6 products:

  • shampoo for a tousled look
  • conditioner for a tousled look¬†
  • mousse for easy tousling
  • tousling spray gel
  • flexible hold hair ¬†spray
  • finishing touch cream
  • ¬†

    I was able to try all of them, and I really came out with a favorite – the finishing touch cream. All of the products have a really nice “wild violet and pomegranate” scent, so, slightly floral. Well, I say slightly – the shampoo and conditioner have a strong scent in the shower, but it wears off soon after (if you don’t use any of the other products. If you do, well, you are just layering on the scent and it will stick around much longer).

    As for usage, well, the shampoo isn’t made for color-treated hair, so I didn’t use it much. But when I did, it cleaned well, but I don’t know what it really did to provide for more “tousling”, as I really think that is more product and skill based. As for the spray gel & mousse – I think they have potential when it comes to the scrunch factor, but for me my hair became more crunchy than softly tousled. I would def chalk that up to operator error than a direct result of the product, since I really don’t know what I am doing with those two products. The hair spray was not heavy, and I was able to brush thru it without flakes, so, plus for that.

    The cream, tho. Man, this stuff worked so good on my hair. It isn’t a true “cream” consistency – it’s actually between a cream and a gel, to me. It comes in a tub, and I know some of you are all about the hygiene of the product, but I didn’t mind just swiping my finger in it for some product. I would put it on my towel-dried hair, and depending on what I was doing, I would either blow it dry or air dry when I went to bed. If I blew it dry, I would rub some more between my fingers and pull it thru the dry ends and it would stay smooth. If I let it air dry there wasn’t any need to do anything else to it, it would just dry with so much less frizziness than before.¬†I can’t really explain how I fix my hair, because, frankly – I’m not very good at it, but these lovelies at ExpoTV can show you how they fixed their hair with the “tousle me softly” collection.

    You can pick this line up at any drugstore/WalMart/Target type store, and everything runs around $3, except for the finishing cream which runs about $6 (*but the tub is so big it’s gonna last you a while).


    I don’t do soap-on-a-rope

    I’m not a bar soap gal. I would always set it on the side, it would keep getting wet in the shower, get all mushy, can’t hold on to it and then there is the whole “rub it on the washcloth or rub it on the skin debate”? What? You hadn’t heard of that one? I do that one in my head every time I have to pick up a bar of soap in the shower. Anyway, I am a bath gel/lotion/body wash girl.

    So, when I had a chance to try the Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash I was interested. A rich body wash with brown sugar and karite (shea) butter that exfoliates, too? Count me in.

    I expected it to smell good. I didn’t expect it to be overwhelming. Seriously, this stuff smells yummy, but it is so strong I could not use it the same days I was washing my hair. That was just too much scent going on in there. Plus, it’s a heavier scent – not what I associate with summertime.¬†

    As for the “exfoliating” – yeah, I didn’t see much of that. Here, let me show you: . This dollop is about quarter sized and I count 9 beads in there. *9*. The BPD (beads per drop) ratio sucks in this body wash. There was no exfoliating action going on in there that I could feel(or see). Maybe I am just spoiled by denser face exfoliators or body sugar/salt scrubs, but I didn’t get any polishing affect.

    That’s not to say this is a bad wash, just don’t take it for what it says it will do, in my opinion. It does smell good, is rich and cleans off well. I just think that this is more suited for fall/winter months when you like a heavier scent, is rich on your dry skin and can get picked up at any drugstore/Walmart/Target for less than $5. (*There is also a bar soap available, too, that you might like, but I think you already know how I feel about bar soaps.)

    Left arms out the window can attract more than bugs

    Here’s something you may not have thought about – “People who spend a lot of time driving their cars have a higher incidence of left-sided skin cancer”. That is according to Dr. Scott Fosko, professor and chairman of dermatology at St. Louis School of Medicine in St. Louis, Mo.

    I know I sure hadn’t and I wondered if others were as oblivious as me. I asked my friend Nancy, from¬†Beauty411, (*who happens to drive a hella stupid amount of miles each week – 1200!?) if she puts SPF on her arm. She told me, “No, but I put it on my face”, which is good, but not enough when driving so much, apparently. Even celebrity esthetician,¬†Ren√©e Rouleau, has¬†tweeted about it (*she also rec’s wearing¬†sunscreen when you’re in an airplane).

    Okay, so that got me thinking that maybe my pale skin and I need some help. Problem is, it’s hard enough to get me to remember to put it on my face in the mornings, let alone on my arm while I am trying to get to my morning Rt. 44 Sweet Tea. Luckily, I was able to try something that was small enough to just throw in my console and could spray on when I am in the car:¬†Kinesys Sunscreen. This little 1oz SPF30 bottle is great to keep handy for quick shots of protection. The one I have has a Light Mango scent, which is really mild, but they also offer an Unscented version, too.¬†

    You can get the 1oz bottle for $6.99 and the larger 4oz size for $18.99. Since it dries so quickly and doesn’t need to be rubbed in due to the microspray, it’s great for sports players, as it doesn’t effect their grip, so you can¬†find it locally at your more specific sports stores.

    I sweat. There, I said it.

    Okay, seriously – the heat in the summer in Oklahoma gets triple-digit sweltering. So, there is no way around sweating. No, not “glistening” or “perspiring” – it’s full on dripping sweat. So, all growing up it’s always been “put on whatever anti-perspirant/deoderant you usually use, doesn’t matter, you’re going to sweat anyway”. Which is true. However, I finally decided that me and “the girls” (*yes, I put ap/deo under there, because, well, there’s an “under there”) were going to find a better solution this year.

    Enter¬†bliss underarmy antiperspirant gel. I picked some up on a¬†trip to Marshall’s one evening. It normally runs $18 on bliss.com, but I snagged it for $7.99. Now, that said, it is still more than the $3something I usually pay for the regular ap/deo I would get at like Target or Walmart. ¬†(*Speaking of, remember when I¬†gave up Secret? I switched over to Dove, which took away a lot of the itchiness probs I was having back then.) That ap/deo works fine on normal days, but can not hang in this Oklahoma heat. But, it was still more than I was used to, so the damn thing had better work, right?

    Oh, I forgot to mention. It’s a roll-on. ¬†I don’t do roll-on’s. Haven’t since High School. I just *hate* the sticky waiting time for it to dry. Ugh. So, yeah, going out of comfort zone here. Anyway, I tried it, it dried and I went about ¬†my day. Then about 3/4 thru the day I realized that I hadn’t been all chicken-wing flapping my arms because I was all hot. This stuff worked. I was amazed. Straight up. I did some searching and realized that this stuff has almost the same amount of “aluminum sesquichlorohydrate” (16%) as the prescription stuff (20%). No wonder it was working.

    There *are* a few caveats, besides it being a roll on. There is no deodorant in this. However, there is a minty-ness to it, which gives a cooling effect, and a hint of a scent. Warning, tho – if you put this on right after you shave your armpits, it is going to sting like the devil. I know this, so now you know this.

    Like I said, I was able to pick this up at my local¬†Marshall’s for less than half of what I would have paid at bliss. But if you can’t find it there near you, I really think it would be worth it full price during the hot temps to help you keep your cool.

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