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FTC…what’s your man got to do with me?

You might have heard that there is a kerfuffle brewing with regards to the FTC regulating bloggers and their pay to post items. Now, I don’t get paid to write what I do, even tho I have been offered money to be added to my blog roll (which I don’t do, because my blog roll is full of people’s sites I *actually* read.). I write these entries because I want to, because I think I have things to say and, apparently, some people actually find it interesting.

Now, I think you guys are smart enough to know that I couldn’t possible afford everything I write about – no review site can, be it beauty, or electronics or whatever gets reviewed. It’s just not feasible. This is where companies come in, esp with blogger relations. They are finding that word of mouth, and personal feedback, helps them market their products. It’s cheaper to send out 30+ lippys and get responses than to buy a full page ad in Allure – AND get instant feedback, as opposed to lead times and newstand sales. All of this in my opinion, of course. They also send out these samples without the guarantee of positive reviews. Lemme give you a quote from Kerry Diamond, Vice President, Public Relations & Communications, Lancôme:

“We have never expected any quid pro quo for sending product or samples.
We appreciate not only your honesty, but that of the readers who post on your
sites.” “We understand that when we send out product, we open ourselves up
to honest reviews.”

So, yeah. Okay, I’ll make this simple. Here’s a tip: If I say “I had a chance to try”, that’s a tip off that I was sent a sample. If I say, “I bought this at Walmart/Target/CVS/Walgreen/the Mall/QVC/online/etc., I bought it myself. Simple? Yes, I know I am watering it down and making light of something that has the potential to be ugly, but, I’m just saying, I’m pretty open with you guys. And, really, if Apple wants to give me a laptop to take on a trip provided by the Australian Tourism board that Qantas is giving me tix to fly 1st class on, you can damn well bet I’m taking that trip and I’ll def let you guys hear all about it. And, if you want more disclosure, let me know – ya’ll know I’m not too shy about things.

*Update: Hey, I forgot that sometimes I am just given stuff without any expectation of it getting reviewed, like when I get a gift bag or something like that. In that case, I’ll say something like “I was given/gifted this” – that way you know I didn’t pay for it, but it wasn’t nescessarily given for review, okay?

Shimmy Shimmer Shake

You guys know I carry a bunch of lip stuff in my purse. Well, that’s because I hate! dry, cracked lips. But, it has to taste good, or I won’t use it. Well, Chapstick understands that and is making sure I have a variety to choose from now.They have added 4 new flavors of lip balm with new flavors and a hint of shimmer, to boot. Two of the flavors are available now: “Botanical Berry” and “Tropical”, with “Peppermint Rush” and “Blended Fruit Sherbet” available in August.

As for the flavors, here is my breakdown:
“Botanical Berry” – very fruity, not overly of one fruit, like strawberry or anything, so that’s good, but I am not too much of a berry girl.
“Blended Fruit Sherbet” – reminded me of fruit punch, like at church socials or birthday party’s. Not too bad or overwhelming.
“Peppermint Rush” – tasted like a peppermint stick, but not tingly, like heavy in peppermint oil.
“Tropical” – this was my favorite. It smelled more coconutty than it tasted, but there was enough of a hint that I could feel like I was sipping a pina colada. :)

Now, the main downside of this is that there isn’t any SPF in it. So, I would rec using this when you go out in the evenings, as it gives a nice shimmer in the light, so you don’t have to worry about the suns rays, or use it before you go to bed as a taste treat so you don’t go get the dish of ice cream you know you are craving.

These retail for $2.79 at all your local stores and drugstores, so keep an eye out for them.

I am not a "powder your nose" kinda girl

Let’s get this straight, right up front. I am not a mineral makeup girl – but not for lack of trying. A few years ago, one of the first things I ordered from QVC was a starter kit from Bare Escentuals. I got it, apparently didn’t use it right (I think I didn’t buff it enough, but whatevs), hated it because it looked funny on and itched like the dickens, and sent it back. So, many years go by. Mineral makeup has become all the rage. I figure that I must have done something wrong, I clearly am missing out on something, and I need to be convinced to try it again.Enter Ms. Robyn on twitter. (*You guys know how I love me some twitter folk.) Robyn runs an independent business called “Purely Cosmetics”, and that is exactly what it is – purely milled cosmetics that doesn’t contain “bismuth, talc, micronized minerals, or other skin irritants”. We got to chatting and after she found out a bit more about my skin, she was generous enough to send me out some products to try, including some color products, along with the foundation.

Well, bad news first. I am still not a mineral makeup girl. *BUT*, this is not for a lack of trying and helping on the wonderful Robyn’s part. First, we found a combo of foundations for my color. Which was great, and even buffed in fab. However, it itched. *sigh* Luckily, she had included some of her Silk & Pearl Powder Primer. This primer went on silky smooth and made a great base for the foundation. It also cut the itching down tremendously. But, it was still there a smidge, which was just a smidge too much for me. Boo.

However, her color products are amazing and don’t cause me a lick of trouble. I use her Nearly Nude eyeshadow as a base very often and love her Hint of Pink blush as a great pop of sun on my cheeks. Her bronzer is a bit much for me, but I gave it to my bestie who swears by it. (*She has hit the bottom of her jar and continues to swirl in hope some more magically appears some morning. Ha.) I know that she has also added a new finishing powder called Diamond Powder Perfect Finish that has been used by Hollywood Make-up Artist, Melissa Street in HD and it filmed amazing.

And if I haven’t used enough positive adjectives, let me talk about her customer service. It is just superb and far superior to the big brands in all ways and shapes. She is willing to help online via twitter, via email and ships your order almost instantaneously – you get your products just stupid fast. I cannot say enough about this lady and her company, except to say that she is passionate about her products and her business and you can tell it instantly when you speak with her.

Her prices are comparable to other brands, and she creates special palettes/colors, too. In addition, she also has other products she believes in, that are not by her, in her store. So, be sure to wander all over her site to see all the great things she has available today.

That Cotton Candy just isn’t for me…

There was a time, a few years ago, that I started wearing O.P.I.’s “Espresso My Style” and I just loved it. It was when I started my quest for a great brown nailpolish, but was quite a change from my lack of polish wearing I used to do. Anyway, I had a boss, who, ever so politely, told me, “You need to stop wearing that color – it’s just too dark for you.”. Well, that’s just too damn bad, because I liked it and kept wearing it, much to her chagrin. (*I’m such a rebel.)
Now, I fully embrace the fact that I am not a fluffy pink nail polish kind of girl. That doesn’t mean I am goth, by any means. (*I am way to much of a pale, freckled, redhead for that to ever work – besides the whole “not wanting to be goth” thing.), or that I don’t like a bright pop of color every once in a while. That just means that I love Fall/Winter color collections more than Spring/Summer collections. And, to distract me from this horrid triple digit weather, Duri has released their info on their Fall/Winter ’09 “Rags to Riches” color collection to give me something to look forward to:

They are releasing 12 new colors, with great names, in two separate launches – one in September and one in November:

Launching September 2009:
(513) Million Dollar Baby, (515) Penny Saved is a Penny Earned, (517) Money Don’t Make Me, (519) Social Ladder, (520) Party Like a Rock Star, (524) Rags to Riches

Launching November 2009:
(514) Silver Spoon, (516) Dress to Impress, (518) Slumdog Millionaire, (521) Trophy Wife, (522) Formula for Success, (523) Luxury Time

You’ll be able to pick these up for $5/ea and you can order them from their website or by calling them at 1-800-724-2216 .

Recipe for your own fabulousness

Yeah, I’m not sure if that word exists, but, it means what it means. The latest thing to come around, and help a girl like me, who might or might not have a problem with too many lip products in their purse at one time, is mix your own color glosses.

First up is the L’Oréal HiP Color Presso. This dual-chamber gloss allows for you to dispense a single color or both colors mixed in whatever ratio you want. However, you have to press down on each side simultaneously to get both colors out at the same time. AFTER you have figured out how to open the darn thing. Seriously. It took me several minutes messing with it to figure out how to pop the lid open, and then it broke off. Ugh. So, yeah, downside to that one. Now, it must be said that the glosses themselves are not bad, it’s just the delivery system that fails. Oh, and it retails for $13, which is a bit much for a drugstore gloss, to me, esp one that’s such a pain to use.

Next up we have Avon’s SpectraColor Lipstick. This is also a dual-chamber package, but in a round, contained tube, with a selector dial on the bottom. This selector allows you to choose between 7 different shades of color, ranging from the individual light color, 5 shades of mixture and the dark individual color. Once you have selected which color you want, you click the bottom of the tube and it is dispensed thru a vented, slanted top. But, be warned, when it comes out, it looks like a greasy mess, but it is not. It is just a glossy finish “lipstick”. I say that with quotes, because I found this to wear so much more like a lipgloss than a lipstick. While it can be buildable, it still has that lipgloss feel to it.
I really like the ideas behind both of these. And, while I prefer the delivery system of the SpectraColor, I like the flavor (yes, flavor) of the Color Presso. But, Avon’s price point of $9.50 (on sale for $7.99 right now) makes a world of difference to me. Either way, at least we are starting to have options of different colors in one container to keep in our little pocketbook (yes, I said pocketbook because I am old) as we go from day to night, instead of toting around all of our favorites.

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