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So, Lovelies – I haven’t melted from the heat and forgot about you. It’s just I have been trying to play around in the background of this fair site and do some updates/changes.

As you see from the redirect, I am now at my own domain (http://www.oldergirlbeauty.com) so pretty please update your bookmarks. I am going to be making sure the RSS feeds still pull over, but that may take a bit of tweaking. (*Update: I updated the feed addy, so this should be smooth. If not, let me know, plz.)

Please bear with me as the colors, headers, sidebars may change at my whimsy – I’m still trying to make this a pretty place and learn all the new bells and whistles I can do over here.


Holy crap, it’s hot.

I am not even playing. These triple digit temps here in Oklahoma have been miserable. (*what did I say the other day? 104 should only be the answer to what is 52 + 52.) Granted, while it’s a chilly 94 today, I *know* that the triple digits will be back. It’s Oklahoma. It’s what we do. But, since I have lived here my whole life, I’ve picked up a few ways to beat the heat at the end of the day. And, while the products may change, the thought remains the same.
I have an extra fridge out in the garage, and I have a shelf in the door that I keep a bunch of beauty products that feel oh so good when put on cold.
The things I have in there currently range from toner, to masks, to masque, lotions, sprit and scent:
In addition I have a couple of other items that doesn’t go in the fridge, but are still important for summer use:
I’ll let you know in the next few posts why I like this stuff enough to give it shelf space in the fridge.

Neon nails for the weekend

Since the child is in NYC for the summer (July 28th is still so far away) I have lots of free time to fill in the days. So, I decided to play around with some glue-on nails I had been sent to try from Kiss Nails. They’re funky Neon colored French Manicure tips for the fingers and toes.

They come in Pink, Orange, Green and Pink for the toes.
Let me say this first. I am not a fake nail girl. I went thru the “getting my nails done” phase in college, but so could not keep that up. I *do* appreciate a good mani, but only on my natural nails, no tips for me. So, you know I was bored/interested enough to give these a try.

Lemme just tell you what I didn’t care for up front: I didn’t like the glue factor. I wish these had been with stick on tabs, instead, because I am just all thumbs, let alone with fake nails on. I was so messy with the glue that I got it on top of a coupla nails, making their finish icky, not smooth like they were when I started putting them on. Second, these were just too long for me. They were in “Medium”, but that is still quite a difference from my fingertip length I usually wear. This made typing terribly difficult for me, which is pretty important as much as I am on the computer. The toe length was much better, but I made the mistake of trying to put them on *after I had put the finger ones on, so I didn’t get them applied as well as I could have, I’m sure.
But, I can see where these would be good for several things. These would be great for the lovely that wants to dip a finger in the neon nail polish trend, without going full on nail, which can be a bit much. Or for the lovely that is going out for the weekend and wants to something completely different and bright. These will be chip-free and last around 3 days, or up to a week, depending on your activity level. You can find them for $5.99 at all major drugstore chain, but hurry, as these Neon colors are only available thru July.

FTC…what’s your man got to do with me?

You might have heard that there is a kerfuffle brewing with regards to the FTC regulating bloggers and their pay to post items. Now, I don’t get paid to write what I do, even tho I have been offered money to be added to my blog roll (which I don’t do, because my blog roll is full of people’s sites I *actually* read.). I write these entries because I want to, because I think I have things to say and, apparently, some people actually find it interesting.

Now, I think you guys are smart enough to know that I couldn’t possible afford everything I write about – no review site can, be it beauty, or electronics or whatever gets reviewed. It’s just not feasible. This is where companies come in, esp with blogger relations. They are finding that word of mouth, and personal feedback, helps them market their products. It’s cheaper to send out 30+ lippys and get responses than to buy a full page ad in Allure – AND get instant feedback, as opposed to lead times and newstand sales. All of this in my opinion, of course. They also send out these samples without the guarantee of positive reviews. Lemme give you a quote from Kerry Diamond, Vice President, Public Relations & Communications, Lancôme:

“We have never expected any quid pro quo for sending product or samples.
We appreciate not only your honesty, but that of the readers who post on your
sites.” “We understand that when we send out product, we open ourselves up
to honest reviews.”

So, yeah. Okay, I’ll make this simple. Here’s a tip: If I say “I had a chance to try”, that’s a tip off that I was sent a sample. If I say, “I bought this at Walmart/Target/CVS/Walgreen/the Mall/QVC/online/etc., I bought it myself. Simple? Yes, I know I am watering it down and making light of something that has the potential to be ugly, but, I’m just saying, I’m pretty open with you guys. And, really, if Apple wants to give me a laptop to take on a trip provided by the Australian Tourism board that Qantas is giving me tix to fly 1st class on, you can damn well bet I’m taking that trip and I’ll def let you guys hear all about it. And, if you want more disclosure, let me know – ya’ll know I’m not too shy about things.

*Update: Hey, I forgot that sometimes I am just given stuff without any expectation of it getting reviewed, like when I get a gift bag or something like that. In that case, I’ll say something like “I was given/gifted this” – that way you know I didn’t pay for it, but it wasn’t nescessarily given for review, okay?

Shimmy Shimmer Shake

You guys know I carry a bunch of lip stuff in my purse. Well, that’s because I hate! dry, cracked lips. But, it has to taste good, or I won’t use it. Well, Chapstick understands that and is making sure I have a variety to choose from now.They have added 4 new flavors of lip balm with new flavors and a hint of shimmer, to boot. Two of the flavors are available now: “Botanical Berry” and “Tropical”, with “Peppermint Rush” and “Blended Fruit Sherbet” available in August.

As for the flavors, here is my breakdown:
“Botanical Berry” – very fruity, not overly of one fruit, like strawberry or anything, so that’s good, but I am not too much of a berry girl.
“Blended Fruit Sherbet” – reminded me of fruit punch, like at church socials or birthday party’s. Not too bad or overwhelming.
“Peppermint Rush” – tasted like a peppermint stick, but not tingly, like heavy in peppermint oil.
“Tropical” – this was my favorite. It smelled more coconutty than it tasted, but there was enough of a hint that I could feel like I was sipping a pina colada. :)

Now, the main downside of this is that there isn’t any SPF in it. So, I would rec using this when you go out in the evenings, as it gives a nice shimmer in the light, so you don’t have to worry about the suns rays, or use it before you go to bed as a taste treat so you don’t go get the dish of ice cream you know you are craving.

These retail for $2.79 at all your local stores and drugstores, so keep an eye out for them.

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