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A spritz of Spring

Can I just tell you how glad I am that it was 91degrees yesterday? It means that Spring is finally here and I shouldn’t have any more snow days. *(note that I said “shouldn’t” – you never know what you are going to get around here.) And Spring means lightening up on everything from clothes to makeup to fragrances.

I tend to wear a little heavier and warmer scent in the winter, but I can be very picky in what I wear. I can NOT stand something that is too musky in the Winter or too flowery or powdery in the Spring – I prefer a clean fresh smell. (Oh, this is where I remind you I don’t know too much about “topnotes”, “layers” or “drydown”. I just know what I like or don’t like and what it smells like to me.)

 A spritz of SpringThis year I found a new fragrance, from Banana Republic of all places. I have actually been familiar with the Men’s line of scents, but I didn’t pay much attention to the Ladies line – my loss till now. It’s called Rosewood and according to it’s description it has “top notes of bergamot champagne, white tea leaves, and white amber”. Got that? I just know that it’s not too light and floral, and the amber still gives it some warmth to the scent.

banana republic minis A spritz of SpringThe only thing that I love/hate about it is that the bottle is short and round and comes in a gorg wooden case, that I actually still store it in. Well, BR has just made things much better for me – they have come out with Mini’s – 7.5mL minature bottles of the bestsellers of their “Discover” fragrances – “Alabaster”, “Malachite” and my “Rosewood” for the ladies, and “Slate”, “Black Walnut” (yum!) and “Cordovan” for the men. Now, I can just throw a little bottle in my purse and freshen up when ever I want to, instead of only spraying as I am heading out the door. They are priced at 1 for $10 and 2 for $15, but are limited edition’s and only in stores, so hurry over to the mall and pick up one (or two) quick.

"Plant a treee….for the fuuuture…"

Way back in the day (when I was in Elementary School) I remember a commercial on tv that encouraged us to plant trees in honor of Arbor Day, which was created in 1872 to encourage planting trees and caring for them. It is celebrated on the last Friday in April each year. Another environmentally friendly day is Earth Day, which was established on April 22nd, 1970 – and considered the beginning of the modern environmental movement. This year we are lucky enough to have both of these great awareness days in the same week.

In honor of these days, I am going to highlight a few companies that are doing their part to encourage a greener, more environmentally friendly way of getting beautiful:
origins   recycle "Plant a treee....for the fuuuture..."
Origins: Origins has always been organically friendly but this Spring, they have started the “Return to Origins Recycling Program”. This allows you to bring in *any* empty cosmetic containers (from any brand) to be recycled and they will give you a FREE sample of one of their high-performance skincare products.

butter london earth day promo "Plant a treee....for the fuuuture..."butter LONDON: butter LONDON is a 3 Free (the toxic Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP) polish line with such great colors, and whom basically admonishes “3 Free is a way of life”. This Earth Day they will be giving out a bottle of their polish to the first 500 lovelies who click on their website (for us in the US, it starts at 8am PST/11am EST). But, don’t despair, if you are not one of the first 500 clickers, you can still take advantage of a great offer of 5 for $40 of colors you choose, or let them know what you are looking for and they will make a recommendation for you. (Offer good thru 4-30-09) *also, don’t forget to look at their cute dictionary.
vert logo "Plant a treee....for the fuuuture..."
Vert: Instead of looking all over online for more organic products to incorporate into your lifestyle, just go to the Vert – “The eco-chic beauty boutique” website to choose from over 25+ eco companies from around the world. Their goal is to provide conscious consumers “the best selection of pure and organic beauty products available”. In addition, she carries my eco fave Josie Maran.
*(speaking of Josie, don’t forget her “Earth Day Kit” is still available at Sephora, too.)

lavanila logo "Plant a treee....for the fuuuture..."Lavanila: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Plant a Billion Trees Initiative, the program that the yummy fragrance company Lavanila has teamed up with the Nature Conservancy for Earth Month. The Nature Conservancy’s goal is to plant 1 billion trees over the next 7 years. Lavanila will “plant a tree” with every online order at lavanila.com during the month of April, helping them get even closer to their goal.

Have a great Earth Week, and remember, even if you don’t live an entirely green lifestyle, we can all take baby steps to start incorporating green actions into our lives. I’ll share one way I do this – my family and I reuse our shower towels. It saves on washing more laundry, water, electricity and the wear and tear on the towels themselves. We have over the door hooks in the bathroom and hang them there after we dry off. It just takes one step to start the journey.

Not your average La-Z-Boy

After checking out the pic of my lipstick yesterday, Melissa from InMyProfessionalOpinion blog said she thought that there had been an article about how a lovelies lipstick shape reflected her personality – so I went to hunting it down. It looks like it might have come from a Glamour Magazine in the 70′s.

So, I wasn’t able to come up with the original article. However, I did find a couple of references to what I was looking for. The first one references the Glamour article and shows some great personality traits. It shows that I would be:
- Enthusiastic
- Energetic
- Loves attention
- Falls in love easily
- Needs schedule
- Likes to help others
- Creative
- Talkative
*Okay, I can agree with several of those (I’ll let you figure out which ones – Ha!).

I found the second one over at Girl Woman Beauty Brains blog, who sources it from the book Lipstick by Jessica Pallingston. That one gives names to the shapes/personalities. In that one, I would be:
reclining chair lipstick Not your average La Z BoyThe Reclining Chair
The Reclining Chair is most known for their friendliness – they love their friends and making new ones. They can make a dull party a blast. They tend to be unique and are prone to change their ways often. Their lipsticks tend to have higher backs on their work lippies and shorter backs on their going out ones – the higher the back tends to mean the higher the stress.
*Yeah, this one is so me, too.

All that said, there *might* be a smidge of something to this. So, lovelies, take a look at your own lippies and tell me what they say you are – I’d love to know.

A lippie blast from the past

photo 754019 A lippie blast from the past

(Let’s try this emailing blogger post thing, shall we?) *(didn’t work the first time – everything I typed *after* the picture disappeared, and the previous parentheses were above the pic in the email….hmm).

I pulled out my traincase this morning, looking for a blush brush. (don’t even ask why I don’t have one in my brush holder on the counter-I have no answer.) Anyway, look what jumped out at me – my very well used/loved American Beauty lippie in Sweetart, a cool mauvey slighty shimmery lipcolor. I loved this and don’t really know how it got stored away. Apparently I had a particular way of putting it on, wouldn’t you say? I think I had gotten to the point of seeing how long I could keep putting it on until it broke off.

I don’t have a long memory with makeup, but I am certain this us the only lippie that I ever used this far down invthe tube. I like the scent and didn’t mind the taste. I know I picked it up over at Kohl’s, the exclusive carrier of the “American Beauty” line, and am now certain I’mma gonna have to go over there soon and get another one of these, as it has made its way back in my purse. I’ll let you know when it tips over.


Testing out a new way to post.
Blogger now has a way to post "On the Go". I can send posts via text (but without links or a subject line – boo!). There is also a way to send a pic straight to blogger and post that way (looks like I can put a subject line in that way, tho).
I may try these ways of posting here as a way to get my random thought on here, in addition to my longer posts, too.
I mean, my twitter lovelies shouldn't be the only ones enjoying my randomness, now, should they? icon smile Post

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