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That Cotton Candy just isn’t for me…

There was a time, a few years ago, that I started wearing O.P.I.’s “Espresso My Style” and I just loved it. It was when I started my quest for a great brown nailpolish, but was quite a change from my lack of polish wearing I used to do. Anyway, I had a boss, who, ever so politely, told me, “You need to stop wearing that color – it’s just too dark for you.”. Well, that’s just too damn bad, because I liked it and kept wearing it, much to her chagrin. (*I’m such a rebel.)
Now, I fully embrace the fact that I am not a fluffy pink nail polish kind of girl. That doesn’t mean I am goth, by any means. (*I am way to much of a pale, freckled, redhead for that to ever work – besides the whole “not wanting to be goth” thing.), or that I don’t like a bright pop of color every once in a while. That just means that I love Fall/Winter color collections more than Spring/Summer collections. And, to distract me from this horrid triple digit weather, Duri has released their info on their Fall/Winter ’09 “Rags to Riches” color collection to give me something to look forward to:

They are releasing 12 new colors, with great names, in two separate launches – one in September and one in November:

Launching September 2009:
(513) Million Dollar Baby, (515) Penny Saved is a Penny Earned, (517) Money Don’t Make Me, (519) Social Ladder, (520) Party Like a Rock Star, (524) Rags to Riches

Launching November 2009:
(514) Silver Spoon, (516) Dress to Impress, (518) Slumdog Millionaire, (521) Trophy Wife, (522) Formula for Success, (523) Luxury Time

You’ll be able to pick these up for $5/ea and you can order them from their website or by calling them at 1-800-724-2216 .

Recipe for your own fabulousness

Yeah, I’m not sure if that word exists, but, it means what it means. The latest thing to come around, and help a girl like me, who might or might not have a problem with too many lip products in their purse at one time, is mix your own color glosses.

First up is the L’Oréal HiP Color Presso. This dual-chamber gloss allows for you to dispense a single color or both colors mixed in whatever ratio you want. However, you have to press down on each side simultaneously to get both colors out at the same time. AFTER you have figured out how to open the darn thing. Seriously. It took me several minutes messing with it to figure out how to pop the lid open, and then it broke off. Ugh. So, yeah, downside to that one. Now, it must be said that the glosses themselves are not bad, it’s just the delivery system that fails. Oh, and it retails for $13, which is a bit much for a drugstore gloss, to me, esp one that’s such a pain to use.

Next up we have Avon’s SpectraColor Lipstick. This is also a dual-chamber package, but in a round, contained tube, with a selector dial on the bottom. This selector allows you to choose between 7 different shades of color, ranging from the individual light color, 5 shades of mixture and the dark individual color. Once you have selected which color you want, you click the bottom of the tube and it is dispensed thru a vented, slanted top. But, be warned, when it comes out, it looks like a greasy mess, but it is not. It is just a glossy finish “lipstick”. I say that with quotes, because I found this to wear so much more like a lipgloss than a lipstick. While it can be buildable, it still has that lipgloss feel to it.
I really like the ideas behind both of these. And, while I prefer the delivery system of the SpectraColor, I like the flavor (yes, flavor) of the Color Presso. But, Avon’s price point of $9.50 (on sale for $7.99 right now) makes a world of difference to me. Either way, at least we are starting to have options of different colors in one container to keep in our little pocketbook (yes, I said pocketbook because I am old) as we go from day to night, instead of toting around all of our favorites.

All packed and ready to go

I am the *worst* packer. I mean, really. I overpack and then *still* forget things. Like, when I went to NYC, I took *2* suitcases for 5 days. Really, who does that? Or, I procrastinate packing, and then shove things in a bag – a mish mash of things I need and don’t need. Like, when Nate was born (3 weeks early) I hadn’t packed a thing for going to the hospital, even tho they had told us in class THAT WEEK, to pack a bag “because you never know what’s going to happen”. Duh. So, yeah, we were packing a bag as we were walking out the door to the hospital (*seriously, it was like a scene from “She’s Having a Baby”. Betcha can’t guess how much stuff I actually used that was in the bag? Ha.

Luckily, this summer I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything for my skin when I travel, because SkinCareRx.com has put together a great kit (in a nifty bag) to keep me taken care of skin care wise. I just keep this packed and I can throw it in my overnight bag if I go anywhere, and not have to worry I forgot something at home. Now, all the bags are a bit different, but the original kit comes with deluxe sample sizes of:

• Babor Body wash
• Babor Body lotion
• Comptoir Sud Pacitque fragrance
• DermaNew Firming Eye Cream
• MD Formulations facial cleanser
• Belli Foot Relief Cream
• DDF wrinkle Resist plus pore minimizer
• DDF protect and correct
• Dermaquest C-Lipoic Cleanser
• Dermalogica Shave kit
• Decleor Tonifying lotion
• Obagi SPF35

This kit can be purchased for $15 (and has a $90+ retail value) when you make a purchase of $100 or more at SkinCareRx.com. They carry all kinds of brands, like Obagi, Jane Iredale and iS Clinical (*which I am trying out and will update you guys on at a later date). But, one of the neat things about the site is that they have employed several estheticians to help their customers pick out the right products for their skin care needs. So, if you have any questions about what to get, they can help get you fixed up. But, this bag is only while supplies last, so get going so you can be prepared, too.

It’s HiP to be square…or straight and pointy.

Tail end of last year I heard about kohl being used as an eyeliner in commercial products, specifically from Guerlain . So, I went and checked them out and passed as soon as I saw the $34 price tag, esp since I had no idea how to use it. (*Loose powder is not my friend.)

Luckily, I went to Walgreen’s and came across the L’oreal HiP Kohl Eyeliner, and it was only $11.99 – big diff from the $34 for the Guerlain. I figured it was worth that to try and see what all the raves for kohl were all about. First I needed to learn what to do with it, as you *can* use it to line your lids, but it tends to drop powder everywhere and not really have much staying power. However, if you use it on the waterlines, it can make a difference in making your eyes pop for a night out.

I turned to youtube for a tutorial on how to apply the Kohl in a way called “tightlining”, where you line your upper water line, and you can line your lower water line at the same time, too:

(*Yes, I know she is demo’ing with the Guerlain, but it’s the same process as the HiP has the same type applicator wand).

With this demo, I was able to apply it first try. I thought it was beginners luck, but I have been able to do it sucessfully since, so it really was helpful to see someone else apply it first.

Now, I have been using the Burgundy color the longest, but I have also tried the Navy and Gold now. The Navy really makes the whites of my eyes brighten, but the Gold just wasn’t as bright as I would have thought and seemed kind of flat on me. But, all three of these just last and last for hours on end. In fact, if for some reason I fall asleep wearing this, I wake up in the morning looking like I am going to do the walk of shame home, even if that walk is only from my bed to the bathroom. It’s still there, and doesn’t disappear like so many liners do when applied to the waterline.

You can get these at any CVS, Walgreen’s, or anywhere L’oreal HiP is avail. But, I would wait for a BOGO sale at the drugstores and pick up a coupla colors. Since you won’t wear these for everyday, they will last you a long time.

MAC Cosmetics at The Makeup Show – NYC

MAC Cosmetics was definitely representing at The Makeup Show – NYC. I took this pic early in the morning, because for the rest of the day, it was at least 5 people deep to get to the counter.

Not only did they have a booth, they also did a keynote session over “Trends”, given by VP of Makeup Artistry, Gordon Espinet.

In addition to talking with his hands, Gordon has the most melodic accent. (*I swear, he could have been reading a physics book and I would have sat thru it, just to hear him speak.) He gave a great presentation talking about what was happening in makeup on the runways from around the world. One slide in particular caught my attention:

Now, in this slide you are supposed to pay attention to the gorg reverse smokey-eye. But, I was immediately drawn to this lovely lady’s freckles. That you can see. That are not masked by foundation. And I swooned. Audibly. I turned to the delightful Ms. Heather Park, MAC’s Manager of Global Communications, who was attending the presentation with us and asked ever so sweetly – okay, gasped forcibly, to please see if she could find out what was used to get that beautiful finish. (*She was kind enough to get back with me after the show and let me know she had found out that it was Studio Sculpt Foundation applied with a damp 187 brush for an almost airbrushed finish. I thought for *certain* it was going to be Mineralize Skinfinish.)

*On Heather’s recommendation that I would get similar results, I was able to try the Face and Body Foundation. Oh lawd, did the Angels sing when I put this on. Not even playing. It disappeared, along with my redness around my nose and cheeks. And still left my pretty freckles shine thru, without looking cakey or masked.
If you want to try any of these foundations to get this no makeup look, or to try that reverse smokey-eye, MAC is having a Friends & Family 25% off sale (online only) right now thru June 18th – just use code SUMO at checkout.

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