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Downward facing toes

Can I tell you how long I have been lemming some Yoga Toes? I don’t even wear heels very much (ie. AT ALL) but that doesn’t stop these heel spur ridden feet from aching at the end of the day. But, I just couldn’t make the $50 leap for them. Thankfully, the makers of my blessed PedEgg decided that I needed a cheaper alternative. Enter my new PamperedToes:

pamperedtoes Downward facing toes
I slide these things on my toes (without lotion) after I settle in for the evening and leave them on for 10-15min, wiggling my toes every once in a while. And, man, these things make my feet good, but then, I like to stretch my feet out by spreading my toes out like fingers anyway, this just lets me do that longer and easier. These are made of a soft gel that is very flexible and are not uncomfortable to wear, but if you wear them for too long, your feet can get a bit fatigued.

It was also very cool to see that I am not the only one who appreciates a good toe stretch. I was reading about Sandy Linter over at BeautyBlitz and it looks like her Yoga Toes are her most atypical beauty secret. If I can get the same results, but for less money, it makes me feel like we have so much in common, aside from the fact that she is a world reknowned makeup artist and I am, well, not.

I found these at a local CVS, but it wasn’t my usual one, as not all of them have these yet. It was over in their “Seen on TV” section, but I have seen it up front in the new items area when you walk in. They were only $9.99 and worth it for me. Give’em a shot and let me know what you think.

Gettin’ my fix…

beautyfix Gettin my fix.....my Beautyfix, that is.

Beautyfix is a new quarterly beauty product sampling program. It is $50 (plus $6.95 shipping) and the value far exceeds that price. For example the first kit came with 5 full size products and 4 generous sized samples, a $25 gift cert to glow.com, all packed up in a black zippered cloth train case – all total an over $400 value. These are the products that were in the first kit:
Amarté Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum – Full Size
Amarté Natural Wonder Cream – Deluxe Sample Size
Jane Iredale Shimmer Powder in Rose Gold – Full Size
Kronos Phyx Overnight Repair Masque – Full Size
M LAB Anti-Aging Treatment Cream – Deluxe Sample Size .5 oz.
PCA SKIN pHaze 9 Purifying Mask – Full Size
PerriconeMD Firming Neck Therapy – Deluxe Sample Size
Redpoint Noc-Out Cover-Up Compact – Full Size
Sensa Weight Loss System – 15 Day Supply
I haven’t tried everything yet, but have tried some of the products and will post my opinions as I go along, while working my way thru all of them. I do have to say that I was impressed with the selection that was in the kit, but there seemed to be some early confusion on what was going to be full size up until the kits shipped, ie, the Amarté Natural Wonder Cream was supposed to be full size and the Perricone MD was shown as full size in the pictures. But, even with those, the samples were still nice sized to try out. Another thing I am wondering is if each kit will come in the train case, because I am thinking that I don’t know if I will have a use for 4 cloth cases a year – maybe that could be made an option for returning quarterly members?

If the bathroom is a buzzin’…

clarisonic If the bathroom is a buzzin...
..then I am prolly using my new Clarisonic cleansing brush. 

I decided that I was finally going to break down and get one of these when I saw it on QVC* for 5 easy payments of $39 for the $195 cost of the brush, the Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Wash, which I was already loving from my sample kit from earlier this year, 3 brushes and come Clarisonic cleansers. Besides, its the holiday season and I can return it up until January 31, 2009, which gives me plenty of time to decide if it’s going to work out. Anyway, it came in the night before I left for NYC for 5 days and there was no. way. I was going to leave it here, just waiting to be tested out. So, into the suitcase with the whole box.
As soon as I got settled the first night I plugged that bad boy in for the “24 hour charge before first use” charge. Now, remember, I have pretty decent skin, save for blackheads in my t-zone, so that is really where I was hoping to make a difference. So, after I waited all that time (by, ya know, going around NYC and not staring at the blinking green light), I gave it its first run. Boy howdy, did that little devil feel oh so good. It really is a quick treat, with just 20 secs on the forehead, 20 secs on the t-zone and 10 secs each cheek, a quick rinse and that was that – smooth soft skin just like that. After a weeks worth of usage, my nose is starting to show a smoothness that wasn’t there before and the chin is def looking clearer. That said, I am waiting for the inevitable bounce back of mess before it really stays clear, but so far so good.
*(If you stick around, you will see I have a grand affinity for QVC. They have some of the best beauty brands, so many great ez pays, special Q only products/treats and a great return policy if something doesn’t work out – what’s not to love?)

Question for the Bigger Girls

I gotta know something. Where in the world do you bigger girls in NYC buy your clothes? I only saw *1* Lane Bryant around town, but tons of smaller sized boutique stores around. I glanced around in the department stores, but wasn’t all that impressed with the plus sized selections, so I am truly just curious if you buy off of the island, online or did I miss somewhere that I def need to stop at next time I am in town?

The Departments of NYC Shopping

For my trip to New York, I decided it was going to be my “Things I Can’t See In Oklahoma” trip, which is quite a bit. I decided that the first thing I was going to do was to go to the big department stores and see what their beauty departments have that I can’t see at home.

First stop was Bergdorf Goodman:

fifth avenue shopping 05 The Departments of NYC Shopping

I gotta admit that nowadays I tend to think of the great blog Blogdorf Goodman when I think of this store – which is def a compliment to the store, let me tell you. However, the store isn’t half bad itself.

I was lucky enough to get to try some La Mer cream. I am sure my little sample wasn’t near enough to make me appreciate the joy that this is supposed to be, because as of now, I am all very meh about it.

I also got the chance to see the Paul & Joe’s Disney line, which was mostly all sold out and taking pre-orders for their new shipment. And I had the loveliest Estee Lauder MA assist me with the solid perfume compacts they had for the holidays.(Loved the Nesting Dolls, but they were too much, and the Gingerbread Man, but he was sold out). Boo.

And lastly, I had the chance to try the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer that all the kids are raving about. Okay, maybe not the kids, but all the in the know beauty ladies. I originally thought I wanted the Illuminating TM, but apparently that was just a bit too shiny for such a lady of age as I am, which I actually agreed on after seeing it in person. I did get a little trio of plum colors to throw in my purse, but decided against the TM for now. (This also happened to be the first of *3* times I was complimented on my skin that day, but got dinged for the dark circles under my eyes.)

Then I made it over to Henri Bendel:

henribendel medium The Departments of NYC Shopping

I gotta say that right now I cannot think of a single thing to say about the makeup counters here, so I am guessing that I just didn’t see anything that caused me to stop and spend any time there.

With a side trip over to Barney’s:

31barneys The Departments of NYC Shopping Here I got to spend some time playing with the Nude Skincare line. It was nice, and had a really nice scent to it, but it just didn’t grab me enough to pick up any that day. Maybe I will try it again next time I go down to Dallas.

Just as I was leaving, a delightful male MA stopped me on my way out to tell me just how lovely he thought I looked, but if he could change just a couple of things, he would change my eyeliner (the Laura Mercier MA had put it up under my top lashes, which was unusual for me, so I didn’t entirely disagree on that point) and my dark circles (See? This was round #2 – after the Laura Mercier MA had had her way with them.)* So, he pulled out his handy dandy wand of T. LeClerc Makeup Corrector Fluid and gave it a shot. Now, I have to say that I really liked this stuff, but since it was going over all ready concealed eyes, I couldn’t judge it just for itself. However, I did like the feel of it, and the MA was a sweetheart, too. He was French.

And a last stop at Bloomingdale’s:

bloomingdales The Departments of NYC ShoppingI have to say that I had the *most* fun here out of all the counters that I visited. It was crazy time in there and all the perfume samplers were out in full force – seriously, like every 10ft. And this time they were pushing “Viva La Juicy” by Juicy Couture hard and heavy. And after smelling it, I know why they were trying to push it, because I didn’t think this scent would walk off the shelves by itself. But, that’s just me.
After avoiding the vultures, I made my way back to the Benefit Cosmetics area where I was greeted by the very fun, Sherry. We went thru ton of products just messing around, talking about the benefits (Ha!) and the dislikes of them and just shooting the breeze for a while. It was such a nice time. I ended up with some more Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Stiletto, a Get Bent Liner Brush and Gilded Highlighting Pencil. Fun stuff.
I also managed to buy some tights there, since they were on sale for 2/$15, so I couldn’t beat that with a stick. (Which leads me to a question for bigger girls that I will have to ask in a seperate post.)

After all of those, I was pretty much done with the department stores, and then started in on the smaller shops that I wanted to see. I will let you know where I went and what I thought coming up.

*(In case you were wondering, the third time was when I popped in to a Sephora on the way in for the night and the lady demo’ing the Givency Mr. Light concealer pen got a hold of me, but I was so tired, I knew that *nothing* was going to help me by that time.)

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