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The old grey mare…

The holidays can make a girl kinda overwhelmed and maybe not take care of herself quite as much as she should. Like, say, cover all of the grey hairs, and roots, on her head that make her look insanely older than she feels. For instance:
Yeah, so that needed to be remedied.
Thankfully I was given the opportunity to try out Clairol’s Perfect 10 Haircolor in their new shade, Auburn Flash (5R). It was just the thing I needed to start the new year fresh. Check it out:
Quite a difference, eh?  It had such good grey coverage, and only took 10 minutes to process (!). This was a much easier process than what I was used to with other home haircoloring products that could take up to 30min to cover up proof of my chronological age. (And, it didn’t even stink, which was such a plus to me.). Oh, and let me tell you another cool thing about this – it has two different application tips. One of the tips went right in my roots, but the other was a comb thru applicator. It took just a bit to get used to the comb, but then it was such a breeze to just go thru the rest of my hair after I had taken care of the roots.
Now, I didn’t post this as soon as I colored it, so I have gotten to see how it wears, which is pretty damn good. Like any color, it settled down just a bit a few days later, so its not *quite* as glowy, but that’s great for me – I really like what it is now. Overall, I really like the results and the ease of this kit. You can find it at any of the mass markets or drugstore chains for around $13.99.

Shu, Fly, Shu…

Okay, why didn’t someone knock me up side the head at the beginning of last year and tell me I needed to get this, stat? I mean, yeah, I could read all the accolades, etc, but clearly that wasn’t enough to get me to do it. It took a damn Sephora gift card to finally make me cave.

And boy, am I glad I did. This little devil, by the renowned Shu Uemura, has made its way on to many a “Best of” beauty list and in the bags of makeup artists, beauty lovelies and editors everywhere, and deservedly so. The shape of this curler fits just right into my eye socket. It gets all of my lashes, so, no more moving around to make sure they are all curled, and so smoothly. If I had to say anything negative about this gem, it would be the fact that the finger holes are just a wee bit on the smallish side. Now, by no means do I have dainty digits, but I didn’t have any problem with my Revlon curler that I had long been used to using. So, that was a smidge of a disappointment, but all of the pluses certainly outweigh this little negative.
So, if you haven’t already got one of these in your stash, run out and get one now. Don’t be a silly girl like myself and deprive yourself of this any longer.

…inside, everybody has a creamy center.

Cream shadows are going to be all the rage come Spring, supposedly, but not just a simple shadow, but a dual-purpose shadow – eyeshadow primer AND shadow in one.

This Spring, Too Faced Cosmetics is coming out with “Two Faced Lock Down Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow” (gawd damn that’s a hella long name). It is based on their great eye shadow primer, Shadow Insurance. I happen to use this silicon based primer and just love the way it wears on my eyes, even if it makes it a smidge difficult to blend eyeshadows after dry down (but I think we all know that I am blending challenged anyway, so can’t really count that off of the Shadow Insurance, now, can we?). Right now I see that it is going to be in 4 neutral colors, one of them called “Bondage”. I’m interested in this one because it looks pretty close to my Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow in Lucky Penny that I am almost to the bottom of as we speak/type, which I have used as a primer/base, but with limited success.

Next, we see that Urban Decay is offering up up “Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin”. It’s based on their crappily (my opinion) packaged eye shadow primer, Primer Potion. As of right now, the “Sin” (champagne shimmer color) is the only new color coming to the Primer Potion. Again, a very neutral color to use as a base or to be worn by itself. I can’t honestly say that I would try this one over the new Two Faced primer eyeshadows, primarily (ha – pun!) due to the packaging. I just know that I would NOT have the patience to saw open the tube, as so many others have done, and would therefore waste half a bottle. But at least the option is out there for the many UDPP devotees.

And this just furthers the TFSI vs UDPP ongoing preference battle. But I know what side of the fence I’m standing.

I’ve got your Golden Globes…

I love red carpet award shows. I can’t explain how disappointed I was that the Golden Globes were cancelled last year due to the writers strike. So, I was very happy that they went forward this year and that there were stars willing to glam it up and strut the carpet – recession mocession. The Golden Globes are always fun to watch, because they serve food and alcohol to the attendees. However, the food runs out early, so that only leaves the alcohol – which makes the show all that much fun to watch the longer it goes on.

Anyway, this year I was so happy to see Kate Winslet as a leading contender in *2* categories this year, for Supporting Actress in a Drama and Lead Actress in a Drama. I just love her, esp in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. And I have to say that she looked every bit the Hollywood Glamour Gal last night – even if she *did* futz with her bodice of her dress just a little too much. Since she is so gorg anyway, it was nice to see such a simple, yet glamourous look on her last night. It also shows just what I have said before – you can mix high-end AND lower-end cosmetics and look fab.

Make-up artist, Jillian Dempsey (who is also the Global Creative Color Director for Avon) was the talent that made Kate glow for the ceremony. She used the following products on her:

All of these worked great to put together a very beautiful look with the pop of red on her lips. Very nicely done!

Like a sexy Bea Arthur

As I mentioned earlier I got terribly sick over Christmas (still fighting it (stupid cough), but whatever – I decided wasn’t sick any more). One thing about me is that I don’t get sick often, but when I do, damn, I go all out. Another thing about me is that I am a pale, freckled face lovely. Which means that when I get sick, I get pale – as in Casper is all “Damn girl, you need some color.”.

So, with this being the holidays, there was lots of company around, and much to do, while looking a hint of presentable – 102.3 temp on Xmas bedamned. Luckily, I had gotten a CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain that helped me save face. It is a water-based, marker type pen that put color on my lips so easily, and lasted so long, I didn’t even have to think about trying to touch it up while the family was there. Lemme tell you, I haven’t been a fan of stains, mainly because the little brushes just seemed impossible for me to figure out how to use easily without looking like a clown. This marker pen changed my mind, because it made it so easy to apply – loved that. And if anything can be easy while I am whiny sick, all the better.

I figure that since it was so good while I was sick and all but useless, I can imagine how much I am going to love it when I can really dress up and get back to normal. These come in a range of *10* colors – so many more than other stains out there, and can be picked up at drugstores and mass market shops now.

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