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Okay, lovelies – it’s another TMI time. I’ll just put it out there. I have itchy armpits. (What? Don’t act like you’ve never heard anything like that before….). I have been a Secret Deodorant user for years.
I was especially a fan of their Platinum Conditioning Solid in Botanical. Well, it appears they have changed their formula to this Secret Flawless formula. They say “If you like Platinum, you’ll love Flawless”. Eh, not so much. Ever since I got this “stick”, I swear I look like a chimp scratching at my pits. Not so pretty in the office, let me tell you. And since this is the only thing that has changed in my armpit routine (yeah, I guess you could call it that), it *has* to be this.
So, I turn to you lovelies – can you give me some suggestions as to what would be good to try and not have this problem any more? I am not all up in the “gotta be organic” wagon, but I won’t rule it out. (In fact, I have heard good things about “Pit Putty” by Bubble and Bee, whose Vanilla Peppermint Salt Scrub sounds almost good enough to freakin’ eat, too). Help a girl out here, plz.

Would you be mine..could you be mine…

…won’t you be my Valentine? (Sorry, Mr. Rogers).

Now, I’m not one for all flowery pink stuff – I leave that to my office-mate – she decorates for every holiday (can’t wait to see what she does for Arbor Day) and is crazy about pink. However, with my blue eyes, I can pull off some nice pinks and plums.

That’s why I was happy to come across a pink I really need to try – it’s by Josie Maran called “Valentine” (at Sephora, Barney’s New York and online – $18). How’s that for a holiday tie-in? It looks to be a nice cross between a pink and a not too dark rose color, which I think would make a great fresh base for Valentine’s Day (of course) or for the upcoming Spring – come ooooon warm weather. I would really love to apply pink to my face, cheeks and eyes and not have them be that way to due to the cold weather, ya know?

And, speaking of Love, one of the great things about Josie’s line is that she loves creating her cosmetics naturally – non-toxic ingredients – no fragrances or parabens. What’s more, the beauty extends to the packaging: each shade comes housed in Josie’s state-of-the-art biodegradable compact. And as a Valentine’s Day treat for yourself, she is sharing the love and offering 30% off her entire line of cosmetics, including the Allure Beauty Award-winning Mascara to Plumping Lip Gloss from February 12th thru the 19th.

I wish I were London bound

Nowadays, no one wants to waste money on product that might look right off the shelf, but may not be true to life under the flourescents. Luckily, Rimmel London is launching their improved their Virtual Makeover (VMO) Tool today to make it even easier for us drugstore divas to get it right the first time, saving us money and our time from having to go back and return/exchange it at the store.

The VMO Tool has been a fan favorite and the new version will offer even greater functionality, including updated products and shades. (This includes the Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay Lipgloss, which comes in 12 colors to try out, btw.)  They even have it set up that once you have perfected your look,  you can email your photo to friends, print the photo with a shopping list of products and create a unique URL to upload your new look to your blog, website or social networking site.
All of this can be done with out wasting gas, money or time. Maybe you can even save up enough pennies to actually *go* to London with your new “London Look”, or at least get the right things for you to get the look the first time.

"Our differences are only skin deep…"

If there is one thing I am looking for besides the perfect moisturizer is the perfect foundation. If I wear anything on my face, besides my Avon Magix, I tend to favor tinted moisturizers. I do this because of my pretty freckles – I hate for them to look masked with heavy foundations and obviously look like I am wearing makeup.

Well, I seem to be aging, for some reason, and maybe, just maybe, I might be where I need a bit more coverage. Since I am not able to easily test out more foundations in the drugstore, it’s hard to find a good match for my very light and freckled (with such cute dimples, btw) pretty face. But I think Prescriptives may be able to come to the rescue.
With their AllSkins line, they assure that 100% of women will find their perfect shade and formula – Guaranteed! Sounds like what I need. But, maybe you are like me and still have a few questions about finding your perfect foundation. Well, Jillian Veran – Prescriptives Director of Artistry – has some answers for us:

“1. Do different skin types need different foundation formulas?

Absolutely – the environment can affect how our skin behaves so the same skin can even need different types of foundation during the year. In today’s beauty world there are so many options, the best thing to do is to address what you want and need from your foundation. Do you like a sheer, luminous, satin or matte finish? Do you like liquid, cream or powder formulas? And of course what is your skin type – normal, dry, oily, combination?

2. What is the best way to apply foundation? Should I use a sponge, a brush or my fingertips?

Applying foundation is a personal preference and each method creates a different finish. Using your fingers will allow for a sheerer finish; a sponge is a little tricky for a non-makeup artist as it can place a lot of foundation in one spot so be sure to move quickly across the areas you are applying to; a brush is always great as it helps you create a very smooth even finish.
Also, I always recommend using the Px Buff Brush after your foundation is dry to soften the look of the makeup and create a sheer air brushed effect.

3. If I’m testing foundation in a department store, is it ok to do a swatch on my hand? Or should I always test the foundation on my face?

The best and most accurate way to test foundation is on the side of the face along the jaw line. Stick to this method for fool proof matching.

4. If my skin tone is between foundation shades, what’s the best solution?

Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation is ideal for this. Your foundation can be blended not only to exactly match your skins own unique undertones, but also to create whatever finish and skin care needs you desire.

5. What foundations are best for acne prone skin? For dry skin? For mature skin

All skin types should start with a foundation primer like Px Flawless Face Primer. This will allow the makeup to wear longer and for a seamless finish.

Dry skin should wear a moisture based formula and should steer away from powder formulas. But if you prefer powder, use a soft cream-to-powder formula like Px Photochrome Light-Adjusting Compact Makeup SPF 15.
Normal skin can wear whatever they like, it’s all about preference.
Oily or acne prone skin should wear an oil-free formula. Powder foundation is great for this type of skin.
Mature skin must be hydrated before applying any foundation. The foundation shouldn’t be too matte or heavy as this can accentuate the age of the skin.

6. Do foundations with sunscreen provide enough protection? Should I need to wear extra sunscreen?

Sun damage is the leading cause of aging. So no, using foundation as sunscreen isn’t the best idea. Foundation doesn’t provide a full mask on the skin so the sun will get through.
Always use an SPF under your foundation for that extra layer of protection. I highly recommend Prescriptives All Weather Friend SPF 40 as it’s incredibly lightweight and feels great under foundation.”

Also, until January 31st, Prescriptives is offering a full size foundation brush for $17 with purchase to help you apply your new perfectly matched foundation.

Get out the glow sticks – it’s time for a Rave!

Let me tell you about the best wearing nail polish I have sincerely ever tried – Dashing Diva Polishes.

I was given the opportunity to try out polishes from an upcoming collection from them (more on that in a sec), and I chose “Central Park After Dark”, which I went and had applied in a great mani/pedi after noon with one of my besties.  The girl didn’t do anything special when applying the polish – used an Orly base coat and then a Poshe top coat. It looked really good. And then I just went about my daily business of being me. 
This pic is day *8*, no chips and hardly any tip wear. The only thing I had done at this point was put a coat of Seche Vite on day 4, as just a precaution. At this point I was curious how this was going to go – if the regrowth would out run the tip wear. It actually did, if you don’t count the chip I got on the 10th day from running into a door. Ow.
Seriously, the wear of these Big 3 Free polishes is crazy good. I was wearing a color from their upcoming collection honoring New York, the “Manhattan Collection”:
My friend got a pedi with “NYPD Blue” the same day, and it lasted without any problem until her next appt, 2 weeks later, without ANY thing put on it in the meantime.
You can get many other colors on their site now, with the Manhattan Collection appearing soon. Or if you happen to be in NYC, stop in one of their pretty pink salons and get one of their colors on your nails ASAP.

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