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"This place is a link to Sanctuary, isn’t it?"*

So I went to the dr. yesterday because I have been feeling kinda lousy. Luckily we narrowed down what it is and she gave me meds to get me started on the path back to normalcy. Now, when I got home all I wanted to do was relax while waiting for the meds to kick in, so I drew a really really hot bath with some Sanctuary Bath Relaxer in it.

I can’t begin to properly explain this scent to you, but I will give you my impression: it is just a warm, rich scent that smells just like a high end spa would smell (which is where it originates from) and just breathing it in deeply relaxes you immediately. This oil leaves you with an silky oily feel, but not overly dripping, just soft.

I know that after my bath, I felt much better (I am sure the meds kicking in didn’t hurt with that) and more relaxed. I can def reccommend this to anyone wanting to feel like they are being super pampered in a super spa, but for much less money. You can pick this up at Target, either online or in store for under $10. Enjoy.

*(That’s right – a quote from Logan’s Run. I’m a runner that didn’t get renewed and made it past 30 – ha!)

Eating my cupcake hands

I gotta say – I love me some cake frosting. Don’t be hating – you know you do, too. Well, we know we can’t eat it everyday, but we sure can get a whiff of it everyday, thanks to bodycology. I picked up some of their vanilla buttercream body cream on a recent visit to the big blue store by my house. It smells like cupcakes just sitting on my desk, so when I put this on my hands and arms, I just want to gnaw them off. Yes, that sounds bad, but, holy smokes, this stuff smells as good as any cake frosting I’ve ever come across. I only got the 2oz size, which was around $1.89 and was small enough to throw in my purse and take it with me when ever I need a little sugar rush.

Oh..oh..ohhh..it’s MagiX

Besides my fondness for QVC, you will find that I have a lot of Avon products, too. It’s really hard not to, nowadays, since they have really upped their game with their products, the prices (and sales) are very good and it doesn’t hurt that I have an actual little Avon walkin store that is close to my house.

One of my favorite Avon products, actually one of my any brand favorites, right now is Avon’s MagiX Face Perfector SPF20.
This is Avon’s colorless gel-powder primer. I gotta say, I just got on the primer wagon this year and this is by far my favorite that I have tried. It just sets so nicely, with a light powdery finish, that is so subtle but is so effective. I rarely leave the house now without putting some of this on – and this comes from the “Eh, maybe I’ll just put on some tinted moisturizer before I head out…..or not” girl. Now, this might be similar in texture/finish as the Monistat 7 trick, but I never got around to trying that. But, with this having an SPF of 20 already built in, it’s already better that that anyway.

This usually runs for $10, but it seems like Avon is always having a sale. I know the last sale I saw it was buy one/get one 1/2 off so I picked up two, which ended up being $7.50/ea. Hard to beat that for something so good, imo.

Congrats are in order

A hearty congratulations are in order for Zosimos Botanicals, as they are a Top 10 winner in the Greenest category in the Home Based 100 Competition sponsored by StartUpNation.com.

I was lucky enough to get to try their Raspberry N Honey Facial Mask and was so impressed I sent Linda over there a thank you note. So please join me in congratulating Linda and check out her line of organic products, because I am sure you can definitely find something good.

I’ve got a Black Friday seeeecret….

It’s a Super Secret Black Friday Deal from Avenue for all you plus sized lovelies. I really don’t know what the true deal is, but here is a coupon to take in with you, if you are braving the stores early Friday morning this year. They say it will be worth it, but I would check out the website on Thanksgiving for the details first.

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