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Saturday at the Tar-jay!

Went to the Target this afternoon and wouldn’t ya know I ran smack into the displays for the 3 new diffusion makeup lines by Jemma Kidd, Napoleon Pardis and Petra Strand.

I even managed to snap a few pics while I was there, which I will be posting shortly. Until then, read this LA Times article comparing how these makeup lines compare to their more expensive original counterparts.

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It all started with a resolution…

I decided that this year, I wasn’t going to resolve to some unreasonable goal that I actually had to work for and would ultimately (okay, more like “in a few days”) give up. I decided this year, I would treat myself better by “treating” myself. I would set aside a certain amount of money out of each paycheck and do something nice for myself. That should be easy enough to stick to – I mean, I’m getting a present every two weeks! Of course, things are never as easy as they should be, right?

Let me interrupt by giving just a bit of my background:

1) I will turn 38.

2) My son is 11 and just started 6th grade, which is his first year of Middle School.

3) I am hair dyslexic – no matter what I do, it always does the opposite. So, I usually just give up.

4) I had pretty much given up the daily full makeup routine – usually only had the mascara on when I left the house, save for special occasions.

5) I’m pretty sure I can’t get away with #4 much longer, so I better get familiar with what is out there, except it’s a bit (okay, a *LOT*) overwhelming.

Anyway, it works well the first week, when I get a new haircut. It went south from there. I started really reading the beauty blogs fervently, looking for some insight. It helped at first, then the pages started running together, especially since it seemed so much was geared to the 20somethings. I think I need more specific items for my age, however, I am still wanting to limit myself to my treat amount each check. This is going to be a challenge.

I don’t know what all I will be putting out there, but this is going to be primarily about the products I try. I will also be honest in what my experiences are – good OR bad. I don’t think it does anyone a service by just not reviewing/posting info if you don’t care for a product. It makes me think that no one has gotten around to try it, instead of trying it and not being pleased with it for what ever reason. In fact, I would like to quote Kerry Diamond, Vice President, Public Relations & Communications, LancĂ´me, from an email she sent out to beauty bloggers:

“We have never expected any quid pro quo for sending product or samples.
We appreciate not only your honesty, but that of the readers who post on your
sites.” “We understand that when we send out product, we open ourselves up
to honest reviews.”

And this is what I aim to do on this site. If you are going to learn anything from me, it will be what I learn, not just what I want to put out there to not make someone mad. That doesn’t benefit anyone in the long run! (/stepping down off my soapbox).

I will also put in a sprinkling of other stuff I find out there from reading the great beauty blogs out there (they are pretty addictive, eh?). Also, I hope to get some feedback from other women who must have the same questions I do. We should all support each other in looking great as we get older. Just because we are getting older doesn’t mean there isn’t a girl inside wanting to play in the makeup.

Welcome to the Older Girl Beauty Blog.


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