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*Partnered Post* New Year, New You with Imedeen®

imedeen eye *Partnered Post* New Year, New You with Imedeen® With the new year, it seems to be a time for everyone to reflect on changes that they want to do to improve their life – both physically and mentally. For example, I am trying to find my perfect foundation and working on trying to “Be Better” about myself.

So far that has resulted getting started with two consultations for foundation matching (*more on that later). I also made it out to a meetup to get social with other local bloggers. You might be surprised how many of us there actually are – I know I am. This also means continuing things that I had started at the tail end of last year – upping my skin care game by still using the Imedeen® Anti-Aging supplements that I told you about last month.

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Makeup Wars: Beauty Resolutions 2013

makeupwarsresolutions Makeup Wars: Beauty Resolutions 2013
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 Makeup Wars: Beauty Resolutions 2013
In this edition of “Makeup Wars” we are spilling the beans on our Beauty Resolutions for 2013. Now, I know I talked about how I was going to “Be Better” this year, and that can be kind of vague and far-reaching when it comes to what it is. In this case, I am more or less specific in what particular things I want to tackle in regards to my beauty life. Such as:

1) Get organized. You might wonder how this is beauty related, well, it’s simple. If I don’t know what I have, I can’t find it and enjoy it. *shrug* I’m ridiculous. I have just set up my product room in the last couple of months and have yet to have a process that is more than “everything now just goes in this room instead of all over the house”. I want to improve that situation.

2) Find the perfect foundation. You’d think I would have found this by now, but I have been lazy and just sticking to my tinted moisturizers and bb creams. I want something that works with my cool undertones, but doesn’t mattify my warm freckles, covers up redness, but doesn’t make me feel like I am wearing a mask. That’s not too much to ask for, right?

3) Wear red lipstick more. After *years* of proclaiming that I could NEVER find a red lippie that worked on me, I found it last September. So, now that I have defied the odds and captured my hue, I need to make a point to wear it on a regular basis. (*I did wear it to a party this past weekend, so I may be on my way with this one!)

4) Improve my techniques. I love makeup artist how to books. Boy, do I love them. I have *many*, of which I have looked at the pictures, and even the instructions, but read them like cookbooks for meals I would never cook, instead sticking to my tried and true regular meals, and ways of doing things. So, this year, I want to actually *use* my books (*I hear there are these makeup “tutorial” videos on YouTube, too icon wink Makeup Wars: Beauty Resolutions 2013 ) and work on how I actually apply all of these wonderful colors I surround myself with on the daily. I do NOT want to be making all of the obscenely gorgeous, yet time consuming and ridiculously technical eye looks that you see on Pinterest. I just want to make my look feel like I spent more than the 5minutes on it that I usually do.

So, that’s what I am going to work on this year? What are you going to work on yourself?

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Beauty Spotlight 1/6/13

beautyspotlightteam2 Beauty Spotlight 1/6/13 After more than 6 weeks of continuous daily use, Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog has determined that vbeauté Buying Time Everyday Crème is one of the best luxury face creams on the market!

What is in her bag? Pammy Blogs Beauty Opens up her JustFab Handbag/Diaper bag to show us what is inside!

Prime Beauty is having fun creating a plethora of nail looks with Le Metier de Beaute’s Holiday Nail Lacquers. The Deck the Nails duo are shimmering overlays and Bright as Night are deep jewel tones including the new Pantone color for 2013-Emerald! See what combinations she created!

Are you a subscription box fan? On Beauty Info Zone Marcia shares her favorite company, PopSugar Must Have. Read to find out why a beauty junkie likes a non-beauty box so much.

Though we are all looking towards Spring, lets focus on the Guerlain Holiday Liu collection for a moment with Visionary beauty

This week Jessika from polish insominac fell in love with the Nicole by OPI Modern Family Collection, and once you see it you will too!

Perilously Pale recaps 2012 by sharing her 10 most popular posts of the year. What do you think made the list?

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Pink Sith – is giving away an Argan Oil Infused Hair Care Set from DermOrganics. Enter today!

Modesty Brown starts the New Year off by sharing her winter skincare routine.

London Makeup Girl has a new berry lipstick from Dior for Christmas and compares it to a couple of other colours from the same line in Dior Addict Stiletto comparison swatches.

Did you make a resolution for the new year? Paula, from Older Girl Beauty, decided she was going to “Be Better” for the new year and challenges you to do the same.

15 Minute Beauty showed off her night out look.

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Be Better in 2013!

 Be Better in 2013!

I don’t really do resolutions because I know myself well enough to know that I will stick with them long enough for them to come out of my mouth and that’s about it. So, this year, I want to just try to “Be Better”. I don’t know everything that that will include, but I know I can apply that to just about every area of my life – from my job, to being a parent, a child, to this site, to just everyone around me (online and IRL).

I know that this year I dwelled far too long on things that happened to me, causing me to be distracted and unfocused. I can’t say that that won’t happen to me again this year, but I want to make the effort to “be better” about not letting that happen. I know there are skills that I want to learn, so I will make the effort to “be better” at those, too. Will I always “be better”? Nope, and I know this. But, making the effort is more than half the battle to me, so I am challenging myself to try.

I am giving myself permission to have a fresh start with things. Like, I am going to try new exercise routines to help get back in the saddle with the whole “be better” with my health (cliche, yes, I know). I am archiving my inbox which has become so overwhelming burdensome that I dread looking at it, and then I feel all guilty and lie to myself that I will get back to every single one of those unread emails. It’s not going to happen and I need to face that and move forward and try to be better about handling them. Will I get too many emails? Yes. Will I try to be better about replying, organizing, and prioritizing? Yes. Will I get more consistent about things? We shall see, but I will try and make darn sure to be better about it. These are just a few of the things I want to take on, but it’s only day 1 – plenty of days to try more things, and I don’t want to overwhelm myself out of trying on the first day.

So this is my goal/challenge/resolution/plan for 2013. Is this something I could have started any other day? Yep. But sometimes we all just need a touchstone date to push us to start. That’s what I did today. I hope I can challenge you to “be better” in your life, too.

All the best in 2013!

(P.S. If I missed a really important email from you in 2012, please try again, and I will do my best to be better about getting back to you!)

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Beauty Spotlight 12/30/12

beautyspotlightteam2 Beauty Spotlight 12/30/12

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog has fallen hard for vbeauté Rub Off Gentle Exfoliator because it is gentle yet effortlessly reveals gorgeously glowing clean skin!

polish insomniac tests out the new China Glaze Tranzitions collection – is it a great find or a great gimmick?

Start the New Year off with happy healthy hair! Enter to win a set of DermOrganics hair care products from Prime Beauty!

A new addition to the Sensual Skin range, Visionary Beauty shares her thoughts on the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Tinted Balm

Perilously Pale has found a line of sunscreens she’s really impressed with. Hey, if it’s a fave of the gorgeous, milky skinned Dita Von Teese, then it’s good enough for me!

Beauty Info Zone wants to share some Artisan Naturals luscious body products with you. Read all about it plus enter our international giveaway.

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