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Makeup Wars: Fall Look

This edition of Makeup Wars is the timely “Fall Look”. Timely in the fact that not only did Fall roll in here in the US last week, it also rolled in some dark, damp days that made getting a good FOTD pic impossible. So, I’m just going to show you what I was using to create the look. Not everything is from any current/upcoming Fall release in 2012, these are just items that help get my favorite Fall look, in lovely Plum jewel tone.

I actually keep my look simple for day to day year round, but in the Fall, I somewhat wear even less, as I am more concerned with keeping my skin supple and not dried out. In this particular case, I didn’t wear any foundation/tinted moisturizer, bronzer, powder or even blush. I’m of a mind that with the sun mostly gone, my pale skin gets to shine (*in the “luminous” way and not the sweaty..erm, “glistening” way). I favor a bolder lip with a lighter eye – not nude, but not overly done so that it isn’t competing with the lips.

On the eyes I used:
Mally Beauty Shadow Stick in “Violet” – I sheer this out to use as my eyeshadow base/primer.
elf 32piece eyeshadow palette in “Warm”. I used two of the mid to light plum clolors, one on the lid and one from crease to browbone. (*You may remember this palette from the $20 Makeup Challenge).
NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in “Calabria” – I use this to line the eyelid.
Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Liner in “Gunmetal” – I use this navy grey color instead of black to line my bottom lashline, as it is softer on my eyes instead of the harshness that black gives me.
Mally Beauty Heated Eyelash Curler – this battery operated gadget opens my eyes up by curling my lashes so far they actually bug me by tickling my eyelids when I blink. But, I love how long my lashes stay curled, so it’s worth it.
Votre Vu Eiffel Power Mascara in “Carbon” – I am really liking this fuller brush and drier formula. It gives me thick lashes that I don’t have to wait to dry, or worry that it is going to spot my eyelids, which is actually a worry when I used the Mally heated curler.
Votre Vu Arch de Triumphe Brow Definer in “Fair” – This cream just shapes and sets the eyebrows to be finish the eye look.

For the lips I used:
MAC Viva Glam Ricky Lip Conditioner in “Clear” – I am addicted to this tube of magic. It keeps my lips soft and smells great (*not to mention it’s cost goes to a good cause). This helps keep my lips from being chapped and being all flakey, which looks really gross with dark lippies – well, *any* lippies.
MAC Amplified Lipstick in “Yung Rapunxel” – This deep plum looks scary dark, but can be applied sheerly, if you don’t want a dark opaque finish.
MAC Lipglass in “Lap of Luxury” – This totally out-of-date, “should have thrown it away a long time before now” gloss is great to add just a touch of shine in the middle of the lip on a dark lip – if you can get over the fact that you shouldn’t be using it any more in the the first place.

What is your go to Fall product? Do you have particular things that you only use when the weather turns cooler or do you not care what time of year it is when you wear it?

Now go check out what everyone else wants to tell you/show you about their fall looks, too:

*Disclaimer: Some of these products were provided by the company’s PR for editorial consideration and some of them were bought with my cold hard cash.

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October is for Pretty Pink Things – 2012

This post was originally posted here, but I like to repost it each October as a reminder.

Today is October 1st, which, for the last 25years has been recognized as “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. It’s also the day that my friend say, “Cool – I can get lots of pink things at Target now.”. Yep, that’s what it has come to, in my opinion – a month known for the proliferation of pink things, but not really the cause behind it any more.

And you know what? I’m kind of okay with that.

Of course, I don’t diminish the impact that breast cancer can have on a woman and her family – my son’s grandmother is a breast cancer survivor, in fact. Nor do I ignore the need for awareness for a disease that has the second highest incidence rate to prostrate cancer (2006 most recently data available), affecting nearly 200k women directly, each year. I just have a problem with the monetization of the awareness.

Have you guys ever heard of “pinkwashing”? It’s a controversial variation of cause marketing that focuses on breast cancer & how *some* of the companies using the pink ribbon & BCA may not be doing it for pure motives. I emphasis *some* because I want to impress that not ALL companies releasing special products for BCAM have ulterior motives – but you know what they say about “bad apples” and all (*did you know that metaphor is actually true?). Anyway…

In no way am I telling you not to purchase a specially branded product – I’m just asking that you educate yourself of the brand’s intentions with this marketing. The “Breast Cancer Action” organization has come up with a site, “Think Before You Pink” to help consumers challenge themselves to ask questions before purchasing a pink branded item. I don’t see anything wrong with purchasing a product because it is pink and you like it, but please do not say you bought it only as a way to support the cause. Own your purchase and if you are sincere about wanting to help, please donate directly to a reputable breast cancer charity – the most notable being the “Susan G.Komen for the Cure” organization, or give of your time in your local community ANY TIME OF YEAR, not just in October, because we all know cancer doesn’t only strike one month a year. And wear your pretty new pink product when you go. :)

(*This post was inspired by this post by Shannon from “A Girl’s Gotta Spa”.)

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Beauty Spotlight 9/30/12

London MakeUp Girl met one of her favourite makeup artists, Rose-Marie Swift. This led to the purchase of a few more RMS Beauty goodies – read about them on her blog post on her new RMS Beauty purchases.

Nothing says Fall like Halloween! Jessika from polish insomniac highlights the 2012 Halloween polishes from three brands – OPI, China Glaze and Orly!

Lola from Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog resisted the charms of Rodin Olio Lusso Lip Balm for a long time, but now can’t imagine living without this gorgeous pink gem!!

The Pink Sith’s Brain has a conversation with her Eyelids about three Eyeshadow Primers from Stars Makeup Haven. It’s a little bizarre.

Modesty Brown has got the blues, the navy blues to be exact. See how she gets on with the Laura Mercier Mystere eyeshadow duo.

Wanna see Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed naked? Of course you don’t, nobody wants to see that – but you do want to see her Dior New Nude collection nails so come check out her swatches!

15 Minute Beauty learned a new way to curl her hair with a flat iron from the Charlotte Ronson Runway!

Looking for a yummy scent for Fall? Pammy Blogs Beauty finds her new favorite Fall scent with LUSH’s Vanilliary Perfume.

Have you answered the Call of the Wild? Beauty Info Zone has and they want you to see what to expect.

Visionary Beauty has an attempt at replicating the Rouge Bunny Rouge Santa Ana Autumn look.

Did you watch the Emmy’s? Paula, from Older Girl Beauty, did & links to some of the looks for the night & what to use to create the looks at home.

Prime Beauty isn’t the jealous but she might make you jealous when you see all the great green eyeliners in her life.

Perilously Pale fell so in love with MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Rouge in Iconic Red that she couldn’t help but order six more shades! Come take at look at the beautiful array of Aqua Rouges.

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Emmy’s 2012 Beauty

Image courtesy of The Primetime Emmy® Awards

Did you guys watch the Emmy’s last night? I am an award show groupie! I love to watch the Red Carpet pre-shows, the actual shows and even the post-show wrap-ups! Not only to see who wins in the category’s, but to see what everyone is wearing and how they look. Okay, mostly how they look because sometimes I think a dress is hideous and it wins for best look of the night, so I am def not a judge of fashion.

Anyway, some of the looks really stood out for me last night and I made a point to post about what was used to get those looks over on the Older Girl Beauty Facebook page. Mosey over there and check out what you can use to get those Red Carpet looks at home!

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Beauty Spotlight: What’s in Beauty Crazed’s dressing table?

For some time we’ve suspected that Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed is all kinds of nuts, bu,t her turn with the Beauty Spotlight’s “What’s In My…?” proves it beyond any doubt! Take a trip into her twisted mind, and overstuffed dressing table, and be sure to stay tuned for her upcoming appearance on “Hoarders – Beauty Edition”!

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