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A [R]evolution in Makeup Brushes

I love it when great things happen to people I know. For example, do you remember Kevin James (KJ) Bennett, the amazing makeup artist? Well, he has teamed up with Royal and Langnickel for a brush collaboration called “[R]evolution”. I interrupted KJ’s busy life to make him tell me a little bit more about it:

P: I know that you love every one of your brushes, but what are the three
must-have brushes for daily use?
KJ: I designed the [R]evolution Collection to offer multiple choices in each category, so you could customize your brush experience. This is like asking a mother which is her favorite child. She might secretly like one better than the rest, but she never says it in public – lol! BUT, if you’re looking for three truly versatile brushes I would say:
BX-10 Small Powder, which can also be used for bronzer and blush.
BX-55 Pointed Foundation, which has a sharp enough point to use with concealer, highlight and contour products also.
BX-66 Eyeshadow Blender* – the shape supports so many application techniques. (*this brush will be launching soon!)

P: If we were going to treat ourselves to one brush that we wouldn’t normally think to get, which one should we try?
KJ: The BX-70 Large Flat Eyeshadow. It was a shape I found years ago and was amazed at the multi-uses it provided. Unfortunately the manufacturer decided to “adjust” the shape and it lost the magic. I used the original shape as my prototype, tweaked it (in a good way) and brought the magic back.

P: What finally drove you to come up with your own makeup brush line?
KJ: The [R]evolution brand belongs to Royal & Langnickel. I am their collaborator and most enthusiastic cheerleader. As I’ve said in many interviews, I couldn’t figure out why no one was manufacturing makeup brushes that worked as hard as I did. The amazing folks at Royal & Langnickel let me do something about it.

P: What is the one thing that makes these stand out from all other lines, besides being endorsed by you? 😉
KJ: The [R]evolution Collection is truly a stand-alone in the evolution of the modern makeup brush. The design was driven by a need for premium professional level performance and durability. The fact that they’re damn sexy is just a little extra I threw in – hehehe!

Just so you know, I haven’t had a chance to try out these brushes yet, but I am SO looking forward to it, especially since my Royal Silk brush set has been a staple in my hand since I got it in NYC last February, they feel that good.

Have you guys ever tried any of the Royal and Langnickel brushes?

*Disclaimer: I received the brush set in a gift bag from a lounge during Fashion Week.

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I am a RoC Skincare Ambassador!

Since RoC Skincare announced it on their Facebook page, I can shout it from the virtual rooftop here – I am one of the RoC Skincare Blogger Ambassador’s for 2012!

I am in great company with these other lovelies:

  • Cindy from Hello Dollface
  • Susan from Flourish Over 50
  • Rainee from Rainee Rae Makeup Design
  • Kari from Fab Over Forty
  • Lianne from The Makeup Girl
  • Susan from My Beautyberry
  • Cindy from Prime Beauty Blog
  • Ana & Loreen from Tried and Tested Beauty
  • Pammy from Pammy Blogs Beauty
  • What this means is that we will get to bring you behind the scenes info from the R&D and the latest info on any upcoming new product releases and events (*like the You and Improved Challenge). They were generous to send over several products from their existing line for me to try out, (*along with some sweet macarons – nom!), so I’m looking forward to telling you about’em.

    Do you guys already use RoC skincare? What do you like best?

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    Beauty Spotlight – Check Out Marcia’s Cans!

    It’s time for Marcia, from Beauty Info Zone, to share “What’s in her ???”. She’s chosen her can, or maybe we should say CANS! How could she possibly need one dozen cans? Come see what’s inside…

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    May is Melonoma Awareness Month

    My friend Abby has a big scar on her leg now, but at least that is all she has. Earlier this year, her vanity caused her to get a spot on her chest checked out, but they also checked out a darker mole on her leg, which turned out to be a melonoma. She tells her story in “Lessons From Melanoma”.

    A big part of this story resonates with me because I, too, am a pale, freckled beauty that slathers on the sunscreen. Thankfully, I have a doctor that keeps tabs on any of my moles that look suspicious, and I try to be as diligent as I can in keeping an eye on them between visits. Abby’s story makes me check them more, that’s for sure.

    Have any of you guys had a melonoma scare? Do you check your own moles? If not, this month is a great time to get started.

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    Pledge to “Fight The Powder” with Mally Beauty

    You guys know I have been PREACHING to you about the wonders of the Mally Beauty Poreless Face Defender for almost 2 years now. And I’ve convinced several of you (*Retrodiva) to give up the powder and make the switch. But for those of you that are still on the fence about it (*how could you be?!?), I have a couple of opportunities for you to try to check it out.

    For those of you lovelies in NYC on Tuesday, May 8th, Mally and her “Fight The Powder” team will be outside Grand Central Station during rush hour (6:30AM – 9:30AM and 4pm – 7pm) to give the first 50 women who take the pledge to give up their powder a Face Defender, with a pink mirror that has a QR code that will link to a video with exclusive tips & discounts from Mally.

    And for those of you not in NYC, you can sign the pledge on the Mally Beauty Facebook page for a chance to be one of 10 weekly winners of a Face Defender, and maybe even the Grand Prize winner of a 30min Skype session with Mally & the products she rec’s for the winner in the chat. (*This promotion goes on until June 7th).

    So, have I convinced you to make the switch? I would love to know if you have or if you are going to make the pledge.

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