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Sponsored Post: Be Visibly Smooth on the Red Carpet

You guys, I recently had a chance to host a “Red Carpet Event” sponsored by Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant. (*And when I say sponsored, I mean they were generous enough to provide a flip camera to record the fun, funds for food, drinks and goodies for a gift bag for the party, jewelry for the guests to help them feel dressed up for the Red Carpet and samples of Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant to try.) Unfortunately, my party wasn’t able to be scheduled for an Oscars viewing party, but I did have the Red Carpet vibe by showing Meryl Streep’s Oscar nominated performance in “Julie and Julia”, where she plays Julia Child. (*Did you know that that was her 16th nomination – more than any other actor/actress in the history of the Academy?). I also enjoy the “Julie” (*played by Amy Adams) side of the movie, as I can kind of relate to someone starting their own blog & enjoying when people discover it, too. But, before we started the movie, we chatted about Dove’s Visibly Smooth Deodorant. Have you guys heard about this? They say it “is an anti-perspirant deodorant that works to minimize the visual appearance of underarm hair over time, while providing effective 24-hour odor and wetness protection. Its unique formula contains Pro-Epil Complex and natural extracts, as well as Dove 1/4 translucent moisturizers.” This pretty much means that it’s got 24hr protection and while its NOT a dipilatory, it will make your underarm hair less noticable *over time* – not instantly. It also smells really nice. We had a chance to try the “Wild Rose” scent, but there is also a “Nature Fresh” scent that I have smelled, too. Since I haven’t used it for all that long, I can’t say that I have gotten the full benefit of the “over time” visible difference, but I can say that my underarms do feel softer already, so that’s definitely something.You can pick up either one of these scents up at any local mass market drugstore or big box store for around $5, but if you click here right now there is a $2off coupon for you to use. PLUS, very shortly I will be giving away *5* sticks to 5 lucky readers. Can’t beat *free* right?

Goodies for the party
We had all kinds of snacks for the party, including meats, cheeses, fruits and chocolate dipped strawberries, pretzels and marshmallows.

Chocolate dipped goodies
We even made chocolate dipped pretzels & strawberries. They were stupid simple to make, leading me to wonder why I don’t do that more.

Cynthia and the necklace
One of the gifts that Dove provided was a necklace for each of the attendees.

Jenna checking out her own necklace
The necklaces were in different colors, so each lovely lady had her own color in their gift bag.

Putting it on
Cynthia couldn’t wait to try the deodorant out – not that she smelled funny or anything. We didn’t make her put it on, I swear.

Dove Giftbag
Not only did I make sure everyone got a gift bag with a necklace and a deodorant to try, I added a few extra goodies to the bag, too: some sister Dove products like soap, hair spray and chocolates, there were also some e.l.f. products like eyelashes for glam eyes and even gloss in “Red Carpet”.

Us watching Julie watching Julia
Our “Red Carpet” movie was “Julie & Julia”, starring Oscar nominee Meryl Streep. We had a blast eating snacks and hanging out watching the movie.

Stand up straight, girl, you slump too much

I’m a slumper. Bad. I blame it on my “girls” (*which, if you’ve met me, it makes for a grand excuse), but it’s there. I do it. And I don’t realize how it makes me *look*, it’s just a lazy way of walking. Even tho I KNOW better. Mom always said, “Stand up straight. It’ll make you look slimmer.” Yeah, of course, she was right.

Charla Krupp knows it, too. In fact, she wrote a book about how to look slimmer, “How to Never Look Fat Again: Over 1,000 Ways to Dress Thinner–Without Dieting!”, which has mulitiple sections adressing specific areas of the body, in additon to bullet-point lists and even a “High-Fat/No-Fat” way of dressing to your strong points, and I was lucky enough to get to interview her this week.

Let me tell you right off the bat, just like Charla does in her introduction, if you are more than 100lbs overweight you will NOT get the full benefit of all of the advice in this book. But, that doesn’t mean that you can not get a ton of helpful advice from it – you can. Here are a few things I picked up:

  1. Wide Feet & Ankles: I should never wear shoe with an ankle strap; it looks better to wear a shoe with a bit of a heel & that a d’Orsay pump is actually the best style, because of it’s open sides. (*hell, i didn’t even know the NAME of those kind of shoes, let alone that they would be the best style for me to wear.)
  2. Heavy Calves: It is okay to wear a skirt, I just need to make sure it hits the “sweet spot” – which is at the back of the knee where the thigh connects with the calf and curves inward.
  3. Big Bust: While I know it is nescessary to get a properly fitted bra, you actually need a variety of these, as you will fluctuate. And by properly fitted, I mean, no bulges over and around & lifting your bust off of your ribcage & being positioned equally between your shoulder and your elbow. That’s the “sweet spot” for your boobs.

A couple of other things that we discussed that help you look slimmer is when your skin is soft & moisturized and using some self-tanner or bronzer. The need to moisturize should be easy to figure out, soft skin feels good and helps your body, but did you realize that it can also change the perception of how old you look? According to a survey (*sponsored by P&G Beauty), one of the things they found was that “When judged independently from the face, body skin, if maintained, is perceived up to 10 years younger and adds to the overall perception of youthfulness.” These findings led to a conclusion of:

“The study indicates that body skin around the neck and chest, arms, and hands are important areas for women in terms of age perception,” said Dr. Bernhard Fink, Senior Scientist, Institute for Zoology and Anthropology at the University of Göettingen. “Keeping your skin moisturized is one of the most basic things you can do to prevent visible signs of aging on the skin. Using products that go beyond basic moisturization to provide additional anti-aging benefits can be a further help.”

As for the self-tanner/bronzer, it has the ability to hide veins and bruises. Now, I’m not a whiz at self-tanning, I am such a fair-skinned girl, I’d rather laze in the nice air conditioning, but I DO know that to get a good application, you need to have smooth skin. I’m not even going to try to think that there are some of you out there trying to put it on over some stubbley legs.

Well, Charla has a coupla ideas to help with both of these things and they are both drugstore buys, which you know I love. First, she says to use the new Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash, with its ability to fight “the 7 signs of body skin aging for radiant, younger looking skin. So, not only are you clean, you are also helping to improve your skins elasticity and improve how it looks – (*sugg. price $5.99 or $7.99, depending on size). And for smooth legs, she suggests the first disposable razor with 5 blades, the Venus Embrace Disposables. It gives you the same close shave as with the other razors, just without the need to change blades. (*3 to a pack. sugg. price $9.99 to $13.99). Let me know if you pick up this book and if you take any of the tips to heart. I know we are all different and have diff things we try to adjust for, so, I may have skipped one that you found super helpful. I’d like to know about it. (*Big thanks to Charla for her time and the teams that made it happen. I really appreciate it.)

I can tell you the future…

No, silly gooses, I am NOT a psychic – but, damn I wish I was, because I would be typing this from a beach, on the other side of the world, that I just bought with my winnings from the Powerball lottery. Unfortch, I’m not. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know what is *going* to happen. Let me tell you how.

In doing this blog, I have been lucky enough to be able to get information on upcoming events, collections, etc. However, just by the nature of how I write this site, a lot of times that info just doesn’t work itself into a post. So, instead of letting that info slip by, because it might be something you would really have liked to see, I’m going to post some of the in their own section.

Up in the navigation text at the top, you will see a new button called, “PR Preview”. If you click there, that is where I will be adding things that might not fit into a regular post. I figure it will range from info about different upcoming collections, events or just something new I might have heard about. These won’t post here on the front page, but will be in the timeline. There isn’t anything there yet, but I will be adding to it going forward.

I just wanted to let you know what I was adding and encourage you to take a peek once in a while up there, too.

What condition my condition was in…..

Okay, you guys, do you remember when I told you that I would tell you if something needing to be disclosed? Yeah, well, nothing dramatic has happened, I just thought I would update you on what I was thinking about doing around here.

 I dunno whether you have noticed or not, but I haven’t been running advertising here. I’ve had pretty distinct reasons for that – mostly just to keep this site on my own terms. Apparently, it seems that there may be people out there that think I might have some influence on people. So, I have had some advertising opportunities come up. Now, not all of them are interesting enough to me, or even right for me, to put up here. But, I may actually entertain the notion of displaying them to you.

You may see some sponsored stuff, too. Like, I have a post going up about hosting a sponsored “Dove VIP Red Carpet Event”. They provided everything for the party, which I will explain in the post, but I didn’t want you to be surprised. Also, you may see some tweets, like this one for myshape.com, that are ads for things I think you *might* be interested in, but they’ll be designated as an #ad, so you know what it is, too. I may also put a Shopstyle.com widget in a post, or in the sidebar, for you to purchase something directly, if you want. One reason I would do that is that even tho I do, usually, post a link to the product’s website, you may not be able to buy it directly from there.

Really, this all comes down to the fact that by doing any of these things, I would benefit – usually monetarily. I’m sure you guys are smart enough to know that, but I just like to make certain that it is out there. I don’t know that these are the only avenues I will look at, but, at least it’s a start to tell you guys. Like I’ve said, I’m not very shy about what I’m doing around here, just making sure you remember that, too.

Pen-t up beauty

Last week on twitter I commented, “Would really like to see liquid liner pens in different colors besides any variation on “Black”. I said that because I had realized that *if* you could find an eyeliner “pen”, more than likely it was going to be some shade of black & maybe a dark brown. Maybe.So, I went on a hunt to see if I was more crazy than usual in wanting something “not typical”. I didn’t have much luck looking online with just normal searches. However, me and my dumb luck walked into Sephora and stumbled right into two colored eyeliner pens – Green (deep forest green) and Blue (teal blue). AND, while talking to the SA, she mentioned that the tokidoki perfetto eyeliner pens were getting ready to hit the shelves. The neat thing about these is that not only do they come in *8* shades (Arlecchino (dark blue), Carina (eggplant), Ciao Ciao (periwinkle), Donutella (medium pink), Mostro (spring green), Rondine Love (white), Sabochan (black) and SANDy (dark green)), they also come with a “chisled” tip so you can easily make thick or thin lines and even create a temp tattoo, if you wanted.Then, today, I look on the Eyeko website and see that *they* are getting ready to come out with 3 new colored eyeliner pens, Brown, Purple and Navy Blue, to go along with their existing Black Graffiti Eyeliner Pen.Okay, so, I gotta admit it is nice to know I am not the only one that wants the ease of the felt-tipped eyeliner pen, but in more colors than black. I think the thing that surprises me is the lack of mainstream availability. I mean, it didnt occur to me to even check Sephora’s house brand, I literally glanced down and there they were, tokidoki is a limited collaboration with Sephora and Eyeko is a UK brand. Makes me curious why the larger brands don’t create more brands – like, is it a physical product issue or just a marketing, “we don’t think we could sell it in any other colors”, kind of thing. Either way, I am just happy to see the option out there.If you know of another brand that carries colored eyeliner pens, please let me know – I’d really like to know about’em. Also, if these make you want to try a different colored pen out, let me know, too. I kinda like knowing I’m not the only one that wants’em.

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