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“More” magazine, that is. I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute one of the beauty tips I have learned to their article, “5 Secrets of Beauty Bloggers”:

I am joined by Kari, Fab Over 40, Amber, Daily Makeover, Carolyn, The Daily Obsession and Risi, Palacinka Beauty Blog – great company, with great tips.

Let me know if you have tried any of these tips, or if you have any new ones for me – I’m always up for learning new things. :)

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Rodial + HauteLook.com = SALE!

I swear, this rainy, not rainy – just cloudy, oh wait, it’s 45 degrees, no, wait – it’s 74 degrees weather here in Oklahoma is doing a number on my skin – esp my legs. They are like itchy scratchy all the time, esp since I wear jeans over’em daily. Well, over the weekend, I had a chance to try a new body moisturizer from UK company, Rodial, called crème de la crème.

They say, “shea butter and vitamin E rich and nourishing body moisturiser, helps ?rm, hydrate and restore skin’s elasticity, instantly absorbed it gives a long lasting hydration and calms irritation or reaction caused by sun, cold and wind.” So, that sounds good to me and my crazy legs, and gave it a whirl.I gotta say that I really liked the way that it absorbed right in, and didn’t leave me feeling all heavy and greasy. But it didn’t absorb in so much that I felt like it didn’t do any good and that my legs were just sponges, either. Nice middle ground. I’m going to keep using and see if it helps keep the dry itchies at bay, but I wanted to let you know that I had tried it – esp since I am going to let you in on a secret.See, HauteLook.com, the online, exclusive, limited time only, sale shop is having a sale on Rodial today and tomorrow (October 19th and 20th, 2009). During the sale, members can pick up Rodial products anywhere from 45% to 60% off (regular prices), including the crème de la crème that I am trying out now. But, if you are not a member, don’t worry – I have a special invite code just for you – Click Here! – so you can try this stuff out, too.

Victoria’s Velvet fragrance

Tomorrow there is an event in NYC at the Victoria’s Secret, on Lexington, for the launch of VS’s new fragrance, “Velvet: The Fragrance”.

Now, I don’t know anything about this scent, but the thing that caught my eye was the fact that you could get a makeover from the VS Beauty Supermodel Artist team – led by Polly Osmond. You might rememer when I met her backstage at the Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2010 show. It would be so cool to get a makeover from her, but, unfortch I’m in OKC and won’t make it. But, if you are in NYC, head over there between 2-4pm and pick up something from their Parfums Intimes Velvet collection (*required) to get your makeover from Polly.

In addition, the model Alessandra Ambrosio will be there for autographs (*with purchase, too), there will be a “Suprise Guest”, cake from Sylvia Weinstock and a chance to get a preview of the Heidi Klum VS Makeup Holiday Collection. So, since I don’t get to be there for all of that, you’ll have to come tell me all about it. Deal?

Grate your shadow as you go

I just saw a new Smashbox product for pre-order on QVC that looks kinda interesting.

Actually, it looks like what would be spawned if Smashbox’s Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder and the Reign Collection Eyeshadow Palette had babies. It is a shaver delivery system for a base color and a contour color, with a protective seal to prevent the shadows from mixing – the Halo Eyeshadow Hydrating Eye Shadow (w/ Brushes 3 & 10).

They say, “A hydrating eye shadow with effective anti-aging benefits. The formula contains hydrogel technology, which helps retain moisture in the skin.” I can’t say anything, as I haven’t tried this, but I am intrigued by the whole “shave what you need” aspect. It’s supposed to give you more of the lighter color for your lid and less for the darker crease color.  In addition, they are throwing in the two brushes you need for this affect for less than $40 (man, don’t I sound just like Lisa Robertson? Oh wait, she always says “For less than $1 a day”. Ha!)

 This is currently on QVC’s site as Item #A92257, available for pre-order, as Advance Orders ship October 20th. It comes in 4 color combos and includes 2 brushes for $39.54 (plus shipping.)

Let me know if you try this out for yourself.

Backstage at Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2010

I was lucky enough to be backstage for the Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2010 show. (*yes, this is the show that I accessed backstage via the front of house. Go me!). The hair team from Aveda was led by Antoinette Beenders and the makeup team as led by Polly Osmond for Victoria’s Secrety Beauty, with whom Christian did a makeup collection earlier this year.

Antoinette was pretty focused on the hair, so she didn’t really speak with people much to describe what she was up to, but I was able to snag a few minutes with Polly, who explained the gloss on the eyelids the models were rocking.

Antoinette Beenders for Aveda
Antoinette Beenders, for Aveda, creating the ponytail look for the Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2010 show.

Wielding the rod
I am kind of enamored of a curling rod now, but I know that no good would come of me having a straigh heated rod around the back of my head in my awkward hands.

Getting the models hair ready
Members of the Aveda hair team getting the models hair ready for the Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2010 show.

Backstage at Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2010
An overhead shot to show some of what goes on backstage at the Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2010 show.

Fixing the ponytail
Antoinette, and her helpers, getting a models’ ponytail ready for the Christina Siriano Spring/Summer 2010 show.

Soothing hands
Aveda was giving the models hand massages while they were waiting for the Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2010 show to start.

Applying the eyes
You can’t really see the cool effect he is doing, but he is putting a gloss on the eyelid for a shine effect.

Applying the lips
If you don’t pay attention to him using the brush on her lips, you can see the look of the eyes with the cool gloss effect.

The man himself
Here is Christian Siriano passing thru backstage before his Spring/Summer 2010 show. He was perturbed at all of the people that were backstage and was heard saying “Who are all these peeeeople?” as he headed front of house.

Checking the time
Or maybe for a text. Christian Siriano passing thru backstage to front of house at his Spring/Summer 2010 show.

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