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NYFW Fall/Winter 2010 without me

Today is opening day for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – New York and I’m not there. Boo! With all of the crap snow going on out there (*as if we haven’t had enough here in Oklahoma), I’m going to pretend that I am *super* happy not to be out there in all of that mess – which is a boldface lie. Unfortch, due to some issues here, I didn’t get to go this season – even tho I actually got credentials in my own name this time. However, I have been able to pay it forward, just like I had done for me last season, and give some of my access to Meredith, from Retrodiva’s Beauty Bar, who will do a fab job reporting from behind the scenes.

This also means you will not to get read my direct tweets about what I am doing in NYC. BUT! I *will* be retweeting a lot of the action from some of the other lovelies that are there at the tents. In addition to those, MAC Cosmetics has provided a twiter widget, which you can see in the right sidebar, that showcases tweets from their artists directly backstage at the tents. Also, if you have a particular MAC makeup artist you want to follow exclusively, check out MAC Artists Tweets and follow them individually. And if *THAT* isn’t enough fashion week info for you, you can search twitter #NYFW hashtag and see what EVERYONE that uses that tag is saying. (*WARNING* – could definitely lead to information overload – esp when several are at the same show at the same time.)

Oh, speaking of twitter/information overload – American Express, one of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week sponsors has provided an electronic board, inside the tent, that displays live tweets that use the hashtag #amexmbfw. I think it is really cool for such a big company to embrace people tweeting – a great way to instantly show the people in the tents immediate reaction to things. Love it!

So, there you have it lovelies – even tho I am not there, I will def be here, using a bunch of different means, to still bring you my perspective on what goes on at NYFW. I hope you enjoy it. đŸ™‚

*UPDATE*: While I was writing this today, news broke that fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, had committed suicide. (*You might remember that I discussed his Armadillo Shoes back in November). It came as quite a shock & put a black cloud over the start of Fashion Week. RIP.

The 2009 Okie Blog Awards Finals

Ooooooklahoma…where the wind comes sweeping down the plains and where I spout my witticism’s for your (*okay, MY) entertainment. Well, today, it also became the place that I became a finalist for the “Best Single Topic Blog” in the 2009 Okie Blog Awards.That’s right – I’m a finalist in awards that celebrate Oklahoma’s creative talent. I know, right? I joke, but I am sincerely honored to be nominated in this (*Just practicing for my award speech – Ha!). You guys know that I am proud to be from Oklahoma and that I can bring just a taste of it to all over the world, to my fab readers all over this round globe. And, while I know all of you would be casting a ballot for me, voters are limited to Oklahoma bloggers – we vote on our own. So, if any of you guys happen to be one, feel free to cast me a vote and if you aren’t, you can still take a look around at some of the other great people we have representing this great state. We’re a pretty talented and varied group of folks.

The Mystery of the Island: Richard’s Eyeliner

So, last night was the Sixth, and final, season premiere of “Lost”. And, as usual, the question of whether Richard Alpert, played devastatingly well by Nestor Carbonell, wears eyeliner or not. To the point that it was suggested that Richard is Egyptian, referring to the hieroglyphs on the show, and that he smudged his eyes with kohl. (*Intriguing thought, right?) Turns out, Richard’s eyeliner is quite the puzzler, as more than 39,900 results (*as of this morning) for the seach Richard Alpert eyeliner. Well, thanks to the fab beauty blogger, Amber, from Beauty Blogging Junkie, we have the DEFINITIVE answer. She had a chance to chat with the Makeup Department Supervisor, Emily Katz, for the show and ask her that very question:

Beauty Blogging Junkie: Spill: what eyeliner IS Eyeliner Richard, a.k.a. Richard Alpert who is played by Nestor Carbonell wearing? Emily Katz: Nestor Carbonell who plays Richard Alpert has no makeup on his eyes! He is of Cuban descent and is naturally blessed with the thickest set of lashes I have ever seen in my career. Women should envy him. It’s truly unbelievable; we have to try to diminish them ! And yet, he is the NICEST man as well.

And with that, I leave you with a coupla things. 1) A picture of Nestor as Batmanuel in “The Tick and 2) The delicious rumor that JJ Abrams has picked Nestor to play Kahn in the Star Trek reboot sequel. Of course, at this point it is strictly a Rumor, with a Capital R, but I’m pretty sure I could buy Nestor as Khan, just as easily as I *know* he could convince me to buy a car with “fine Corinthian leather”.P.S. I lied – I had to share this vid from Comic-Con 2009 showing behind the scenes look at Nestor getting ready for the “Lost” panel:

The Renèe Rouleau Glow

Have you guys heard of Renèe Rouleaucelebrity esthetician, award winning product creator, award winning Dallas Spa owner & Harley riding chick? If not, you should go out of your way to make sure you do. She’s got magic hands, and smarts, to boot.I had a chance to get a facial from Renèe herself, after interacting with her on twitter. (*You might remember I rec’d her “Anti-Cyst Treatment” on More.com last October.) Anyway, I made the drive down to Dallas to visit her at her exclusive salon, where the celebrities go, for my facial. Wanna see what it looks like? Because I have a behind the door look for you:

Once I was settled in one of the comfy treatment chairs, Renèe went to work giving me their most requested facial, the “Cranberry-Brasion Facial”. This included three types of exfoliation, including a cranberry enzyme peel, ultrasonic exfoliation, and micro crystals, vitamin application and a seaweed mask to help the skin absorb the moisture and vitamins. Because *nothing* is typical with me, my skin proved to be a bit of a challenge in that with my freckles, you would think that I would have a warmer complexion, but my underlying tones are def more sallow. So, that gave her some fun to work on, but I think she liked the challenge, as the end result shows:
(*Yep, I said the wrong facial name in the vid – I blame it on the relaxation haze I was in. My apologies.)I’m telling ya, my skin felt so good, I didn’t even want to put any makeup on it for quite a while – I was glowing on my own. Much thanks to Renèe for taking the time to treat me, explain her background, philosophies and about her 9 different Skin Types. (*I’m a 6, btw). I can’t recommend my experience enough. If you get a chance to get down to Dallas, you should def make yourself an appointment to go to either this location, or her larger salon in Plano. You will get great results from either location.

MAC "Warm and Cozy" video review

MAC has come out with a collection called “Warm and Cozy”, which is just what its name implies – warm toned products. This is a larger collection with items from color cosmetics, that are primarily neutral nudes that fall on the warm end of the spectrum, to body products.

I had a chance to try out several products from this line, but my favorite of it had to be the Care Blends Essential Oils, Grapefruit & Chamomile, if only for the aromatherapy qualities alone. (*The fact that it soaked in and applied like a dry oil immeditately didn’t hurt anything, either.)

As with most MAC collections, this one is Limited Edition. It’s on counters now thru February, with the International release in February. Let me know if you pick any of this up & what you liked the most.

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