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(image via "seriouslys blog", which sells reviews and to I am not going to link)
(image via “seriouslys blog”, which sells reviews and to I am not going to link)

Amazon has filed suit against 1,114 “John Does” in a Seattle court this week. Amazon claims they posted fake reviews on their website, after soliciting their “5-star” services on Fiverr. This follows their suit in April, where they sued to shut down several paid review sites .

This does not shock me at all. It seems like everything is for sale in the review “economy”. It’s also why I do not agree with posting compensated reviews directly on retail sites. I think if you are compensated, in any fashion, it should be on stand alone sites like a personal site, IG, FB, Twitter, and be noted as compensated. If you have established yourself as a responsible reviewer, your readers will not mind, and it will show a straightforwardness to your review that would be hazy otherwise, and in the US, as meeting the FTC disclosure requirements.

I would not be surprised to see Amazon next go after the companies that target “influencers” and aggregate/solict for Amazon reviews, like the Tomoson’s of the world. If only to have them identify the companies soliciting the reviews. It’s a very grey area, when it comes to directly having a review on an ecommerce site page for the product, as opposed to on a different site that is just a click away.

Yes, I understand affiliate revenue, but, again, there is still another step that the consumer needs to take to get to the product that you have reviewed, and added an affiliate link. It may not seem like much, but it does at least make you one step removed, which can make a world of difference in folks perception. This is truth.

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