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She’s a brick-hoooooouse…

I am so ready for Spring. I much prefer a constant stream of warm temps as opposed to this 70 one day and tornados/ice storms the next day. (Welcome to Oklahoma weather, ya’ll!)
Anyway….It’s not like I want to lay out in the sun – I am a pale freckled lovely that gets pink when the tv stays on me too long. But that doesn’t mean I wanna be all ghostly pale all the time. Enter the “Shimmer Brick”:

On the upper left is Bobbi Brown’s Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick. The one on the upper right is Flirt! Shimmer Rocks Peach Glow All-Over Illuminator and the one on the bottom left is Bobbi Brown’s Apricot Shimmer Brick. They are all very similiar, save for one thing – the price! The Bobbi Brown bricks run $38, while the Flirt! brick runs $16. (I don’t know what was going on, but I was lucky enough to get my brick on sale at Kohl’s, where Flirt! Cosmetics is carried exclusively, on sale for 50% off – $8!).

So, while we are all cutting back on our spending, I find it hard to justify spending $38 for something I can get a damn close dupe of for almost 1/3rd the price. I understand brand loyalty, and the lure of the Platinum Pink Brick, but I gotta admit I love saving the $$ to treat myself to many little things, if possible. And if I can do that, and avoid a sunburn, then all the better.

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  • Tammy

    The flirt brick looks the prettiest in my opinion!! Physician’s Formula also has dupes of BB goodies.

  • oldergirlbeauty

    I agree! It has a lot more shimmer in it than the pic really shows. The pink would be really pretty with your skin tone, if you can grab it.
    I will def have to check out the Physician’s Formula stuff next time I am wandering the CVS. For $8 I thought I got a steal on this. :)

  • Canadian Beauty

    Totally agree with you both. I never use shimmer products enough for it to make it worth for me to spend that much on them. Foundation, on the other hand, a product I use daily, is worth the splurge and I have splurge more than once at the BB counter.

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