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Suave soothes the dandruff itch

Do you guys remember when the only choice in dandruff shampoo was the blue, chalky stuff? The one that made your hair feel like straw afterwards, but you suffered thru because it was drying out, and clearing up, your flakes? Yeah. The Suave Scalp Solutions Nourishing Coconut and Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner are not like that. At all.

With all of these ridiculous 110+degree temps around here in Oklahoma, I was sweaty all the time with my hair in a ponytail, and my scalp was acting all wonky – itchy and dry, then greasy. So, I gave these a shot to see if it could balance it out. I was pleasantly surprised that not only did it help to regulate my temperamental head, but my hair was ridiculously soft and silky when I was out of the shower. I did not expect that. I had hoped that with the shea that it would be softer than the straw my hair used to get back in the day. It did that and more.

Now, since we all know I color my hair red and that is the first to fade, I don’t use this very often, but that’s only because I am paranoid – I was assured that this is safe for color-treated hair. And, since the sweet scent of coconut isn’t too cloying, & with a hint of something else that makes it more “fresh” than “beach party”, I have been able to get some of the rest of the fam to use it, too. That definitely makes this inexpensive set (around $3-4USD each) a bargain, since more folks can/will use it.

Fess up – have any of you used an anti-dandruff poo/cond lately?

*Disclaimer: These products were provided by the company’s PR for editorial consideration.

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  1. lorraine says:

    Aveda Invanti shampoo and conditioner work great, though it is not marketed as dandruff, it makes my scalp more comfortable between shampoos, which means fewer blow drys, which means healthier scalp. Pricey though! a cheaper option is Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy. Only tried the shampoo but it is pretty good. Always looking for these types of products for me(oily/itchy) and my dry/itchy/sensitive scalped daughter.

    1. Paula says:

      I really like Aveda – their stuff smells so good! And, just yesterday, a coworker was telling me that his wife’s hair has been *changed* by the new Clear line, so I may have to check that out, too!

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