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Do you follow your horoscope, and adjust your life accordingly? Are you like me and tap your toes just waiting for Susan Miller to post your monthly scope on AstrologyZone? If so, then you totally understand when I tell you that you need to be adjusting your beauty routine according to the stars, too.

Uber hot Scorpio via The Sixth Leaf Clover

Not me, but another uber hot Scorpio via The Sixth Leaf Clover

And, Bryce Gruber, over at The Berry, talked to an astrologer who broke the whole beauty zodiac down by the signs. Now, I’m a Scorpio and this is what it said I need to pay attention to:

“Sultry Scorpios have the ability to hypnotize people with their gaze so they should make sure their eyes are always on point. Lining them with a chunky kohl pencil liner in an unexpected jewel tone will keep onlookers mesmerized and inspired.”

LET ME TELL YOU! This info is on point! If there is one thing to know about me, is that I do not wear black eyeliner ever. I think it looks too heavy on me. So, I have replaced it with jewel tone liners – purples, greens, dark blues, with some bronzes thrown in for good measure, over the years.

Thanks for letting me know I am owning my sign, Bryce.

*Get more of Bryce’s wit and wisdom over on Twitter at @BryceGruber.

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About that whole “Regular” thing

Well, my regular normal for the first half of the year was not what I expected. I think I described myself in real life as a “caretaker, mom, full-time employee, student, & Pokemon master” (because ya gotta catch’em all!). So, my online writing life was the first to get the short end of the stick.

Now, I’m not saying I’m back to writing here on the regular, but I sure do miss it. So, I’m going to dip my toe back in with links to articles from other amazing folks that you may or may not know – not only to share their stuff, but to get back in the habit of posting things here. I also have some beauty things I have done this year that I want to share with you, like my trip to Spa Castle down in Texas, and going floating at Float OKC. There is also another Makeup Show happening in Dallas next month, so, you know I’m going to be going down there, too.

(Sourced from the Googles, but I can't find the creator)

(Sourced from the Googles, but I can’t find the creator)

Plus, I just like all kinds of random stuff on the internet. Like the tagline says, “the older I get, the more beauty I see”. My definition of “beauty” just continues to get broader with each passing year. Which is just my way of saying that getting back on the proverbial posting horse is really for me, and that I hope you come hang out with me sometimes, too.

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There is more to beauty than lipstick.

glasses beauty quote As I was sitting in the hospital waiting room, reading the latest InStyle magazine on my iPad (*isn’t technology grand?), waiting for my sweet Momma to have one more test to try and figure out this lingering cough she has been fighting, I realize – I don’t care about the latest lipstick releases, and I apparently haven’t for a while now. It’s not that I don’t like them any more, it’s just that I can’t focus on them that much nowadays. Life has caught up with me, in more ways than one.

I tell you guys that I love being over 40 and that is absolutely true. Except, that being over 40 means there are more visits to loved ones in hospitals, and more funerals to attend than one would like, which is really none. But, with things like that happening more and more frequently, it really makes you appreciate the beauty in life all around us, in ways you don’t think of as beautiful, but are more touching than making sure you have the right Coral for Spring. 😉

There is beauty in:

1) The way my Momma *needed* her razor when she was in the hospital, because she was damn certain no one was going to see her with lip fuzz.

2) The way someone can provide stability to someone whose life is filled with chaos.

3) The way one can find hearts in places you wouldn’t think to look.

4) The way a baby giggles when you nom on their little fat rolls on their thighs. (*Mmmm…baby thighs!)

5) The way your kid says “Welcome to CVS” when you walk in to where he works.

6) Freckles.

So, yeah, there are lots of things going on around here that makes me want to shift focus on my site and include so many more things I find beauty in, and I will. And you may not want to be along for the ride. I get it. No hard feelings.

But if you stick around, you might find a space that you enjoy as much, if not more as before. And, don’t worry, I will still share what I try, just maybe not as quickly, or as much, as before. (*Don’t forget, I am also sharing my life on twitter and Instagram.)

I am not in this for the race to post, nor the pressure of the blogging world, as it has become. I’m in it for me, and whatever I want to write about, and would love for you to keep hanging out with me, too.

And, damn it, I *will* find that elusive, perfect, Holy Grail Plum eyeliner.

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Emmy’s 2012 Beauty

Image courtesy of The Primetime Emmy® Awards

Did you guys watch the Emmy’s last night? I am an award show groupie! I love to watch the Red Carpet pre-shows, the actual shows and even the post-show wrap-ups! Not only to see who wins in the category’s, but to see what everyone is wearing and how they look. Okay, mostly how they look because sometimes I think a dress is hideous and it wins for best look of the night, so I am def not a judge of fashion.

Anyway, some of the looks really stood out for me last night and I made a point to post about what was used to get those looks over on the Older Girl Beauty Facebook page. Mosey over there and check out what you can use to get those Red Carpet looks at home!

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Beauty in all forms

You guys know, I don’t get into “sizeism” here. I’m a big girl, I think I’m beautiful & I really try to encourage other women to appreciate how beautiful they are, too, by way of compliments and encouragement. That is why it just gets me so disappointed when I hear other people being discouraging – whether they intend to or not.This is Gabby Sidibe. She is a beautiful and talented Oscar nominated actress that just radiates joy. She was so pleased with how she looked on Oscar night, she declared herself “fashion porn”. Even famed film critic, Roger Ebert noticed it when he tweeted: “Gabby picked a great dress. But what do I know? She was so happy. Comfortable within her ownself.”. I absolutely agree.That is why I got so disappointed last night, when, while tweeting away with so many lovely people last night about all of the things going on, I recieved this message, re: Gabby:

“I do hope that she (*Gabby) loses some of the weight. She will probable (sic) never be an 8, but she is too pretty (*to be a big girl).”

This came from a (shall remain publicly nameless) beauty blogger that has been active for over 3 years & has over 4,000 twitter followers, so, they aren’t a newbie or someone that people haven’t discovered, yet. They are someone with a voice that can, and is, heard far and wide. I think that is what stung so badly – they actively promote beauty, yet they project an image of one that appreciates beauty in a narrowly focused vision, which is a damn shame. While we may not always agree what is “beautiful”, we all should know that we can, and do, impact other people with our opinions and actions. All it takes is encouragement to spread joy, no matter what we see. Please take the time to continue to foster that thought, instead of knocking something because it’s not what *you* would like to see. Especially on this “International Women’s Day”.*Edit: As of this morning, before this post, the quoted tweet was deleted. I’m going to hope that they reconsidered what they said, instead of just not wanting to deal with the possible pushback from people seeing it.

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