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Clairol Root Touch Up Freshens Up

updated Clairol Touch-Up Since I color my hair red, it’s super noticeable when my natural ashy brown and grey roots start growing in. Usually I just try and hide them in a ponytail (*because I am lazy). But, I can’t keep it up in pony’s all the time – not for lack of trying. 😉 So, that means I have to color my roots in between my regular coloring.

Now, you already know that I use Clairol Root Touch-Up on the regular. Well, I wanted to let you know that they have updated a couple of things about it recently – the brush and the color tray (bowl), leaving the coloring part itself unchanged. The brush is now a little wider and the handle is angled a bit more for easier holding, and the end of it comes to a point that you can part your hair to get to the grays better. But, I am more impressed with the tray upgrade. The old tray was like a mini-meatloaf pan, a small rectangular shape with tall sides. It worked really well, but I always had to make sure that I was holding on to it when I dipped my brush in it, so that it didn’t tip over. This new one is shaped like a tiny, oval pet dish. Meaning, it is now oval and has rolled over sides to give it more stability. With the new design, I can dip the brush in the color, while my other hand can keep my hair parted and ready for the color application, without worrying that it’s going to tip over, because it’s not.

If you are a regular user, you should already be seeing the new Clairol Root Touch Up boxes at mass market retailers in your area now so you should be able to use’em next time. And if you haven’t tried it yet, why not?

*Disclaimer: This was provided by the company’s PR for editorial consideration to check out the new designed tools, but I spend my own money on this on the regular. My hair grows fast.

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Marie Robinson tells how to keep that pony colored

Ever since I started this whole exerciste nonsense this summer, and the institution of a heinous dress code policy at work, I now wear my hair up in a ponytail every day. Literally. The only times you will see it down is during our “It’s Just Lipstick” Spreecasts or if I have an event to go to.

So, these tips from celebrity colorist & Clairol Color Director, Marie Robinson, on how to achieve a perfectly colored ponytail are great for me, and hopefully you, too:

  • If you have highlights… make sure they are always fresh around the hairline. If highlights are a part of your fall/winter look, make your ponytail glamorous with a slightly bolder style (think Audrey Hepburn’s haute high bun hair ’do a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s).
  • If you’re a blonde… like a bright buttery blonde, then this hairstyle will look great in a ponytail against black or charcoal coats and clothing. Add a pop of color with a bright pink or royal blue satin ribbon to show off that blonde!
  • If you have dark hair… your hair can easily look shiny and rich. So, if the ponytail is your style of the season, try warming up your current shade. I love how Natural Instincts in Cinnaberry can make it shimmer even more.
  • If you’re a deep red or auburn… your hair color tends to fade quickly and grays can show fast when pulling your hair back. A simple trick is to use Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-Up in Dark Auburn to make sure your hair line stays flawless. (*Ed note: This is *exactly* what I do.)
  • If your hair is natural in color or a dull brown… feel free to be a little adventurous with your ponytail. Try a trendy look this holiday season with ombre color! Dip your ends into pale blonde color (this is best left to a professional) and the lighter tips will show off your pony without commitment to color or changing your overall look around your face.

Do you guys wear a pony in winter? Or are you a throw it up in the summer or when I’m working out kind of gal?

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Sponsored – Daily Tip on Clairol’s Facebook Page

Hi lovelies!

Just a quick reminder that, like I mentioned before, I am on Clairol’s Facebook Page with my tip on the Natural Instincts Daily Refreshments Calendar today:

Stop by, check it out and click around to check out the other tips you might have missed this month!

*Disclaimer: I am being compensated for this post and my participation in the calendar.

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Find your Natural Instincts “Vibrant” color – for FREE!

Some of you may not have realized that Natural Instincts had revamped their look and introduced a new “Vibrant” line, that includes a 2-week color refresher. Well, NI wants to make sure that all of you know it now, by giving you a chance to try it for FREE!

Starting at 12pmEST on May 13th (today!) thru May 15th (Sunday), you can go to the Clairol Facebook Page and get one of 25,000 free boxes they are giving out each day. I’m telling you – you better be quick, because I am certain these will go fast!

Also, just to let you know, I recently tried the “Vibrant” Dark Auburn, and the hue really is a brighter, not brassy color. In fact, it’s time for me to try the refresher (*review coming soon!).

Lemme know if you are able to snag one of these and what you think after you try it!

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Product Recall Info – Clairol Natural Instincts

You guys know that I am a big Clairol Natural Instincts supporter, due to my several posts here on OGB. Well, when I heard about a recall they were doing, I wanted to make sure that you guys had the information, too:

The Natural Instincts shades affected by the recall are:

— Shade 16 Light Auburn (Spiced Tea)

— Shade 35 Brown Black (Ebony Mocha)

— Creme Shade 03G Light Golden Blonde (Honey Creme)

— Creme Shade 7.5 Dark Blonde (Maple Creme)

— Creme Shade 21G Medium Golden Brown (Caramel Creme)

— Creme Shade 23R Medium Auburn (Raspberry Creme)

— Creme Shade 30R Dark Auburn (Cherry Creme)

— Creme Shade 31 Darkest Brown (Coffee Creme)

— Vibrant Shade 9 Natural Light Blonde (Blonde Vibrance)

— Vibrant Shade 10 Extra Light Blonde (Sun-Kissed Blonde)

“Customers who have purchased the recalled shades can call Clairol for a replacement number at 866-493-0512.”

**UPDATE**Just heard from the Natural Instincts reps and they wanted to make sure that we all understand that it is mismatched refreshers in the boxes that is being recalled – that the color itself is fine. If you want to read more specific details of the recall, including instructions on how to determine if you have a recalled box, please check out the Clairol alert page: http://www.clairol.com/alert/

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