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How I have decent heels in flippy’s

I hate wearing shoes. Seriously. If I could be barefoot all the time, I would be a happy girl. Heck, I could be the “Barefoot Bandit”‘s girlfriend if it wasn’t for the whole “stealing” thing he had going on. Of course, running around barefoot doesn’t make for the prettiest of tootsies. In fact, it makes my heels pretty dang callusy and hard.

Since it’s summer, and I have to leave my house sometimes, I tend to throw on some flip-flops, which doesn’t hide the heel horror that I sport. So, I need some heavy duty help to make them presentable. After trying many things, I have narrowed it down to two things that help a lot.

First, I use:

  • Sally Hansen “Just Feet” Deep Callus Remover – This gel is powerful at cutting thru dried calluses with its second ingredient: Potassium hydroxide (*first being water), but it has the added benefits of Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender to help sooth the skin after its exfoliation. The instructions say, “Squeeze a small amount onto callused skin for 60 seconds and rub gently. Wash hands immediately and thoroughly. Wash away excess immediately and thoroughly with warm, soapy water. Do not leave on longer than 1 minute.” (*I told you it was powerful.) It really does slough off the skin – I usually use a pumice stone to help it along, but that is because I have heels like an armadillo’s back – you shouldn’t need to do that. (*I picked my bottle up at Target for around $7, but you can get it at any drugstore or mass market store for around the same amount.)
  • After I get my feet smoother, I like to moisturize and make it softer, so then I use:

  • CurĂ©l Targeted Therapy Deep Penetrating Foot Cream – This moisturizer contains “highly emollient shea butter, rich coconut milk, and naturally healing vitamin E”. In addition, “Study demonstrates improvement in hydration on heels after only 2 days of application”. Again, my heels are not the typical case study heels, but I can tell a difference in how my heels feel the mornings after I apply this at night. It is really thick, so, socks really are needed to sleep in after you apply this, otherwise, you’ll just wipe it all off on your sheets, which is just annoying in so many ways. (*PR sent me my first tube of this, but I have picked it up at Walmart since then for around $5. Again, you should be able to pick this up at any drugstore or mass market retailer for about the same amount.)

    Have you tried either of these? I know we are pretty much 2/3rds of the way thru summer, so, what have you been using to keep your feet presentable in all of those cute sandals and flippy’s you’ve been wearing all the time now?

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