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Beauty Spotlight: My Turn on a Desert Island

photo courtesy of Beau Wade Photography

photo courtesy of Beau Wade Photography

It’s my turn on the Beauty Spotlight Team Desert Island. They decided that after the week I had with AT&T disconnecting me from my site, they thought I needed to a bit to “disconnect” deliberately, alone on a sandy beach. I’m all for that. But, I’ll be damned if I am going there unprepared.

Thankfully, they are letting me take 12 things I think I’m going to need, and they have generously left me plenty of sunscreen and lip balm so I don’t have to worry about those. I tried to be a wee bit practical (*well, as practical as you can be taking beauty products to a deserted island) and even tried to multi-task a few things, too.

Without further ado, let’s check and see what I “needed” on the island:

older-girl-beauty-12 products-desert-island

Dermorganics Leave-In Treatment: My hair is going to take a beating from the sun and the salt water, so I am going to keep it coated with this sweet smelling argan oil to help keep it as healthy as possible.

Tweezerman Pointed Slant tweezers: This two way tweezer allows for regular slanted grooming, but it also has a really sharp point for fine detail work, whether it be on those teeny brow hairs that show up overnight or pulling out the inevitable splinter I am sure to get while trying to construct some type of shelter.

Mario Badescu SPF 30 Moisturizer: I know that I am going to be slathering on the sunscreen, but I am still going to need to moisturizer like a fiend to keep my skin soft after getting beat by the sun & salt water. And, adding in some more sunscreen sure won’t hurt anything, either.

A bamboo towel: As every hitchhiker/traveler knows, a towel is one of the most important things you can have. And, if you can have one that is organic, absorbs faster than cotton AND is soft? Then you are richer than jewels – at least if you are stranded on a beach.

Mally Beauty “In The Buff” palette: Seriously, are you guys sick of me talking about this palette, yet? You had to know it was going to be on this list, esp since it includes the eyeshadow primer that locks in the color, even when I’m sweating on the beach. Plus, these colors look really good when applied wet, which is great since I am going to be surrounded by water!

Secret Clinical Waterproof Deodorant: It’s a fact that you will get sweaty and nasty on the island. Yes, I know that I am not going to be around other people, but I don’t want to smell myself. (*You *know* it’s bad when you can smell yourself, right?). Enter the clinical strength deodorant. And since I am surrounded by water, AND sweating, to have a waterproof version is ideal.

Mally Beauty Volumizing Waterproof Mascara: We all know that I am rarely without mascara on. Except I *hate* waterproof mascara – it just feels heavy on my eyes, if that makes sense. So, color me surprised when I used a tube of Mally mascara, in the pink tube, for almost 3 months before I realized it was the waterproof formula. It just didn’t feel like any waterproof formula I had tried before. And, that is why it is a no-brainer that I would include this one to go to the island with me, for sure.

Neosporin + Pain Relief: I am of a mind that Neosporin can heal almost anything short of a broken bone & even then it will do all it can to keep infection from getting in the broken skin. See? It’s tough. And, add in pain relief? Yeah, it’s a double duty helper. And, we all know that I *am* going to hurt myself in some way on this island, and I’m going to need this. Plus, if my skin starts rebelling, this can be used to help heal all kinds of eruptions that I have probably picked at and made worse, just from boredom.

Goody QuikStyle Comb: Playing in the surf is going to make my hair a tangled mess. That is where this comb, with its two rows of off-set teeth comes in. Its wide tooth style makes it super easy to detangle hair quickly, and even gets more water out of the hair at the same time. And, since I more than likely have a Scrunchie wrapped around the handle, I’m am calling that part of my comb and not a separate item in my product count. 😉 You can bet that I am definitely rocking a scrunchie on the deserted island, where I am free from the ridicule that some folks heap on me and my comfy ponytail wrap!

Tweezerman Tweezermate 12x Magnifying Mirror: I know that I am going to be bored, which means what better thing to do than obsess over the finer details of my face? And, remember, I *do* have some pointy tweezers to play with, too. Of course, the mirror can be used for other things, like, seeing around corners or starting fires, but we all know I’m going to sit there, staring at myself. It’s going to happen.

Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser: I know I have told you guys about this Holy Grail eye makeup remover before, so you know there was no way I was going to this island without it. My eyes are just going to be roughed up with the salt water, so they are going to need to be soothed and this will do just that. Besides, I’m going to need to take that waterproof makeup off at some point, right?

Votre Vu Tarte D’Amande Souffle Riche Pour Le Corps: No matter how much sunscreen I am layering on, my skin is still going to be getting dried out from the sun and salt water. So, when I am laying on the beach, counting stars, I am going to have this delicious smelling, uber-rich lotion all over my body to try to keep it as supple as possible. If I’m going to have to put it on thick on the daily, I’m going to want something that I love smelling all the time. This more than takes care of that.

So, that’s what I would take and why I needed to include’em in my pack. What about you? What beauty products would you take if you were stepping away from society for a bit?

*Disclaimer: Some of these products were provided by the company’s PR for editorial consideration, and some of them were paid for with my hard-earned cash. Either way, my opinions are my own.

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Win your own "Dove Visibly Smooth" sticks – you don’t have to share

Remember when I told you guys about the “Dove Red Carpet Event” I hosted and I said that I would be giving away *5* sticks to 5 lucky readers? Well, it’s time to give them away. I’ve even made it easy peasy. Just enter your name and email address in the box below and it will pick 5 random winners. This contest will run from Monday, April 12th at 12pmCST to 11:59pmCST Monday, April 19th. (*Limit one entry per email address and for US residents only.) Good luck!

Sponsored Post: Be Visibly Smooth on the Red Carpet

You guys, I recently had a chance to host a “Red Carpet Event” sponsored by Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant. (*And when I say sponsored, I mean they were generous enough to provide a flip camera to record the fun, funds for food, drinks and goodies for a gift bag for the party, jewelry for the guests to help them feel dressed up for the Red Carpet and samples of Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant to try.) Unfortunately, my party wasn’t able to be scheduled for an Oscars viewing party, but I did have the Red Carpet vibe by showing Meryl Streep’s Oscar nominated performance in “Julie and Julia”, where she plays Julia Child. (*Did you know that that was her 16th nomination – more than any other actor/actress in the history of the Academy?). I also enjoy the “Julie” (*played by Amy Adams) side of the movie, as I can kind of relate to someone starting their own blog & enjoying when people discover it, too. But, before we started the movie, we chatted about Dove’s Visibly Smooth Deodorant. Have you guys heard about this? They say it “is an anti-perspirant deodorant that works to minimize the visual appearance of underarm hair over time, while providing effective 24-hour odor and wetness protection. Its unique formula contains Pro-Epil Complex and natural extracts, as well as Dove 1/4 translucent moisturizers.” This pretty much means that it’s got 24hr protection and while its NOT a dipilatory, it will make your underarm hair less noticable *over time* – not instantly. It also smells really nice. We had a chance to try the “Wild Rose” scent, but there is also a “Nature Fresh” scent that I have smelled, too. Since I haven’t used it for all that long, I can’t say that I have gotten the full benefit of the “over time” visible difference, but I can say that my underarms do feel softer already, so that’s definitely something.You can pick up either one of these scents up at any local mass market drugstore or big box store for around $5, but if you click here right now there is a $2off coupon for you to use. PLUS, very shortly I will be giving away *5* sticks to 5 lucky readers. Can’t beat *free* right?

Goodies for the party
We had all kinds of snacks for the party, including meats, cheeses, fruits and chocolate dipped strawberries, pretzels and marshmallows.

Chocolate dipped goodies
We even made chocolate dipped pretzels & strawberries. They were stupid simple to make, leading me to wonder why I don’t do that more.

Cynthia and the necklace
One of the gifts that Dove provided was a necklace for each of the attendees.

Jenna checking out her own necklace
The necklaces were in different colors, so each lovely lady had her own color in their gift bag.

Putting it on
Cynthia couldn’t wait to try the deodorant out – not that she smelled funny or anything. We didn’t make her put it on, I swear.

Dove Giftbag
Not only did I make sure everyone got a gift bag with a necklace and a deodorant to try, I added a few extra goodies to the bag, too: some sister Dove products like soap, hair spray and chocolates, there were also some e.l.f. products like eyelashes for glam eyes and even gloss in “Red Carpet”.

Us watching Julie watching Julia
Our “Red Carpet” movie was “Julie & Julia”, starring Oscar nominee Meryl Streep. We had a blast eating snacks and hanging out watching the movie.

Raise your hand if you’re Sure….

Okay, lovelies – it’s another TMI time. I’ll just put it out there. I have itchy armpits. (What? Don’t act like you’ve never heard anything like that before….). I have been a Secret Deodorant user for years.
I was especially a fan of their Platinum Conditioning Solid in Botanical. Well, it appears they have changed their formula to this Secret Flawless formula. They say “If you like Platinum, you’ll love Flawless”. Eh, not so much. Ever since I got this “stick”, I swear I look like a chimp scratching at my pits. Not so pretty in the office, let me tell you. And since this is the only thing that has changed in my armpit routine (yeah, I guess you could call it that), it *has* to be this.
So, I turn to you lovelies – can you give me some suggestions as to what would be good to try and not have this problem any more? I am not all up in the “gotta be organic” wagon, but I won’t rule it out. (In fact, I have heard good things about “Pit Putty” by Bubble and Bee, whose Vanilla Peppermint Salt Scrub sounds almost good enough to freakin’ eat, too). Help a girl out here, plz.

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