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Female Adult ADHD

Who has Adult ADHD?

I really need to talk about females who have Adult ADHD, but I really don’t know what to say, yet. I think I just want to open up the conversation about it.

Like, do you know anyone that has it? Do YOU have it? Were you diagnosed as an adult? Do you think you really have it? Or is it a relief to be diagnosed with it? And, do you feel guilty about having it/being diagnosed with it?

I have so many questions, and fear that far too many folks don’t have any anecdotal answers for me about it. Because, apparently, diagnosing females with ADHD is a very complicated thing that has been misdiagnosed pretty much since it was identified in white, male children. Go figure. What – we only get 78% of diagnoses as men now, too? *eyeroll*


Anyway, no, I’m not diagnosed with it. But, after reading about it and self-diagnosing myself (*Thanks too much free time between jobs!), I raised the possibility with my long-term doctor, who agreed that it might be something to look at further, when I’m on insurance again and can get back in there to chat about it.

I am certain I will have more to say about this, and hopefully you might, too.

*UPDATE* I just found out that it is “ADHD Awareness Month”. I want to say “Woohoo! I’m on time for something!”, but, it’s the 7th already, so, I guess I’m late on this, too. Go me!

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