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A Boring Week of Changes – Older Girl Beauty

This week was a typical week – work, school, sleep – with just a couple of big changes. The biggest for me was that I had my hair cut off. This is my Before/After, to see how much of a change the haircut made: IMG_5144

And, yeah, the after is all nice and straight, but, like anytime you go to the salon, it will not look like that after you get home. In fact, my intention is to wear it messy, wavy, casual as much as possible because, 1) lazy and 2) style. But, mostly lazy, not gonna lie. Haircut styles

I also want to comment that it was really cool of KMS California for arranging the training for the folks here in town at Duncan Brothers Salon, that was led by their International Stylist, Simon Miller. (*How adorable are Simon, Rebekah and I? I *told* you he had an amazing beard!) Rebekah, Simon Miller and Myself

So, now I have to finagle the finer details of fixing it on the daily. And I have one big question – how do I refresh my curls/waves on the daily, without washing my hair every day, because that is NOT happening.

Any suggestions?

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Backstage at Carmen Marc Valvo S/S 2012 – Models’ Haircut

Anything can happen backstage at fashion shows. And the models know it. In fact, they come in knowing they are blank canvasses that will be molded into what the designer wants them to look like for their show. This includes their hair.

Backstage at the Carmen Marc Valvo Spring/Summer 2012, Carmen decided that one of the models’ hair was too blunt & after discussing it with famed hairstylist, Ted Gibson, the model got a haircut that most people would pay a lot of money for & didn’t realize it.

Would you let the designer, or the show hairstylist, change your hair – given the opportunity – or do you think you would only let them style it and tell them to stay away with the shears? I know I would let Ted cut my hair any time, any way, that he would want to, that’s for sure!

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