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Jemma Kidd display

The first thing I saw as I was “accidentally” walking towards the Beauty section of Target, was a new endcap – it was the new diffusion line from Jemma Kidd. It was all Hot Pink, Black and White:

It was the first day out, so only a couple of testers had even been touched. Lemme tell you – kid in a candy store being the first to play. They provided cottom swabs and a mirror that reminded me of a locker mirror for school. But! There was not a trash to be had. Even a tiny bucket. So, I got to carry used cotton swabs for the rest of my time there. Quibble, quibble.

Anyway, on the top row were the lip products. It included a lip pallette, lip primer, several glosses, a lip plumper and several lipsticks. Mostly neutral colors with a couple to pop.

The blue in the middle is the lip plumper, and the red tubes on the far end are very muted nudes are some kind of special tubes, but I am not certain what set them apart.

On the next shelf were the eyeshadows. There were only 3 shadow duos (not pictured) but they were each in the brownish family. As for the singles, they seemed fairly pigmented, with several neutrals and 5 vibrants.
These sell for $18, so I don’t know if they are a better deal than MAC, esp with the limited selections.

On the next shelf were three cream blushes (no shown) in a light, medium and darker shade. There were also 5 cream shadows I need to go back and look at. I passed right over them because I was so distracted by the glow from the 6 vibrant liquid liners, which include a brown, teal, and purple. In addition, there are mascara’s and also pencil liners. The pencils come in several colors to complement the liquids, and then also some very neutrals – some may have been brow pencils, too. There is also a brush set, with some travel sized brushes in a fold over pouch.
Lastly, on the bottom shelf are the face products. She has some tinted moisturizers, pressed powders and powder blushes – all in just three shades each. I just think that will not be enough shades to satisfy everyone, or allow enough people to use them. I mean, if you are going to charge MAC/Bobbi Brown/etc prices, you need to have enough variety to give people more choice. Just my opinion, of course.

Overall, there were some neat products that I saw on display. Sorry that I don’t know too many of the specific names, as I was just browsing around with all the other folks this fine Saturday. I may try to go back one night and try to get some swatches to pic.

I also have pics of the Napoleon Perdis and Pixi displays that I will be posting next.

*In case you missed seeing the other displays, here are the NP set and Pixi links.

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Saturday at the Tar-jay!

Went to the Target this afternoon and wouldn’t ya know I ran smack into the displays for the 3 new diffusion makeup lines by Jemma Kidd, Napoleon Pardis and Petra Strand.

I even managed to snap a few pics while I was there, which I will be posting shortly. Until then, read this LA Times article comparing how these makeup lines compare to their more expensive original counterparts.

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