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I fell for Napoleon Perdis when I saw him on the first “cycle” of “Australia’s Next Top Model”, that VH-1 was airing, until they cruelly pulled it after airing the first six episodes (leading a girl to scour online to see if she can find eppys to see who won). I adored the way he smacked down one of the girls who didn’t listen to him about taking off her false eyelashes. He just dismissed her. Love!

So, you know when I heard that TLC was going to be airing a reality show of him leading a master class to find a protege to rep him in the US called “Get Your Face On”, you know my DVR was set immediately. This is because it is scheduled fun-ky! Like 6am CST Monday thru Friday for two weeks, only. No repeats. So, if you snooze, literally, you lose. Today was the 4th day, and I actually woke up early to see what was going on today. Yes, I know I should be watching “Blush: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist, (don’t worry, lovelies, I have all eppys on my dvr), but Napoleon’s aussie accent trumps Maxi’s OTT drama right now. 
But I see a mini-marathon in my future, no worries.

Napoleon Perdis – NP set display

Just around the corner from the Jemma Kidd display in Target was the display for the new Napoleon Perdis diffusion line NP set.
Not as brightly colored as the JK display, but looking like a compact set of essentials but with more variety in colors.

Top shelf was for the eyes. I noticed that he is not that big into pallettes with this line, like JK. On the top shelf are the 4 eyeshadow pallettes he has – 3 are brownish neutrals and one is a blue grey one.
To the right of those are the mascara and these neat two color loose powders with pointed sponge applicators. Some neat pairs in those sticks.

The next shelf was for the lips, with a range of lipsticks, some neat compact glosses (but unfortunately I didn’t see any lip brushes anywhere, so fingertip application it is) with a mirror in the lid.
He also had a lip stain and a plumper in tubes. Next to those were his lip gloss tubes, which were some nice deeper colors. There is one on the end that was a really bright red/pink with sparkles, tho. I didn’t test these, so I am not certain how sticky they are.

He had a nice range of lippie colors that felt good when swiped, but I’m not certain of staying power of these, either.
I do, however, really like the tubes themselves, with the color on top for quick id. That is not the actual lipstick product, but a nice insert at the end of the tube in plastic. (See it? My wrist strap was trying to point it out for you.)

Here is a better close up of the 6 gloss compacts. As you can tell, the available cotton swabs were used ever so carefully to get a sample of each of these glosses.

The only other true pallette I saw was for this concealer. Coming with its own brush, it looks like you can mix and match to get your own perfect shade, even if you have reddish undertones that need the green to balances.
He also has concealer in the tube with a click pen application. I know The Muse with definitely try that out just for the applicator alone. 😉

Next to his concealer was his “Memory Foundation”, a compact powder foundation. It contains Australian Myrtle oil “which boasts healing properties for the skin”.
I am not certain how that works, but with 7 different shades, it looks like he has given enough of a variety for more women to try and find out for themselves.

On the bottom shelf was the face products. Included in this were these 4 baked color duos. They were not a bit shimmery, meant to be very matte. He also offers a travel brush set.
Just past the baked duos were three cream blushes, in stick form, and 4 “Mineral Veils”, which were his liquid foundations (you can kind of see where they are in the display in one of the upper pics). These still had the plastic on them sealed up, but they had a Tester sticker on them, so I expect to go back and check these out soon.

Overall, I think there is more variety in colors with this over the JK line, however they both have different packaging for what they do have. Again, still not digging on the price points overall, but after testing there may be one or two that I might need to get.

Up next will be the last new display that I saw, the diffusion line Pixi, by Petra Strand.

*Just in case you didn’t see the other displays, here are the Jemma Kidd and Pixi links.

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Saturday at the Tar-jay!

Went to the Target this afternoon and wouldn’t ya know I ran smack into the displays for the 3 new diffusion makeup lines by Jemma Kidd, Napoleon Pardis and Petra Strand.

I even managed to snap a few pics while I was there, which I will be posting shortly. Until then, read this LA Times article comparing how these makeup lines compare to their more expensive original counterparts.

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