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Petra Strand – Pixi display

Right at the beginning of the aisle in Target was the new diffusion line from Petra Strand, Pixi. She is calling this “Makeup to Wakeup” and it is very much about sets.The display is all backed with the pastel green shade that is the coloring of the the packaging. With as much as was on display, it was almost a bit too much for me.

Up top there is a cream “mineral veil” compact foundation. (When did everything become “mineral veils and not foundations? Does that just sound too old fashioned and heavy? Or is it just trendy to say “mineral” in everything now? Anyway…) There are also three shades of eye brightener and a “Fresh Face Collection”, which seems like a grab it kit. Next to that, and what caught my eye, were three concealer tubes with what looks like a roller ball application. I am def going to go back and see what that is all about. Next to that are several lip glosses.
Next to that, and what caught my eye, were three concealer tubes with what looks like a roller ball application. I am def going to go back and see what that is all about. Next to that are several lip glosses.

On the next shelf and below you can see that this line is all about palettes and things that are meant to go together. In the middle are Lip Silks and Energy Blushes, which are helpfully numbered to go together. There is also something in the little white bottle called “Eye Colour Sealer” – not certain how that works, either. Next to that are the Lid & Line pencil liners and then 3 colors of gel liners, which are a black, deep navy and a dark green.
On the next shelf down are the over abundance of palette variety. What the other two lines lacked, this line more than makes up for. There are thirteen (13!) Eye Beauty Kits. These are shadow only palettes. Down a shelf lower, you will see that there are 3 Lip Glow Kits that are all lippie colors. You can also see in the lower right a Lume Lux Eye Palette and a Lume Lux Lip Palette, just in case any of the other mulitudes weren’t just what you wanted. Next to those palettes are three shades of mineral make-up, a set of travel brushes and then three shades of bronzer, too.

There are also two Water Blushes that seem to be modeled after benetint . The darker Chestnut Stain might be close, but the lighter Rose Stain is def no posietint.
Next to the stains is an eye primer, which makes me even more curious about the Colour Sealer. On the other side is really what I would say is the closest thing to a lipstick there, but really it was more of a moisturizing lip color, and there was only two of them.

Here’s a better pic of the a number of the glosses that there are. They call these “Lip Boosters”. Lots of claims on these: “Boost volume to improve lip contour by filling in fine lines. Provides maximum hydration and helps restore collagen, formulated for dry sensitive lips”. Okay, wow. That’s alot of talk for a shiny pretty for the lips, doncha think? These have a built in brush for application. Again, didn’t test these out for stickiness, because, really, isn’t that important, too? 😉 This is a better pic of the “Illuminating Tint and Conceal” tubes which has what looks to be a rollerball applicator. It also has an SPF 2o in it.

More go together products, this time the Lip Blush and the Sheer Cheek Gel. Again, these are also helpfully numbered to make sure that you get the most complementary shades together.
I didn’t play with these, but it looks like the Lip Blushes also have the brush applicator. I will have to go back and see how thick of a consistency the Sheer Cheek Gel is, and if its sticky. (I kid.)

In addition the the travel brush set, and keeping with the sets ideas, is the travel “Must-Have Kit”. It is an all-in-one kit that comes in three shades, “Pretty Perky”, “Bronze Bombshell” and “Ravishing Rosy”.
Each kit contains a full set of brushes, two eye colours, two lip colours and a cheek glow. Each in matching colour combos. (See? All working together…)

And, I am not sure if I mentioned it, but I wanted to let you know that there are also eyeshadow palettes available in this line. Seriously.
I gotta say that this line had the most variety of all three of the new lines at Target – to the most that I think it is too much. Do we really need 13! eyeshadow palettes to choose from? I know I don’t, esp if it is like any other palette I have ever bought in that I don’t use every color in it –
there is always that one that just sits there, unused, taunting me with its uselessness.

Again, must mention price points. Still a bit much for me, considering what upper brands I can get for right at or just a bit more than these. Granted there are items in this (and the other lines) that peak my interest, we will see if I actually buy in to these upper-mid range diffusion lines.

At least I like the fact that they are out there, if that says anything.

*If you missed seeing the other displays, here are the Jemma Kidd and NP set links.

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Saturday at the Tar-jay!

Went to the Target this afternoon and wouldn’t ya know I ran smack into the displays for the 3 new diffusion makeup lines by Jemma Kidd, Napoleon Pardis and Petra Strand.

I even managed to snap a few pics while I was there, which I will be posting shortly. Until then, read this LA Times article comparing how these makeup lines compare to their more expensive original counterparts.

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