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Meredith and I and the Asian Haul

This year I was lucky enough to have my good friend, (*and brain sharer), Meredith from Retrodiva’s Beauty move down to Dallas, which is only 3hrs away from me. This means I get to see her more often, and we get to discover all kinds of things in Big D.

This time we went Asian goodie shopping, including a trip to Daiso, which is like an Asian dollar store, on the rec of G, from Nouveau Cheap, whose rec’s I can take to the bank without hesitation. Then we also went over to TonyMoly, which you may recognize from seeing it at Urban Outfitters, and picked up some skincare stuff, too.

And we spend a lot of time telling you about what we got, because we talk a lot. Which we do when we are together, so, go get you a cup of something good and settle in for a sit, while we show you what we picked up, and talk about whatever comes up.

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