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Makeup Wars: Pampering at Home

In this edition of Makeup Wars we discuss how we pamper ourselves at home. I do a lot of regular maintenance all the time, but I try to make a point to have one evening a month where I go all in on taking care of myself tip to toe. I will usually do this on a Friday or Saturday night, so that I can totally relax and know that I can sleep in the next day all refreshed, as opposed to knowing that in a few hours I will have to get up and start the week if I do this on a Sunday night.

Pampering - Bathroom I always make a point to set the bathroom stage for relaxation by running a tub with a bath soak/bath fizz (*I tend not to do bubbles since I have a small tub and don’t have much room for them and me in the same tub.) and light a candle (*I usually use a smaller tea light or so since the bathroom is small, that way I don’t overpower everywhere with the scent. The ones in my rotation right now are the SheaTerra Organics Moroccan Lava & Argan Oil Volcanic Bath Soak and Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange 3oz soy candle.

Pampering - Face I have a regular facial skincare routine that I do on the daily, but I tend to be super thorough & decadent when I take time for myself. This includes starting with the Patyka Biokaliftin Radiant Cleansing Ritual. This 3-step process was inspired by the Japanese women’s cleansing ceremonial. It starts with the Remarquable Cleansing Oil, followed by the Delicate Cleansing Foam and finishing with the Smoothing Revitalising Toner. This takes some time to complete, but it’s calming and my skin feels so clean. After that, I do the two-step RoC® Retinol Correxion® MAX Wrinkle Resurfacing System, which includes the Anti-Wrinkle Treatment with RoC® Retinol, followed by the Resurfacing Serum with E-Pulse® Technology. To soothe my skin after that, I slather on a good layer of the Patyka Intense Moisturising Mask and head to soak in the tub. When I am out of the tub and ready for bed, I put on a good dose of Patyka Ultra Rich Radiant Face Cream and some eye cream – right now I am digging the Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream, which really complements the RoC® resurfacing treatment for wrinkles.

Pampering - Hair As for my hair, I actually try to start that the night before by applying a hair oil to my scalp. Lately, I have been using the WEN by ChazDean Intensive Treatment Oil in the seasonal scent of “Vanilla Mint”, which smells ridiculously delicious to fall asleep smelling. I will wash that away with the Leonor Greyl Shampooing Creme Moelle de Bambou to help control my frizzy dryness and then comb in some Leonor Greyl Masque a L’Orchidee to give my hair a deep conditioning while I am soaking in the tub. These sulfate free treatments make sure to treat my color treated hair gently and help keep my scalp healthy and my hair frizz free down deep, while making my hair feel silky and very loved. (*And they all smell crazy good, too.)

Pampering - Body As for my body, I make sure to use my exfoliating mittens to go over my whole body and get rid of all of the dead skin. Sometimes I will use an exfoliating cleanser, but usually on treatment evenings, I will use a more moisturizing, and thicker, body wash, so I will exfoliate and then use the rich body wash to cleanse all of that away. As soon as I get out of the shower, I will layer products to seal in moisture, starting by putting on an oil, followed by a rich body lotion to make my skin feel soft, but not oily. Since I am SO ready for Spring to get here, I have been using a combination of products from the Carol’s Daughter Coconut Bath & Body Collection – the Dry Oil Mist and the Shea Soufflé (*which you would think would be super heavy since it is for dry to extra dry skin, but it really seems rather light and whipped to me.)

Pampering - Feet Lastly, I do not forget my feet – well, like I do for the rest of the month. I’m serious, I should really take better care of them, but they have been cooped up in closed shoes all winter and I haven’t had to look at them during the day. No excuse, I know, but, reality stinks sometimes. 😉 Anyway, you remember when I told you guys about the Sally Hansen Deep Callous Remover before? Well, it is still a staple in my arsenal because I have not found anything better to treat these heels of mine. So, I make sure soak my heels really well, and then I will take my pedicure loofah brick and scrub the ever living tar out of them. It’s crazy how soft I can get them without resorting to any blades. So after all that, when I go to bed, I will make sure and moisturize them well, but I have been cheating. I have been using the Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Hand Cream on my feet. My feet are so dry, that this glycerin based lotion really does coat my foot and keep more moisture in, just as it does for my hands, but they haven’t been nearly as dry as my feet have been this winter.

So, that’s it, just a mere 47, okay 19, steps to a Pampered Paula. Do you see why I need a night to do this and a morning to recover? Now, it’s your turn to tell me – how do you pamper yourself at home? And after you do that, go see how the other lovelies treat themselves, too:

*Disclaimer: Some of these products were provided by the company’s PR for editorial consideration and some were bought with my own money.

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Makeup Wars: Halloween Manicure

It’s time for another edition of “Makeup Wars”. This time we are showing off our Halloween manicures. Now, I am not a nail expert, nor do I claim to be. But, I do like to play in the polish, especially for special occasions.

This time around I used Limited Edition products from NYC and Sally Hansen. The polish that I used was the New York Color In A New York Minute nail polish in “Blackula” and “Pumpkin” (*Blackula is a glossy black, without shimmer and Pumpkin is a shimmery, but not glitter) and for the top coat I used NYC’s “Demon Glow”, which glows in the dark under UV light. Since I don’t live in a cool underground club where you can dance all night under purple lights, I couldn’t get a picture of the glow for you, but I can say that it does give a really great shine in natural light. If you do wear this to the club, take a pic for me and let me know what it looks like, okay?

For my accent nail, I used one the Halloween LE Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips – it has orange bats on black background. Of course, the way I put it on, it wrinkled up a smidge so it looks like a demented Jack-O-Lantern which is pretty fitting in this case, so I’m going with it. This was the first time I had used any of these strips and after I applied the top coat, it seemed like it shrank just a bit. I’m not certain if you are supposed to wear these with top coats or not, so maybe I did it wrong, but I just wanted you to be aware.

Since my kid is now a too cool for school teenager, I don’t have much chance to really dress up for Halloween and go trick or treating any more, so I think this is about it for my costume this year. What about you guys? Do you still dress up, or at least dress up your nails? Or even do special makeup for Halloween?

And after you tell me that, make sure and go check out with the other gals have done to their nails for Halloween:

*Disclaimer: These products were provided by the company’s PR for editorial consideration.

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Makeup Wars: Favorite Fall Polish

This edition of “Makeup Wars” is to show off our favorite fall polish, so I wanted to show you what I think is my favorite polish, which also happens to work in the fall.

I love me a grey polish – all shades and variations. Drugstore to department store. Local to international. If it’s grey, I need it. I can’t remember when it started, but I remember when my heart skipped a beat – it was when Sephora and OPI collaborated and introduced the amazing “Metro Chic”. This is what really started the “greige” rage and I was all in. This grey, purple-ish neutral stole my heart and that was that.

Some of the other grey’s that I grabbed for this pic are:

Maybelline Audacious Asphalt
Barry M NP293 Grey
NARS Storm Bird
Sally Hansen Gray By Gray
Some cute bottled grey from Asia
OCC Dangerous
Estee Lauder Wild Storm (discontinued)
Maybelline Silver Stunner (discontinued)

What is your favorite color to rock in the Fall?

And don’t forget to see what the favorite fall polishes of the other members of Makeup Wars is rocking this season:

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Sally Hansen Simply Smooths My Legs

I hate shaving my legs. I do. This should come as no surprised to you, as we have firmly established that I am beauty lazy. But there is also the annoyance with trying to balance in my too-small shower, which cream/gel/oil to use and whether my blade is too dull this time & I don’t want to get out of the running shower to get a new one RIGHT NOW. And I have been happy that it has been winter (*was that winter?), that I have had the ready made excuse of only wearing pants all the time for months now to avoid this nonsense as much as I could.

But, the calendar (*and Mother Nature) have determined that it is already Spring and I have got to do something about these legs to make them acceptable on a semi-regular basis. Enter Sally Hansen Simply Smooth Hair Remover Creme.This stuff was made for lazy girls like me, and folks that want easy, multi-day smooth legs.

Just smooth the cream on with the applicator – that snaps into the side of the bottle so you won’t lose it – about a minute or so before you get in the shower. It says that it will stay on in the shower, as long as directly water doesn’t hit it, but I have hard water pressure, so I made sure to stay out a couple of minutes to make sure it was working, just in case. Now, they have this “Odor Less” technology that lessens the smell of the product, and I have to say that it didn’t smell near as strong as I am used to from depilatories. It was still there, as it can’t entirely go away, what with the chemicals doing their magic, but it really was much less noticeable. Anyway, hopped in the shower and after a few more minutes I rubbed it off with water & my legs were smooth. There wasn’t any burning on my can-be sensitive skin, nor any bumps or redness. This was a win.

This will run you around $11USD and is available at mass market retailers and drugstores now.

Are you guys daily shavers? What do you normally use to keep your legs smooth in the warm weather?

*Disclaimer: I received these products from their PR for editorial consideration.

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Sally Hansen VitaSurge on my nails

My nails are generally in good shape, for someone that works with papers all day. Meaning, I get the occasional papercut, hangnails that get pulled and cuticles that get shredded, depending on the folders that week. But the one thing that bugs me the most is that my *thumbnails* peel in layers. None of my other fingernails do this, only my thumbs.

Now, I’ve used Rejuvacote to help treat them before, but it’s just not that easy for me to pick it up around here on a regular basis. So, I was excited to see that Sally Hansen has got some vitamin based products to help me, that can be picked up at any mass market store locally.

The two products I’ve been trying are the VitaSurge Strength Gel (*which is for weak nails that split and peel) and the VitaSurge Growth Gel (*which is for brittle nails that break and crack). I am trying them both, because they both have Vitamins C & E, with the Growth Gel also having Vitamin A, so I wanted to see if there was any significant difference. Both are a fresh, and lightly, scented suspension gel, with vitamin beads, that you massage in to bare nails or over dry polish as often as you want. I’ve been doing it at night before I go to sleep, generously applying it to my cuticles and directly on the front edge of my fingernails, too. It doesn’t dry sticky on me, so I don’t worry about sticking to, or getting it on, my sheets or pillowcase.

After the first 10 days, I do not have any splitting, which is pretty unusual for me nowadays. I also can’t tell the difference between either nail. So, I’d say that you would be fine with either one, but I’d probably go with the Growth Gel, if only to get the added Vitamin A boost, too.

What about you guys? Do you have peeling nails? What do you do to stop that nonsense?

*Disclaimer: I received these products from their PR for editorial consideration.

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