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I have a gud feeling about this new skin and hair line

I am a simple girl when it comes to fresh scents. I want simple and not flowery. Like if I want cherry, it needs to smell like cherry. Citrus? Same. So I was ridiculously happy when I first smelled the new line from Burts Bees, called “güd” – pronounced ‘good’. This 97% natural line of lotions, washes, sprays and shampoo/conditioner has scents that blow me away with their “güd-ness”.

I have always been a cherry fan (*going back to my grandmother’s original Jergen’s cherry almond scent!) To me, the “Floral Cherrynova” scent is fresher and more straighforward, and not really floral, which would have turned me off. Same goes for the “Orange Petalooza” and the “Vanilla Flame”. But the one that really gets me is a a Target exclusive scent called “Pearanormal Activity”. I believe I described myself like this:

@ it's ridic! Ia mde a fool out of myself walking thru @ with an open @ bottle to my nose for a good half hour.
Yep, acted a damn fool because I couldn’t put the scent down.

So, yeah, if you are looking for a very scent based product line, I would def recommend that you check out the güd line at your local mass retail store. Just don’t blame me when you walk into a pole in the store because you are too busy inhaling the scent. 😉

*Disclaimer: I received these products from their PR for editorial consideration, but not the “Pearanormal Activity”. I’m shelling out my own money for that!

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At the store: I spy a @SoniaKashuk starter brush kit…

I spy a @SoniaKashuk starter brush kit, with tips, at Target.

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What do we know about this Boots expert instant matte drops?

Saw this at Target and was wondering if any of you had tried it. I know Boots is a UK brand/store, so I’m curious if this is the same as a product from that line, ported here, and if any of my UK lovelies might be able to tell us about it.

What say you? Anyone try this yet?

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Let’s Talk Bronzers!

Spring is here (*at least according to the calendar for some folks) and that means it’s time to shed our winter selves for our more undressed self. However, where some people love to go outside and bake their skins (*while wearing proper sunscreen protection, right? RIGHT?), I am *NOT* one of them. So I have to fake it with powders, creams and sprays. In this video I chat about some of this years product releases:

Are you guys sun bunnies or do you guys fake it like I do? What is your favorite bronzer? Lemme know.

*Disclaimer: I received these products from their PR for editorial consideration.

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Mulberry for Target Redux

I know some of you lovelies aren’t lucky enough to have some “Mulberry for Target” on the racks at your local Target, like I do:

But, don’t fret – I found out that “On November 14, another delivery of select handbags from the collection will hit shelves in select Target stores nationwide.” (*US only).

So, you have another chance to score one of these bags for yourself. If I were you, and I really wanted one of these bags, I wouldn’t hesitate, as we know how fast they flew out of the stores the first delivery, and how the website is still sold out. (*Not certain if they are replenishing the online inventory, too).

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