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Wide width TOMS shoes

Okay, maybe this info will help you guys as much as I think it is going to help me.

I don’t know if any of wear a wide width in your shoe sizes, but I have since Junior High. Shout-out to younger me and back to school shopping! (*It doesn’t get any more fun, FYI! HTH!) Anyway…I have always liked TOMS Shoes because I am lazy, love a slip-on and can get behind the mission of “One for One”. Unfortunately, the footbed has always been to narrow for me, so, I’ve always only supported them by buying them for my kid.

Well, thanks to the randomness of the internet, I was able to chat with the Creative Director of TOMS, Mara Evans, about my wistful longing for a wide width shoe and she was kind enough to give me the following tips:

Paula Wade if you haven’t tried TOMS in a while, we have tweaked our Classic design so you may find they are comfortable now. Also if you soak them and put them on wet – seriously – they loosen up a bit. Or you can order two sizes down from a men’s which are wider.

So, you can guess that I will now be throwing all of my dollars at TOMS to take advantage of Mara’s generous wisdom.

Have you guys avoided TOMS because of this? Or are y’all lucky enough not to have my “delicate” foot issue?

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