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Ted Gibson gives hair advice on twitter!

So, today, celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson was answering hair styling questions on the twitters. As I am *beyond* sick of my long, shapeless hair, I wanted to know what he would suggest for a change, as I am not certain what would flatter my round, chubby cheek, dimpled, cute as a button face! So I asked:

Best cut for full/round face on uber cute girls with dimples? 😉 RT @: ask your questions #gibsongirls @ xo
@ i would reccomend collar bone length hair with soft face frame layers to draw attention to your cheekbones.
tedgibson NYC
No bangs? RT @: @ i'd rec collar bone length hair w/ soft face frame layers to draw attention to your cheekbones.
@ side swept bangs would be a better option
tedgibson NYC

There you have it – the hair guru from “What Not To Wear” says collar length is what would work for me, and for you if you have the same kind of face that I do. I know I will def take this in to consideration when I chop this mess off after my BFF’s wedding next month, since I am keeping it long for “wedding hair” right now. (There are pictures to consider, doncha know!) 😉

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