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The invisible finish to your face

Have you guys ever had something that worked so good, but you were all, “I don’t know how it does it, it just does”? That’s how I feel about “Mally Beauty Poreless Face Defender with Sponge” that I bought from QVC (*on easy-pay – YAY!).

This clear solid is your finishing touch to your makeup, instead of using a (translucent) face powder. You are supposed to use the sponge to pat it out of the package and tap it over your face to set your makeup, just as you would your face powder, only this will not show any visible settling in any of your fine lines and pores. In fact, it is supposed to give your face a matte/soft finish effect – which I think it does, to the point that it almost looks like cameramen think you are Cybil Shepard and are using a soft focus to shoot you (*man, was that not SO distracting on Moonlighting when they did that to her? And wasn’t Bruce Willis a handsome devil back then, too – save for that BAD wig they had on him? I digress).

I gotta say, I was facinated by this product, but held off getting it because I just couldn’t figure out how it worked. I still don’t know exactly, but I do know that this is silcone based, so, if you are sensitive to silcone in your products, this isn’t going to work for you. Here’s my downside – because it’s clear, I don’t know exactly how much product I am getting on the sponge, or on my face. You do NOT want to smear the sponge in the pan because you will pull out too much product and waste it, that’s for sure. Now, my girl, Gouldylox, uses a flat topped brush to apply this, which I have done a couple of times and works quite well, too. I think this is more of a trial and error, where less is more, even tho it really isn’t that noticeable once it’s applied any way – even in pictures. (*yes! no more powder flashes where your face is an entirely different color than your neck/chest!).

It looks like right now this is a QVC exclusive, and they have it for $36.48 (plus s/h). Keep an eye out, as Mally is on there quite frequently and you may be able to pick this up on easy-pay like I did.

Have you guys tried any of Mally’s products? Or are you as big of a fangirl as I am? I swear, I was stupid giddy when I had a chance to spend time with her behind the scenes of the Marc Bouwer video shoot last year. Besides that, I really like a lot of her products. Win/Win!

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