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There is more to beauty than lipstick.

glasses beauty quote As I was sitting in the hospital waiting room, reading the latest InStyle magazine on my iPad (*isn’t technology grand?), waiting for my sweet Momma to have one more test to try and figure out this lingering cough she has been fighting, I realize – I don’t care about the latest lipstick releases, and I apparently haven’t for a while now. It’s not that I don’t like them any more, it’s just that I can’t focus on them that much nowadays. Life has caught up with me, in more ways than one.

I tell you guys that I love being over 40 and that is absolutely true. Except, that being over 40 means there are more visits to loved ones in hospitals, and more funerals to attend than one would like, which is really none. But, with things like that happening more and more frequently, it really makes you appreciate the beauty in life all around us, in ways you don’t think of as beautiful, but are more touching than making sure you have the right Coral for Spring. 😉

There is beauty in:

1) The way my Momma *needed* her razor when she was in the hospital, because she was damn certain no one was going to see her with lip fuzz.

2) The way someone can provide stability to someone whose life is filled with chaos.

3) The way one can find hearts in places you wouldn’t think to look.

4) The way a baby giggles when you nom on their little fat rolls on their thighs. (*Mmmm…baby thighs!)

5) The way your kid says “Welcome to CVS” when you walk in to where he works.

6) Freckles.

So, yeah, there are lots of things going on around here that makes me want to shift focus on my site and include so many more things I find beauty in, and I will. And you may not want to be along for the ride. I get it. No hard feelings.

But if you stick around, you might find a space that you enjoy as much, if not more as before. And, don’t worry, I will still share what I try, just maybe not as quickly, or as much, as before. (*Don’t forget, I am also sharing my life on twitter and Instagram.)

I am not in this for the race to post, nor the pressure of the blogging world, as it has become. I’m in it for me, and whatever I want to write about, and would love for you to keep hanging out with me, too.

And, damn it, I *will* find that elusive, perfect, Holy Grail Plum eyeliner.

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  1. Christina Farrell says:

    Thank you for this post. I agree with everything….especially the baby thighs!!

    1. Paula says:

      You are very welcome. I am glad you appreciate it. And, yes, baby thighs are heaven! 🙂

  2. marciaf says:

    Beautiful words Paula.

    1. Paula says:

      Thank you, Marcia.

  3. Gouldylox says:

    LOVE IT!!!!! So true. Also, you’re right. Your 40’s rock. xoxo

    1. Paula says:

      Thank you! And, I *told* you! You can’t explain 40’s to the youngs – they just have to experience it for themselves! xo

  4. Jen Mathews says:

    High five! Been thinking there’s got to be more to life than makeup lately…

    1. Paula says:

      Thanks, Jen! There really is and I’m all over it!

  5. Amber says:

    This is EVERYTHING! xo

    1. Paula says:

      No, *you* are! 😉 xo

  6. BeautyChick101 says:

    This post is right on the money. I’m right there with you!

    1. Paula says:

      Thanks, Jamie! It’s just a different world now. 🙂

  7. Love this post! Agree with everything you have said!

    1. Paula says:

      Thank you! 🙂

  8. brookst says:

    I just came across this site and agree with what you are saying. I am finding so much more beauty in the world as I get older and wish my younger self had seen it. I guess that is the gift of aging, as our eyes dim our sight gets better.

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